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Island of Doomed Men (1940)


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I'm a Peter Lorre fan so I had to give this a look.  The plot is simple.  Lorre is the owner of a island in which he has a diamond mine.   Appearing to want to help rehabilitate parolees he has cut a deal with the government to send the parolees to his island. The problem is they are never heard from again.  In comes government agent Mark Sheldon who is tasked to infiltrate the island under the guise of a parolee.  Stephen Danel ( Lorre) is apparently working the men to death.  Lorre has such a tight control of the island that even his wife wants to escape.  Lorre does a excellent job with this film but you can tell the Hays Code had their imprint all over it.  With such a tight simple script the impact of the scenes would have had to be more profound in order to lift this film.  The Hays Code made sure it didn't happen.  Only because Lorre is very good here that i give it a 6 out of 10...   Youtube has a very good copy of this film.




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9 hours ago, TopBilled said:

This film is airing on TCM in August as part of Peter Lorre's day for Summer Under the Stars.

Peter Lorre is exceptional in this as always. Its a good but not great film.  

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