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name the movie


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Quite a few guesses on that round - and a wide variety of them. When I think that I started with *Harold and Maude* and ended up with *Lili* - very amusing. But all the clues finally clicked into place. Thanks, Polecat.


I'll be back with a movie later...

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It's not *A Place in the Sun* (can't heap enough praise upon that wonderful film)...here's more about this classic...


The story weaves from past to present, from east coast big city to exotic coastal haunt to the jewel of west coast cities, to the mountains and trees, to a small town - and back again.

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Thanks, eve. I'll try a caperflick that I have enjoyed seeing several times:


There was a robbery, with a big haul, years ago. The sucessful gang got away and scattered. One of them hid the loot, and made his escape also. Returning, he found the building where he

had shashed it gone, and new construction in it's place. And this is just a subplot! (6715)

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The gang re-assemble cautiously; the one last seen with the swag is not fully trusted as yet. And there is a new member, a youngster, who helped the hero out when he (the hero) was on the run from an old enemy who had caught up with him (the kid ran over the pursuer while escaping in a car he {the kid} had stolen.)


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An elegant and socially ambitious young lady breaks her engagement to the man she loves and marries a man from a wealthy family.



Her former fianc? drops from sight and goes off to pursue his own interests.


Years later they meet again. The young woman?s wealthy husband has lost the family fortune, but they are managing to live comfortably enough in someone else?s home.


from the 1940's...



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