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Penrod and Sam Shorts

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Has anyone here ever seen the Penrod and Sam shorts made in the early 30's by Vitaphone? I think it's Vitaphone anyway. They were made between 1931-1932. I can't seem to locate much info on them and would love to get my hands on them. My sons love the feature length films with the Mauch twins and I'll bet they'd enjoy these too. Any info would be very much appreciated!

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TCM has no interest in showing any more Vitaphone short titles than they already have made prints of, and shown. There are scores of them, whole series of them, but they've decided they have enough. There's even ones they showed back in the late 1980's/early 90's on TNT that haven't been run again. So they may be showing even less than they did!

With so many shorts unseen, that they *do* have access to, can only mean they have something against them. There's some reason that makes them want to fill the time with things everybody's seen a million times instead of keeping it fresh with new-old material.

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HeyesKid said...



I have them on video, but the quality is not good. My dad plays Penrod.









Hey that's great - your Dad is Billy Hayes! - We also can see him in the Roscoe Arbuckle short HEY POP (1932), recently released in great quality on DVD by Warner Archives.



About the Vitaphone "Penrod" shorts, I've always known about them, being a fan & collector of all things Vitaphone and Dead End Kids & related series (as I'm sure you know, Bobby Jordan and David Gorcey appear in most of the Penrod shorts, years before most people think their film careers started) bit it had been hard to find copies.



About ten years ago a friend acquired 16mm prints of all seven of the Penrod shorts from a film rental company that was selling off some of its stuff. He transferred them to video and made them available to some friends. He then moved to Florida and (I believe) sold the prints. Copies of his videos may be floating around, but the films have never been officially released on video or DVD, nor shown on TV since the 1950's (if even then) or on TCM. There's a bit of "political incorrectness" in many of the shorts, so that unfortunately may keep them from being seen again. Too bad, as they're fun kids stories, not anything that should be banned or censored or locked away. In fact, some interesting actors appear, including Ray Collins as Penrod's dad, ten years before his more famous feature film debut in that Orson Welles movie about a sled.









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