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WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND Audio Out-of-Synch with Video


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Considering all of the major issues of late, I suppose it may seem a little "petty" of me to start such a thread, as this.
But I annoyingly noticed when watching THE SNAKE PIT (1948) this afternoon (Saturday, 7/7/2018) that the audio is "slightly" but distinctly, out-of-sync. This occurs only within the movie itself, and not during Alicia Malone's intro and outro.
It is most apparent when the camera switches between characters and one begins to speak, with the audio slightly trailing behind the video.

Regarding this particular movie, I suppose that I should be quite pleased that WATCH TCM actually made it available in it's entirety ON-DEMAND (this time), as the last time that it aired on TCM (Monday evening, 3/5/2018) it wasn't made available for WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND until 4 days later (Friday, 3/9/2018), and then only in a severely truncated form, allowing only 8.5 minutes of actual movie play (from a 108 min movie) between an intro and outro by Dave Karger.
(Of course after reporting the problem here, TCM "promptly corrected it" allowing it's viewers the satisfaction of watching this really understated movie at that time....) NOT!!! :rolleyes:

I am aware of other threads complaining about similar and worse audio out-of-sync issues (in particular with Comcast) Pleading here in vain, for "someone" at TCM to correct the "problem" (often with no follow-up report of an actual resolution).
But it appears that several of those threads were referring to problems experienced while attempting to watch a TCM movie that was offered by their TV Providers On-Demand service, and Not via WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND.
My post refers to the latter case.

I don't actually expect TCM to do anything "corrective" about this movie, especially since it is due to expire tomorrow.
But I am posting rather to affirm to other WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND viewers that this type of problem still continues to (intermittently) exist, and I have carefully assessed that it again originates with TCM.

I haven't attempted to view every WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND movie, so I cannot attest to how widespread it may be. And this is the first time that I have personally noticed it since the Website Revision last month (6/20/2018).
But I have spot-checked the available movies both before and after SNAKE PIT, and they were in-sync, as was Alicia Malone's intro/outro. And I attempted re-viewing this movie twice (today), and both times the out-of-sync audio persisted (only during, and throughout the actual movie). So I feel quite confident in concluding that TCM did not properly calibrate their downstream output, nor (no surprise) did they check to make sure the output was as it should be (at least with this particular movie).

I know that this (along with numerous other "problems") bothers TCM viewers, even if TCM could (and really should) care more "themselves" about any issues that affect their WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND "product."
So for those viewers experiencing such issues, rest assured that you are not imagining it, it is really happening, and you are far from alone with this experience.
Unfortunately, since it originates with TCM, there is no corrective work-around available to TCM viewers for this type of problem.

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1 hour ago, SteveQL said:

Same here out of sync in both HD and SD versions. I posted complaint on my cable provider's website.  But, I expect no response since SNAKE PIT ON DEMAND ends today July 8.

That is because (hint, hint) it is the same TCM SD signal (with the same source error) being transmitted by, and received from TCM.
Your TV Service Provider (Comcast) then takes that same TCM SD signal, and "up-scales" it for their "HD" channel.
So what you see on Comcast's HD TCM channel, is not "true HD," but rather an "upscaled conversion" transmitted from their end, Not a "separate" HD transmission originating from TCM.
To Reiterate, TCM signals are transmitted in SD 480p, regardless of whether an actual HD remaster of the movie commercially exists or not.

This makes it quite easy to narrow any HD channel problems (related to TCM) as a fault by the TV Service Provider, and Not TCM.

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