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WATCH TCM not working

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Yes Please. Doesn't the dear to us all TCM (company-Its also a business) want its customers and fans to be clued in?

Generally its a minimum requirement to acknowledge such a big issue and maybe even let us know if or when it will be resolved.

No new addition of films to TCM on-demand IS a big deal. Info please!!?!!

P.S. While I may be a"newbie" to the message board, I've been a major tcm fan and viewer since the channel began, and i'm concerned about the lack of communication to customers.

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Finally - Watch TCM is back up and current with titles that should have been added after they were aired!

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I haven't had a problem streaming Watch TCM on my Apple TV generation 4--but scrolling/scrubbing backwards or forwards in time is impossible! The controls are all there on the screen, but they're dead. Is there some trick to this I'm not getting?

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On 7/12/2018 at 10:18 AM, wunderlong88 said:

When I select and movie and select PLAY on the film page nothing happens.  It acts like I didn't even select it.  I've tried restarting my computer, logging in and out, and 2 different browsers (edge, chrome).  I use WATCH TCM all of the time with no problem.  I had this problem first thing this a.m. but after a couple of refreshes it worked.  Now I can't get any movie to play even after all of the previous steps.


(I have Windows 10)

It is now a year after the last post. I am just discovering the frustration of getting no response when a film at TCM/Watch is selected. I get only the equivalent of the "pinwheel of doom" familiar to Mac users.

Would appreciate any thoughts 

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