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name the movie


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Ok, I'll try this...


-This movie features a psychiatrist who is treating a woman who is engaged to be married and they end up falling in love.

-There is dancing.

-There is a scene where the woman is in a trance and begins to gun the psychiatrist down.

-It features one of the most famous classic duos


What is it? :)

(I just watched this movie tonight)

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_To break a logjam:_


Both jim2 and shirleydorisdf have posed questions, and then have not responded when answers were offered. They may or may not return to close or continue their subjects. Meanwhile, I'll pose a question, and I promise I _will_ respond to answers.


*Name the movie:*

80s. Stressful police work in a high-crime precinct.

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> {quote:title=visualfeast wrote:}{quote}





Correct. I think it helped that this film had some similarites to TV's Hill Street Blues, which was popular at that time.-- Riotous roll calls, a persistant, fleetfooted purse snatcher, etc. It also had Paul Newman, Edward Asner and Ken Wahl.


Thread's yours. There may be some question posers playing catch-up.

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