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Swooping in just in time for the Eastern Orthodox Christmas, which is today January 7th!
























































































































































































































"Clara Clause By Chimney Top"
















































































































































































Clara Clause- "No Time To Spare!"



































































































Clara Clause-"Wake me up January 6th!"



Oh, That's just one day before the Eastern Orthodox Christmas. Better arise at least on the 5th! Or you'll be late! Yikes, it's the 7th! Your Already late! Merry Christmas!!!

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This scene from King Vidor's BARDLEYS THE MAGNIFICENT had the actual date of the filming overhead. April 16th 1926. Very interesting. Originally plans were to produce BARDLEYS entirely in Technicolor. And Claire Windsor was to play the role of the Lady Roxalanne. Plans were dropped because Douglas Fairbanks released THE BLACK PIRATE in Technicolor. Since BARDELYS was essentially a spoof, of the Fairbanks swashbuckler's MGM didn't think that Doug would take kindly to the Technicolor process.


I think BARDELYS would be far higher regarded if the missing 3rd reel were found. The stills that bridged the story are nice, but hopefully the lost reel turns up someplace and can be saved. They also took some brief footage from a trailer. Magazine's talked about the chance to see Clair Windsor's Naturally blonde hair and clear blue eyes in Color,. However, her eyes would have appeared green in the film., because Two-Color Technicolor's base colors are Red and Green. The still took me all night to finish this morning. Over three hours! Normally I can get at least 4 or 5 done in that period to time.






















































*John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman, and George K. Arthur- "Suspicions Flair!"*

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:D Here is some new stuff of my own that I ave not posted here yet. Couple of stills of Swanson and Ricardo Cortez from the I presume lost feature *A SOCIETY SCANDAL (1924).*














*"Romantic Air"*




















*"A Stylish Courtship"*














And another Swanson portrait in costume for *THE GREAT MOMENT (1921)*. :wink:























*"Danger, Gypsy!"*

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*Betty Compson and Adolphe Menjou in THE FAST SET (1924)*




















































*Constance Talmadge- "Lounging Goldfish" (1924)*

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*Gloria Swanson and Wallace Reid in DON'T TELL HER EVERYTHING (1921)*






















































































































































































































































































*Antonio Moreno and Mary Miles Minter- THE TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE (1923)*


































































*Ramon Novarro and Barbara La Marr- "The Pleasures of Our Palace"- 1923*






















*William Powell, Thelma Todd and Gary Cooper- "Rivals For Her Affection"- NEVADA (1927)*










*James Hall and Louise Brooks in ROLLED STOCKINGS (1927)*

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*Dorothy And Anita- "Independence Day Darlings!"*
























































































*"This Holiday's Got Legs!"- Happy Forth Of July Everyone!*

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Happy Birthday to Greta Garbo! Here are four stills with her and Conrad Nagel from THE MYSTERIOUS LADY (1928)






*"Your Coat Madame"*
















































*"Restless Hearts"*


















































*"Mystic Gardens"*


















































*"Trapped By Passion"*

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*Betty Blythe - "His Captive Treasure" - From CHU - CHIN - CHOW (1923)*






















































































*Lon Chaney, William Haines, and Eleanor Boardman - "Vicious Circle" from TELL IT TO THE MARINES (1926)*

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Colleen Moore - "Little Yard House" -Circa 1922





Mae Murray with Her Pups -1923





Bebe Daniels "Deliciously Decadent" - Pictured in costume for MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE (1924)





Lillian Gish and Ronald Colman - "Spring Weekend In Italy" -From THE WHITE SISTER (1923). Directed by Henry King.





Renee Adoree and Conrad Nagel - "Fawn Of The Woods" - From ESCAPE (1926)

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Madge Bellamy - "Happy Memorial Day Weekend!" - Pictured in costume here for SUMMER BACHELORS (1926). Fox had by this time completely renovated Madge squeaky clean screen image. Tossing the Pickford like curls away, and remaking her into a Red Hot Jazz Mama!





Clara Bow with Antonio Moreno - "Betty Lou and The Boss"






Anita Page and Ramon Novarro - "Airfield Maneuvers"

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