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You're correct on "Midnight..."

Sorry I haven't posted sooner. I've been having all sorts of computer problems for two months, and was just able to gget back on line last night.

I didn't realize how much I've come to depend on my computer to stay in touch with the world!

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1980s. She is deft at dealing with the johns (cast-listed only as Salesman, Football Coach,

Young Soldier, etc). As someone in her situation must do, she spots difficulties before they develope, and evades them. The john who falls in love and wants to immediately marry her is handled swiftly and without trouble.

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Giving away the shop, here. Selling out.


I guess the next best thing to giving obscure clues is to have an obscure movie. My deception here is that this is not a USA title. It is a movie from another English-speaking country. IMO, it did not get the attention or distribution it deserved. The quote that I gave earlier can be found in "Quotes" locations, but I did not find it in connection with any movie. The year of issue is 1988.

I'll leave it here for a few more hours, if someone wants to work with the two new pieces of information and try again to find it.


Also, this is one that is in the TMC list, but I have never seen in on the schedule. And it is just bare-bones info, also, no synopsis.




Message was edited by: cmvgor

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It is about a prostitute. Its not Irma La Douce, not Pretty Woman.


Australia's Warm Nights On A Slow Moving Train (1988) casts Wendy Hughes as "The Girl" who teaches Art all week in a Catholic school in Melbourne. Weekends, she spends on the Melbourne-to-Sidney train. In the club car, she selects her johns, and takes them to her compartment in the sleeper car. This provides an income that serves the needs of her brother, an injured athlete who is drug addicted. It also provides her with a sex life and -- such as it is --an emotional life that is under her control.


She can briefly connect with these men, but the end of each encounter comes when she needs it to. Complications come about when one man, a charasmatic politition, actually touches her -- and then employes her services to destroy the life of an enemy.


With 85 Views and only one Reply, its evident that no interest was generated here. But I think it is a loss that this interesting story did not get wider attention. As mentioned in one of the clues,

it is on the TCM list.


The Thread is open.

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I was interested. More so now that you've revealed it. Each time I read your clues, the only thing I could envision were scenes from The Natural. The woman on the train that shot him in a later scene. Now I really want to see Warm Nights On A Slow Moving Train.


Thank's, cmvgor

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I think you'll enjoy it. I blurred over some things: Different appearence, hairstyle, personality, according to the customer. Playing to their own needs and picking up on the clues on the fly.

One response to the young soldier, another to a recent widower. And humor is present in these changes. And the ruined life and career involves a hidden homicide.


And on her last trip home, The Girl walks past a former john -- and goes back to Melbourne riding Coach.


I think you'll find it worth your time.

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Husband / wife confrontation:


"I'll have your guts for garters, Charlie!" *


..*I would like to put this one on the BRIT / AMER thread. Regret to say, I can't think of a suitable American counterpart.

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Okay, this one ain't got legs. I'll wrap it up and close it down. These quotes were from The Krays (1990), a biopic of the twin-brother hoods who were dominent in London's East End

rackets in the 1950s and 60's. Ronnie and Reggie Kray were portrayed by _Martin and Greg Kemp_ , lookalike brothers who had already made a name for themselves as musicians with a band called Spandau Ballet". Billie Whitelaw played their rabid mother -- sort of like "Public Enemy's" mother multiplied. They engaged in extortion, gambling, and nightclub ownership, and, indeed they occasionally crossed paths with, and got photographed with celebs. They ended their careers with long prison sentences. The 1990 movie does have it's moments.


Open now for the next Name The Movie question.

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> {quote:title=cmvgor wrote:}{quote}

> Aha! To Have And Have Not ??

.. made me jump out of my chair :) You are correct, cmvgor.. though I suspect visualfeast had an eye on that one too. I actually prefer this film over Casablanca.


who's next?

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