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Dillinger (1945) ?


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The question mark is because I am wondering why this movie was included in the Film Noir Volume 2 box set from WHV? It's one of the worst I've ever seen. I can understand now that Lawrence Tierney needed expert handling to be watchable on screen. He cannot carry a movie on his own or without a director who knew how to "pad him out" with a strong supporting cast, reasonably intelligent script and half way creative direction. Not even the presence of Elisha Cook, Jr helped; the only thing he got to do of note was spit on Larry's shoe. My reaction to the whole film, precisely.


The worst part about it, though, had to be---in a heist worthy of the subject himself---seeing Fritz Lang's armored car robbery scene from You Only Live Once lifted in its entirety and dumped into this dismal production. Tsk! Tsk!


It's a good thing the other movies in this set are decent to excellent or I would have sent the whole thing back with a surly note. :)

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I agree, While I like Lawrence Tierney the film did nothing for me. Kind of cheap,clumsy film making .I do prefer the '73 version with the underated Warren Oates.

Some of the collections lately, put in some lesser films. That I would otherwise pass-by.




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Hi Bill!


John Milius, who directed that remake, does the commentary for this dvd. I don't know if I can sit through the movie again to listen to him, but he did say some wonderful things about John Ford in a documentary so maybe I will take a look at his remake. I have never seen any of his films.

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> {quote:title=vallo13 wrote:}{quote}

> Hey Ms.G, I even like the 1979 "The Lady in Red" with Pamela Sue Martin and Robert Conrad as Dillinger. Written by John Sayles better than the Lawrence Tierney version..



> Bill(vallo)


You know when I saw the end scene in DILLINGER the first thing I wondered

was if the song "The Lady in Red" was inspired by that incident???


I never heard of that version but I do like Robert Conrad a lot. I imagine these

later versions give us a little more background on Dillinger? The '45 version

tells us NOTHING yet, oddly, it starts off by trotting out his "father" like a

road show attraction at a vaudeville house. I figured that would lead into a

flash back of his youth but no, we never saw or heard from his Pappy again.

It's things like that which make the movie seem so shoddy, not to mention

the bare faced pirating from a Fritz Lang film.


The Lawrence Tierney films I think he worked most effectively in had him amply supported

by first rate cast and directors (Born to Kill being the best example, also in this

Volume 2 box set).

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