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Relieved to hear of your recovery from the fall...

back to the film...

This is not an obscure film. Why can't anyone gues it?


Another clue They live in a cottage on the Normandie coast. The climax of the film is the sister's discovery that her pen pal is her brother. Next clue will be the title of the film.

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The film opened in San Francisco as I SENT A LETTER TO MY LOVE (dumb title) but was a big hit there. I used my recollection of that to list it. I figured it was equally well accepted and remembered everywhere else. I' try to be less "obscure from now on.

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> {quote:title=metz44 wrote:}{quote}

> is that a wise **** crack?? or meant to be a compliment??

> clue 2

> ...doctors visit


Certainly not a wisecrack. Just that your response to 'IT' being your turn seemed to carry a tone of reluctance... neither good nor bad. The smiley was added to convey light humor.

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Thanks, thanks. Let's try this one.


90s. American setting, American crime thriller, made international by casting. A Brit as an American city detective. A Brit as an FBI agent. An Aussie as one of the criminal crew (its a

kidnapping that goes horribly wrong).

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Small-time blackmailers try to step up to bigger money with a kindapping. Thing go badly when

a woman blunders into the scene and is killed. They later find they have killed the wife of an important man. It later becomes significent that the snatch was jumped farward and done a day

earlier than planned. Someone in the crew is working a seperate agenda.

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