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name the movie


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clue.1.stolen bulldozer

2motley crew

3golf cart

4zany chase

5gate crasher

6oscar winner (not this film)


8prison camp

9.........................very mobile


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Clue #3. Remember the denouement of the origional Ocean's Eleven? That crew make good on their robbery, and then the money winds up in the casket of a dead comrad who is cremated. In this robbery, the thieves empty a casino vault and find that the money they

grabbed came from a bank, not from the tables. It had all been collected and banded and the serial numbers recorded just two days previously. The money can not be spent without exposure

of where it came from. They must then come up with a way to save their own skins in the face of

a massive manhunt. -- And they have no money to spend on that effort.

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