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THE MATING CALL (1928) boasts a stellar cast, including Thomas Meighan, Evelyn Brent, and Renee Adoree. Co-produced by Howard Hughes, and Directed by James Cruze. Famed for his historical epics THE COVERED WAGON (1923), and OLD IRONSIDES (1926). Airing on TCM Silent Sunday's Tonight! Long considered Lost. Beautifully restored by Flicker Alley in 2004 with Funding by TCM, this film has never been released on DVD or Blu-ray. Fine Orchestral score by the great Robert Israel. If you have not seen this before, be sure to set you DVR or DVD-Recorder.


Though released in 1928, the story itself seems to take place only a couple years after the end of the First World War. Say 1920 or '21. There's Murder, intrigue, desperate wives, philandering husbands, A hooded Cult of Morality hounds! And my Renee! The cutest thing to ever drink a glass of milk on camera! This one has it all! If you haven't seen this before, and even if you have, don't miss it! Set your DVR or DVD Recorder ahead of time.


These rare Lobby-cards are beat up, torn, stained, and spotty, but you can still get an idea of how spectacular that they once looked.You get an idea of Meighan's Stardom, as he is the only person mentioned on these cards. In-spite of the stellar supporting cast, including his two Big Name Leading Ladies.












































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THE MATING CALL (1928) is one of my very favorite silent films. I pretty instantly fell for Renee Adoree in this film...she is so endearing and sweet that you can't help but get emotionally drawn in, feeling sorry for her, especially when Brent enters the flat. Just a fantastic film.


I also really like your colorized Colleen Moore pic! You did a great job on her here, Jeff!

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A great one on Silent Sunday's this week. In my opinion one of the funniest movies ever made. Clarence Brown's *KIKI (1926)* with Norma Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Getrude Astor and George K. Arthur. Based on the hugely successful David Belasco Broadway Stage play which Starred the great Lenore Ulrich in 1920-21
















*KIKI- "No Pink Slips Please!"*

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Oh, oh, poor Clara is dead to the world here. And Johnny tight pants there obviously can't be trusted! Best Beware!





























*Clara Bow- "Compromised!" - From WINE (1924)*

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It's not a very good photo, but both Milton Sills, and Thomas Meighan who were in there middle 40's by 1928 were considered among the most handsome Stars in the movies. True Heart throbs to all the ladies. In-fact, I'm trying to think which actress it was that said that all the girls at Paramount had a huge crush on Meighan.



So what has haoppened to ugaarte and Wendy? Hope there computers didn't conk out again?



Here are two sadly forgotten Silent Era Animal Stars. With his rugged good looks, and her sleek beauty they make for a a very handsome couple. Strong Heart was one of the many Rin-Tin Tin wannabe's and among the most popular among them.


























































































































































*Strong Heart and Lady Julie Signed Portrait*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Here I am.

I was busy doing Voluntary Work @ my Church working with the 'kiddies' with Vacation Bible School (VBS).



Gagman wrote ~~

{ . . . These rare Lobby-cards are beat up, torn, stained, and spotty, . . .}



And I feel they ADD to the Vintage Look & Authenticity of these Gorgeous Lobby Cards . . .

'The Mating Game', 'The Great Moment', 'Her Temporary Husband' and 'Way Down East' . . .

Thanks so much for Posting them, Gagman !



And Clara Bow looks believably 'out of sorts', sprawled out on her rattan divan . . .



And that's a wonderful pose of Colleen Moore and Antonio Moreno in a 'tight hold' . . .



And is that Ronald Coleman with Norma Talmadge in 'KIKI' ? I'm just taken by his dapper looks . . . the mustache does it ! And that gold chain running across the front of his vest . . . SO CLASSIC !



Gagman, as usual, Great Coloring.

Thanks for Posting !



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:) Lobby-card for *Betty Compson* in *OVER THE BORDER* I think this is 1922? Will have to look it up. I'd never even heard of this movie before. Could that be William Powell in the background there? Sure looks allot like he did in BEAU GESTE (1926).












Another rare Lobby for Colleen Moore's lost *"WE MODERNS" (1925)*









































































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This still is courtesy of Little Caesar on Nitrateville.



































































































































*Harold Lloyd-"Sweet Pollyanna and The Vamp!"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



That Portrait of Pola Negri is just Remarkable. She looks absolutely

'wild' with her long, black hair looking uncontrollable. I love her 'off the shoulder' Copper dress and her Tattoo .... or 'Shame' mark ... on her back.



And Harold Lloyd appears 'Nerdy' in his usaual, comical way, holding the interest of that Blonde with long Ringlets . . . would that be 'Pollyanna' ? . . .



And that's a Wonderful AD for 'Ladies Must Live'. Love the tinted coloring on the Players in the Movie . . .



And those Lobby Cards are just Awesome. Colleen Moore is looking her adorable 'Self' . . . and that sure does look like a younger William Powell . . . I wouldn't be surprised if it was.



Thanks for Posting Gagman.






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Yes, see in *GIRL SHY* Harold is authoring a book in which he romances A Vamp, a Flapper, and a Pollyanna. Unfortunately, Lloyd cut the ' My Pollyanna" sequence after the final preview in which Harold drives up in a souped up Wallace Reid type roadster, wearing similar grab. So this is missing from surviving prints. The other two sequences "My Vampire" and "My Flapper" were both retained. Of course the real Harold in the film falls for the demure and beautiful Jobyna Ralston. What guy wouldn't?
































































































































*"Jobyna in the Moon Glow"*

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I'm here too! I just haven't been posting much, had some health problems and other things going on at home.


I'm in love with the Esther Ralston photo back one page! I also like the Colleen Moore hug a day photo. Did Gloria ever look any better than in 1921? Those stills really are gorgeous. Thomas Meighan has something that still photos just can't capture.


Estelle had quite the figure, nest-ce-pas?

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Sorry you have not been well. Good to have you back on the boards. Here is a photo that Broni will like. Seems to be a publicity still for *THE YOUNG RAJAH?*


































































































































































































































































































*Rudy and Baby Leopard Cub*

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Four lobby-cards for a lost Silent Serial of 1920. *MIRACLES OF THE JUNGLE.* Two each for Chapters 1 and 3.































































































































































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Thanks. I was happy with the way the Dolores turned out. I thought the Mary Miles Minter was just as good, except that the eyes just do not look natural. It was a pretty soft image to start with, while the DC was sharp and clear. Also a much larger graphic.


It seesm like I have a big backlog of photos, but many of these are from months ago. Something I started and rejected or never finished. Just put an in progress tag on them. Completely forgot about.Here are a couple. I didn't think they were very good. Got a compliment on another forum this morning. So decided I might as well put 'em up here too.



Should be no mistaking Bessie and Billie. Apart from the large Brown eyes, they look nothing alike. Here is a comparison. Of course neither was their real names.








































































































































































































































*Bessie Love- "Sandy Hair"*















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Billie Dove- "Earrings And Sequins"*

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