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Does Somone Remember This Movie?

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I remember some scenes from a movie that was likely made in the 40's. There was a young man, possibly of noble birth but down on his luck. He was befriended by a street urchin who had been brutalized by a beast of a woman known as "the Hag." And when she discovers the young girl hiding out and tries to take her back the young man saves her in a man woman fight that shocked me at the time.

In another scene the young man has made string puppets and performs shows for income.

That's about all that I can remember except that it was likely set sometime in 18th century Europe, Possibly London or Paris?


I keep trying to visualize the young man and he is possibly played by Dana Andrews??? The girl could be Maureen O'Hara???


I know that this isn't very much info to go by, but I last saw this movie when I was a preadolescent boy and after watching a vintage period movie recently, these images suddenly came back to mind.

Could anyone possibly hazard a guess as to what the name of this movie is/was?

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Thank You nightwalker

I checked out the TCM synopsis for "The Forbidden Street" and sure enough, that was/is the movie. Amazing memory you've got.

I erred in calling the brutish woman "The Hag" when she was more appropriately nicknamed "The Sow" in the movie. After reading about it, it more clearly came to my memory with Dana Andrews playing dual roles.


I am very impressed with this forum's key membership's ability to answer tough movie questions with just a fragment to go by.


You folks are truly amazing, and I am very grateful.


Now, if only TCM would play some of these golden oldies every now and then, since they aren't available on DVD yet and out of VHS print.

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Thank you Jezebel38 for that info.

Right now I only have Expanded Basic cable and the only two commercial free stations (that is during the actual features) are the PBS & TCM stations.

One day I may expand myself into a more expensive cable or satellite dish set up, and if/when I do, I'll be sure to add Fox channels since you say they occassionally show the "classics."


For now, though my budget won't allow more than I have.

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Stephan55 - Gee, I wish TCM was on the Expanded Basic tier of my cable provider! I'm in the SF Bay area of California and did not have TCM for many years, while my friend in LA had it. I used to e-mail him to ask him to record movies for me. Then TCM came to my area, but it was only offered on the digital level - but I had to have it so I am now paying $85.00 month just so I can get TCM. Then I noticed one day while channel surfing that FMC had popped up on another digital channel, without my signing up for it, so I just consider it my "bonus" for having to pay so much for TCM!


Oh, BTW Fox Movie Channel plays 20th Century Fox films, so that's where you can see more films with Tyrone Power, Don Ameche, Alice Faye, Betty Grable et al.


Message was edited by: Jezebel38

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I guess I'm fortunate to have what I do have. I don't have digital cable (yet) but when I moved to this local I "needed" phone, Net, and TV access.

The provider down here had a special on at the time: all 3 for $105 out the door, and no contract obligations. So that's what I've got.

Glad you were able to get the Fox Movie Channel for no extra charge. I won't tell anybody about it, just in case they made a mistake ;)

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