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"Holy smokes boys. Clara Bow just scored a touchdown for USC.

You knew that little filly back in the day, didn't ya, Marion?"


"Damn. Free Bird. If they play that thing again, I'll eat my hat,

hell, I'll eat all three of our hats."

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"Black Bart! You out there? If you give yourself up now, we'll be lenient with you. We're giving you 30 minutes to git to the Sheriff's office. If not there, we're coming after you and God help you, when Marion gets hold of ya. You hear me? Is this thing on?"

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"Katie's Beauty Spot Just Off Main is proud to sponsor another

exciting episode of Mary Worth, Advisor to the Lovelorn. Today's

episode is titled "Woe is Mimi." We join Mimi in her kitchen as

she gets breakfast ready for her husband, Charlie, who came home

very late last evening........"

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