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More from Bob Fells. Although the first one I re-worked heavily. The rest are pretty much as he had them. Magnificent work by Bob!




















*"The Torture of Quasimodo"-1923*


















*As "He The The Clown" with Norma Shearer-1924*




















*"Alternate Death Of The Phantom"-1925*






















































































*Lon Chaney as "Flick The Clown"-1928*

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Here Corinne Griffith showcases her passion for fashion.




































































































































*"Dressing With Corinne" -Pantomime Magazine-October 29 th, 1921*

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*"Norma Talmadge Brags Up Her Favorite Cold Cream!"*









































































































































































































































































































































































































*"Exquisite La' Talmadge"*

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*Pola -"Countess From Moscow"*
















































































































































































































































*Mary Brian- "Sweethearts Are For Real"*

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Not to forget, Lillian Gish day on TCM Summer Under The Stars. Here are some pics.

































































































































































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LILLIAN GISH IS TOO LOVELY FOR WORDS, with her 'Liquid' Blue Eyes and her Soft, Demure Expressions . . .



Hi Gagman . . .



Those 4 Photos of 'Our' Lillian Gish are just SO BEAUTIFUL !

Lillian possesses such an 'Ethereal' Aura about her . . . in a 'Wispy' sort of way but with an under lying STRENGTH of Character.



GREAT PHOTOs, Gagman !




And those Photos of Lon Chaney are Just Superb ! He certainly was a Talented Actor with many 'Faces' . . .



"The Torture of Quasimodo" is Right ! I still have a hard time seeing this film and the one with Charles Laughton. I have a hard time seeing cruelty inflicted on the 'innocent, crippled and mentally challanged' ... and especially in Quasimodo's fate, where he longed for water ... sad.gif






And that Lithograph Poster of Mae Murray in 'Circle the Enchantress' is just 'Stunning' . . . The Artistry itself is Superb !



And those are Great Photo shots of Corinne from Pantomome Magazine (1921). She looks Fantastic in all her Outfits. She wears them well.



And those Norma Talmadge Photos are Lovely as well. She certainly does appear 'Exquisite' in the 4th photo and also in the first photo in her 'Roman Profile'.



And I hardly Recognized Pola Negri in 'Countess from Moscow'. She still possesses that 'Dark Beauty' but appears 'Regal and such a Handsome Woman' as opposed to her usual 'Smokey and Tragic' Aura Look . . . Good for you, Pola !



Awesome Photos, Gagman . . .

You have a Great Layout here ! happy.gif






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*Nita Naldi- "LA FEMME NUE' The Naked Lady (1926)*













































































*Gilda Gray in CABARET (1927)*

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Hi Gagmen . . .



Nita Naldi is another actress I admire . . . and sort of put her in the same 'Class' as Pola Negri . . . another Dark & 'Mysterioso' type of act . . .



{ In the Disney Movie, 'The Happiest Millionaire' with Fred MacMurray, there's a Song/Dance performed by Joyce Bulifant and Lesley Ann Warren called, 'BYE UMM PUM PUM', where Joyce's character teaches Leslie's character how to dance seductively ... that she would have to 'come across' the dance floor like NITA NALDI or THEDA BARRA . . . } Very Amusing !




I truly admire that Artistic sign, 'La Femme Nue' . . . Great Advertisement !



And speaking of Advertisements . . . What a Great 'Paramount Picture' AD for 'CABARET' . . . Such Complimenting Colors combined. Just GORGEOUS !



And those are Beautiful Lobby Cards, Gagman . . .

with Bebe Daniels and Ramon Novarro . . . on two separate Lobby Cards, of course.



I Admire your Posts, Gagman.



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WOW, Gagman !




Those are AWESOME Posters of Tom Mix !




And with Colleen Moore, you say ? . . . She does appear different.

I would Never have Recognized her . . .




I guess it was that short, cropped, curly RED hair as Opposed to her usually dark, PIXIE-like bobbed hair cut that she usually 'sports'.




Gagman, the 'Artistry' of both these 2 Posters are Beautifully Done.




Thanks for Posting Gagman !


Edited by: ugaarte on Aug 18, 2012 5:05 PM

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I would not know that it was Colleen either if Jeff Codori did not identify her as such in his new Biography. There is a photo to of her and Tom very similar to this pose. I did know she was in a few films as Tom's leading lady in 1919-'20. The photo looks more like Colleen though.



Gilda Gray is thought of today as a middle of the road silent Star, but she was popular enough to get her name above the title. Not at all indicative of someone being a middle of the road Star. They only thing I have really seen her in is PICCADILLY which has been on TCM several time in the past, and I also have it on DVD.



Be sure to check out the Vintage Silent Artwork Thread.


Here is one i forgot to post. I thought it had to much color.
















*Agnes Ayres- "Ocean Blue Eyes"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



I don't think there's that much color in the 'Agnes Ayres' photo ... She definately has Large, Expressive Eyes . . . but the 'Blue' coloring seems to be missing. Love her Burgandy colored hat and Fur Wrap . . .



And Lois Wilson looks 'Wholesome' and Sweet in her, what appears to be a 'Straw' hat with green binding . . . Beautiful Smile !



Great Posts, Gagman.






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I wonder why Gloria has to be so dressed up just to be sacrificed?


Lo, I think Thomas Meighan could have used a loin cloth from Elmo Lincoln. What he's wearing doesn't seem to provide the needed support.






*Gloria Swanson- Male and Female (1919)*

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