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This is the only film the two co-stars made together but their chemistry is powerful. The male lead was already a star and about to become an even bigger star. The female lead was a beautiful, aristocratic and accomplished actress who would become very popular but eventually typecast.


Set in the 1930?s, it?s the story of a discerning woman who manages to marry a wealthy scion. Though theirs starts as something of a convenient marriage, love and respect develop between the two.

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This one doesn't seem to be going anywhere yet - I'll try putting it together another way:


A discerning woman sets her sites on and manages to marry a wealthy scion. Though the marriage is initially an obligatory undertaking, the two come to love and respect each other.


But there?s an underlying problem. The wife trapped her husband into the marriage.When he finds out he was set up he?s outraged and takes up with an old flame. Next stop - divorce.


It's an RKO picture, B&W, 1930's, with two well-respected actors. The male lead went on to make a string of very big hits; the female lead became a star, too, but was consistently cast in "women's films" in the same type of role and her career waned. The director was a successful studio director, Oscar nominated; his son is a currently active Oscar nominated actor.


TCM restored this film (the uncensored version) and it was shown recently.

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Jim2, it is *Double Harness* - a film that aired on TCM April 18 (first time I'd seen it) with William Powell and Ann Harding - directed by John Cromwell (whose adopted son is James Cromwell) who also directed *Since You Went Away* which was nominated for Best Picture, 1944.


By the way, Jim, I don't have such a fabulous memory that I have all the info I do on *Double Harness* tucked safely away in my head. My main reference (aside from having recently seen the film on TCM) for *Double Harness* was the TCM database.


Good work! The thread is yours!


(Metz44, good to hear from you again - good guess w/ *Dodsworth* )


Message was edited by: theladyeve

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How about that!

I got one!

(just as an aside--is anyone having trouble login on? It took me a dozen tries!)


In this movie, a young boy, with an obvious physical differnce,sitting in a police station, refuses to tell his name or where he is from, until an officer gets him to tell his story. Seems he is an orphan, whose parents were killed in the Blitz in London. Now, he lives with his an older man he calls "Gramps". He wakes one morning, expecting a present from "Gramps", you see, it's his birthday. He gets quite an unexpected present!

The movie revolves around his, and other peoples, reactions to his present.

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Thanks, jim2. Trying one from the 1970s.


A school-age boy is bothered by his widowed mother's morose loneliness. The death of his father, who had been a merchant ship's officer, has left the both of them lacking. (7,360)

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Correct. This one doesn't get aired often. I guess the subject matter of the neo-Nazi boys' club is considered distasteful. I haven't seen it since the VHS was released. I remember that the off-

screen romance between Sarah Miles and Kris Kristofferson caused some commentary in the press at the time of filming.


Your thread.

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A rich girl out on the town finds her way to a nightclub/gaming establishment. The place is a haunt for an international crowd and she?s very taken with the atmosphere ? and with a very good-looking, raffish fellow who catches her eye. She makes her move and he offers no resistance.

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