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This Zane Gray Silent Western filmed in Technicolor was recently discovered in Russia.


















*Bebe Daniels- THE HERITAGE OF THE DESERT (1924)*











































































































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*Madge Bellamy- "Pretty Young Thing"*
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*"Moore To The Point"- From THE PERFECT FLAPPER (1924)*

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Hi Gagman . . .



I Love that 'Whinsical' Look for La Plante in 'The Midnight Sun (1926). She appears to be a Ballerina on a Stand of some sort. She'd make a Great 'Statuette' . . .



Gagman, that's an Awsome Photo of Gloria Swanson in 'Male and Femail' ... from 1919, yet ... WOW ! . . .

She appears so 'REGAL' in her beaded costume and a 'feathery' ostrich on her head.



And these Lobby Cards are just Awesome. And the one, 'Zane Grey' recently found in Russia, you say .... how Wonderful that we're so 'PRIVELEGED' to View it now.

And 'Sinners in Heaven' looks Beautiful and Tropical . . . Daniels and Dix are definately in 'Paradise'!



I Love Colleen Moore's 'Bohemian' style Outfit, especially her 'Spider Webbed' beaded CAP ! ... How Awesome is that !

I, for one, am Fascinted with Spider's WEBs and their intricate detailing .... plus the fact that they (spiders) work tirelessly (?) creating and preparing what they were BORN to do ! So when one is torn down, they're back to preparing another one.



Patsy Ruth Miller . . . Another 'Turn of the Century' Beauty ! What Luscious, dark hair with long Ringlets that 'Frames' her Innocent looking face. Such Beautiful Brown Eyes and Sweet Smile. Her Blue dress with white Floral design truly compliments her countenance ... Just Lovely !



Thanks Gagman !






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3 rare portraits all from 1923. Bessie Love, Norma Shearer, and Eleanor Boardman.


































































































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Hi Gagman . . .



That Poster for the 'Silent Avengers' is Just Awesome, Not to mention Whimsical, Humorous ... and CLEVER !



With all the talk & showings of the actual 'AVENGERS' in the Theatres, this is definately a 'Tweak' in the 'Scheme of Things' ... LOVE It !



And your Post of your 3 Gals, Bessie Love, Norma Shearer, and Eleanor Boardman are just Gorgeous. They are just Beautiful and Lovely to look at.



Thanks again Gagman.



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I'm looking for stuff that hasn't been posted yet. I was weeding through a bunch of Lobby-cards, but they are all much to large to post. Here is a photo of Claire Windsor. Don't have a year. Probably during the Middle 20's when she was with MGM.























*"Clarie Windsor-"Romance Is Just Over The Shoulder"*

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English Clay Ad from 1923. Four famous faces love this stuff!































































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ugaarte, Everyone,


OK, does anyone know who this is? My first thought was a very young June Marlowe. Then I got to thinking that it looks allot like Marian Nixon did in RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE? I also thought there was a chance it could be a very young *Mary Brian.*





























































*"Cute As The Dickens!"*

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Hey Gagman . . .



First of all, just let me say . . . What a 'Stark' Beauty, Claire Windsor is in her Portrait . . . Her Beautiful, short Red Wavy Hair goes so Well with her Lovely BLUE Eyes . . . that seem to say SO MUCH, just with her Subtle & Demure 'OVER the SHOULDER' glance, that I'm sure is 'Beckoning' every Male available around . . .

Love her Pale, Lace dress that goes so well with her Coloring !



And what a great AD for 'English Clay'. I think those 4 ladies would testify in it's behalf. I enjoy knowing the 'toiletries' of what the Vintage Starlets used to use.



And that is such a 'Darling' Portrait of that Pretty Girl, you've titled, 'Cute As The Dickens' . . . She appears somewhat 'WAIF-like' and UNassuming, in her gingham dress and barefoot, sitting on an Old Crate. Out of the 3 ladies you've mentioned that she could be, I opt for 'Mary Brian'. She sort of has that 'deep set' eyes and high cheek bones. Lovely Picture.



And that's such a Colorful AD for Tom Mix in 'The Last of the Duanes' . . . The Colors are Enriching !



And that 1922 Lobby Card with Marion Davies . . . How Awesome is that ? . . . Great Coloring and in 'Olde English' Script.



And the Poster for Midnight Sun is So Exquisite . . . Laura La Plante & her handsome Beau appear in 'Photograph' while the Rest of the AD appears in Lithograph Style . . .



Thank you for Posting, Gagman.

Wonderul Posts.









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From early 1928, "A Tuesday Night At The Coconut Grove in Hollywood." Amazing Silent film Caricatures By famed Cartoonist Ralph Barton. Just allot of fun. Though I was not happy with the Renee Adoree, and Barrymore and Norma Talmadge must have been upset with those Big Noses! Yipes!


Sorry these graphics are so large, but if I were to shrink them down it would be hard to see the actors and directors faces. No Valentino as he was already passed away by this time.






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Hi Gagman . . .



What an Entertaining Piece of 'Whimsical Caricatures' that have been drawn out here by 'Ralph Barton' for Vanity Fair . .



I was able to make out some of the 'Actors' @ 'First Glance' . . . One of them being 'Colleen Moore', which was rather Easy due to the different, 'shaded' Eyes.



Some of the Others would be:

Charlie Chaplin

Will Rogers

Harry Langdon

Louise Brooks

John Barrymore

Baby Peggy

Eddie Cantor

Adolph Manjou



I agree, Gagman . . . It is a rather a 'Large' piece to try to Scroll down each time and Manuever the 'Sliding Bar', back & forth, to try & find the Actor associated with their Table Number. But I understand that that can't be avoided, as, like you say, to have made this copy smaller would have been harder to make out the faces. But it was FUN, anyways.



I Enjoyed this Piece.

Thanks for Sharing it !



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*Leatrice Joy with Boudoir Dolls*




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Francis X. Bushman and Jacqueline Logan in THE CHARGE OF THE GAUCHOS (1927)*

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A couple photos I originally rejected some months ago.






*Evelyn Brent -"Slinky Smooth"*
























































































































*Mary Duncan- "Saucy Sister"*

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Hi CawkercityKid . . . And Welcome to the Boards !

Thank you for Sharing that YOUTUBE Video of 'Claire Windsor' Slides.

Would this be another Example of the 'Vingtage Colored Lantern Slides'

that Gagman showed on this Thread ? . . . Just Awesome !

Thanks again, Cawkercitykid . . . happy.gif




Hi Gagman . . .



Those 'Vintage Colored Lantern Slides Showcase' are just 'EXQUISITE' !



What EXACTLY is 'Lantern Slides' ?

I Believe, This is the First Time I'm

hearing of it !



The Slides shown here are Just WONDERFUL !

And so are the Ones of Clara Blow . . .

Thank you so much, Gagman, For Introducing this Technique . . .

to me, anyways!



And How Great are the 'Boudoir Dolls' that Leatrice Joy is holding ?

Such Outstanding Colors . . . and Vintage Style, too.



Your Posts are Wonderful, Gagman . . . Great Coloring, too !



Thanks again ! happy.gif






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