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Got any new DVDs lately?

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I know it is a weird thread, but I really am curious! I personally being a teen only buy films I really LOVE! So I don't have TOO many, but I do have a weakness for buying them with my hard-earned cash. LOL!


I know some people don't buy DVDs, because they have TCM. But I personally don't have TCM or even cable so I have to buy DVDs (LOL!)


So what have gotten in say the last month? Either as a gift or bought yourself.


Last week I bought a DVD of "The Moonspinners" w/ Hayley Mills for myself (I LOVE that film!)


And a few days ago I bought "Laura" for my mom for her birthday. She really loves that film, and I do too. So it was a win-win situation. Especially because it was only $10 w/ shipping brand new, factory sealed, from a dealer I often buy from on Amazon. Can't beat that.


Okay, so if you guys think this thread is weird just let it die. But I find it fascinating! -ILRM

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The very last DVD I got was Abel Gances "Napolean". Got it for $4.00 plus shipping. I was surprised to see only 1 DVD and wondered how they managed to squeeze 222 min onto it.

Well it was the old low res MPEG 1 or 2 (relic of the MS-DOS era). But it was better then not having it at all. TCM won't show it due to some licensing problem. Too bad. This movie is long enough for my taste, yes I know about the 6 hour version. (War and Peace anyone 507 mins.)

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I shouldnt have gotten them all but they werent expensive and what the heck..Im going to get the Grapes of Wrath next...

There is a store that buys used VHS and DVDs, and CDs so I can trade every now and then...makes the purchase cost less..

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I picked up "M" and "The Furies" over at Deep Discount. They're having a 2:1 sale on Criterions. I also preordered "Pete Kelly's Blues" and "Blues in the Night" from them at the same time.


I had money left over from what I'd earmarked for the semi-annual Deep Discount Sale since it was a bit of a bust this year. Amazon has been aggressively competing with them lately, and especially on the classic Warner Boxed Sets, I'd say they're winning the war on prices.


As for what I've viewed lately, I finally sat down with my Lon Chaney Collection that I ordered some time ago and I really enjoyed it. Great films and great extras.

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Well, It's not a DVD, but I won a copy of the Out of Print MGM Laser-disc of GREED off Ebay. This is the earlier 2 Hour, and 40 minute Thames version with the Carl Davis score. TCM currently runs the Four-Hour recostruction with the Robert Israel score. I had never seen the Thames presentation, because TCM stopped running it, for the new recostruction by the time I first got TCM in 1999.

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Yes. I've been on a DVD buying binge

Recent purchases:



An Affair to Remember

Rock Hudson/Doris Day Collection

Destination Tokyo

Grand Hotel


Modern Classic:

Edward Scissorhands




3:10 to Yuma

The Good German


On order:

The Lady Vanishes

Touchez Pas Au Grisbi

The Red Shoes

Nights of Cabria

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I personally use Netflix. For a few dollars a month, I can get all the old movies I want. I know I don't own them, but can always order them again. Since you can keep them as long as you want, I watched some at least twice. Last night watched Kiss of Death with Victor Mature and a very scary Richard Widmark. This morning I watched it again. Same with Sudden Fury a few day ago.

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Well I'm really excited that a company called Legend films has been putting alot of Paramount films on DVD for the 1st time since alot of these films haven't ever been placed on VHS or laserdisc...


So lately (Being a film buff this is heaven)....I have "Finally" seen:


_Phase IV_ ..Directed by Saul Bass...who worked on the film "Psycho"!


_The Possession of Joel Delaney_ W./ Shirley MacLaine


_Desperate Characters_ W./Shirley MacLaine


_The Sender_ a forgotton 80's horror film! Very creepy!


_Mandingo_ W./ James Mason, Susan George & Perry King. This film has to be seen to be believed. This is "Gone With The Wind" on downers!


Some other films I have rented:


_Nightmare Alley_ W./Tyrone Power& Joan Blondell.


_The Yakuza_ directed by the late-great Sydney Pollack W./Robert Mitchum.



I just bought:


_Gilda_W./Rita Hayworth...I love this film


_Rhubarb_ W./Ray Milland


_Houdini_ W./Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh


_Man of a Thousand Faces_ W./ James Cagney


On Order I have:


_Affair in Trinidad_ W./Rita Hayworth & Glenn Ford.

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I don't see "Affair" available for pre-order yet (on amazon i presume)??? I just bought Busby Berkely Volume 1 and the Fox Western 3 pack w/The Gunfighter, Garden of Evil & Rawhide. Such amazing discounts i counted resist! I had to have Footlight Parade and Gold Diggers of 33!

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"Affair in Trinidad" (1952)....NOW ACCEPTING ADVANCE ORDERS! at Classicflix.com


I loved the description....The promise provided by the original movie poster, " She's back! With that man from Gilda!," proved to be all the original film audiences needed to make Affair in Trinidad a hit that even out-grossed Gilda at the box office by a million dollars.

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