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happy2.gif Breaking News! Baby Peggy on TCM in December!




*8:00PM Documentary: Baby Peggy - The Elephant In The Room (2010)*


*9:00PM Captain January (1924)*


*10:15PM Carmen Jr. (1923) (SHORT)*


*10:30PM Such Is Life (1924) (SHORT)*


*11:00PM Peg o' the Mounted (1924) (SHORT)*


*11:30PM Documentary: Baby Peggy - The Elephant in the Room (2010)*


I'll try to get word on if this will be a new transfer from the 35 Millimeter nitrate print of *CAPTAIN JANUARY* found in Russia? I didn't recall that it had been sent back to the States? Supposedly more complete than the 16 Millimeter Show at Homes that had previously been the only known surviving source. In any case, just amazing news.


Ernst Lubitsch long lost *THE LOVES OF PHARAOH* (1922) is also on the schedule in Prime-time later in the month. Another surprise TCM Premiere.






*Diana Sera Cary with Vintage Baby Peggy Dolls*






*Baby Peggy Montgomery 1923 Portrait*

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Hi Gagman . . .



I'm truly Enjoying those Pictures of Baby Peggy Montgomery,

especially in the One where she's 'impersonating' Pola Negri . . .

How Adorable is that . . . complete with 'hand on hip' pose.



Baby Peggy was just Super Adorable . . .

and thats an Awesome 'Peggy' Doll Collection that

she had collected, too.



And those Advertisments are just as 'Stunning'.

The one with Milton Sills in 'Puppets', 'A Thief in Paradise',

and 'The Eternal City' . . . Just Fabulous !



And, of course, our 'Dapper' John Gilbert appearing

Cool & Dashing with a 'dangling' cigarette . . . and brimming with Confidence !



Great Posts, Gagman.



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Duo-Color Trade Ad for Corinne Griffith in *LILIES OF THE FIELD (1924)*





























































































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Another Handsome Matinee Idol of the day looking his best. Pondering why he never gets to smooch with Norma Shearer, or Renee Adoree?






























*Strongheart- "John Gilbert Ain't Got Nothing On Me!"*

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Don't get to upset. The article says 10 Handsome Men of The Screen. It does not say thee 10 most handsome. There is also a similar poll where a bevy of actresses pick the Top 10 lovers. I'll be getting to that one maybe. Have to shrink the size of the pages down before I can post here. There is also a most handsome actors contest like the one for the ladies.

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  • 2 weeks later...



Hi Gagman . . .



I'm back again, for a little while, at least . . .

Just spending some Quality Time with my 'Familia' !



That is an Entertaining & 'Whimsical' piece you've posted on

the 'Bearded Hollywood' . . .



And that Portrait of Lois Wilson in that article . . .

She looks 'dead set' serious holding that gun and aiming it @ the viewer.



And that Trade Ad for 'Lilies of the Field' with Corinne Griffith

is just 'Outstanding' . . .



Is this 'Strongheart' or 'Rin Tin Tin' ?

Strongheart reminds me of the Name of that Can of Dog Food.

Maybe this is where it came from . . . but anyways . . .

This is a very 'Handsome' German Shepard. . . .

with his Bright Brown Eyes and 'Alert' Ears.

And I betch' his Nose is Wet & Cold, too !



And I Love that Article of the 'Handsome Men on the Screen'.

I'm glad to see the Hollywood's ACTORS, here . . .

We don't see enough of them . . . They've been Outnumbered

by All the Beauties in Hollywood.



And I Love that Portrait of Barbara La Marr and Lewis Stone.

What I find intriguing is their Portrait in the OVAL Framing.

I've always found that an OVAL Framimg adds much Elegance !



And what a 'STRIKING' Pose that is of Pauline Starke and Antonio Moreno

in a Passionate Embrace . . . He Looks so 'Dashing' and she, so Captivated

by his Embrace . . . Lovely Picture !



And Those are Wonderful Magazine Covers of Valentino. The Artist never

fails to Capture his Well Chiseled Profile and Physique . . . a very Handsome Man, indeed !



Thanks again, Gagman ! happy.gif






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Beloved Stars signing photos for hours and hours, and hours! This is not the complete article, just pages 2 and 3 of 5. From the May 1924 Issue of Motion Picture Magazine. Oh my gosh, even just casually answering her fan mail Colleen Moore was still the cutest thing! Wish I had a better version of this photo. Just a darling picture! Harold gets a chuckle from one of the countless letters he has to weed through. Where are all those signed portraits? What has become of them one wonders?


Have another story like this from early 1928 and Clara Bow and Billie Dove are far and away the two most busy Stars signing photos and answering Fan mail. Colleen is still in the top five though. I just love this stuff!


















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