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So, I had this idea for a game. Let's see how many movie stars / celebrities we can link together, without naming the same person twice. The rules are pretty simple. I start the link with the first person, how they are linked to the second and then the second person. The next poster uses the second person, adds another link and then a third name, and so on. Any celebrity can be named, living or dead, as long as they haven't been mentioned already. The link must be that the two people are connected in some way (costars, related by family or marriage, etc.) so that the two aren't just randomly selected; the links may be reused. It might look a bit strange since TCM posts in reverse order but let's give it a try. We'll start somewhat easily...


Joan Crawford


(costarred in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" with)


Bette Davis

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edonline wrote: "...Any celebrity can be named, living or dead, as long as they haven't been mentioned already..."


MissMusical linked Robert Wagner to Natalie Wood at 11:51am


RainingViolets linked Robert Redford to Natalie Wood at 5:33pm


cmvgor linked Bo Derek to John Derek at 4:00pm, but John Derek had not been linked to anyone.


Mr.666 asks: "I don't suppose there's any easy way of keeping track."


Your link is de-railing, ed. You might want to look into this.


Oh yeah, SCSU...you are officially a weisenheimer!!

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As I said, part of the problem is that TCM posts messages in reverse chronological order. (oneof the few sites which I've ever seen do so, might I add.) It does make think difficult to follow. If someone wants, they scan start everything over.

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Cecil B. DeMille? Lessee...You won't let me mention that he was the father-in-law of Anthony Quinn, so...


DeMille executive-produced The Buccanner (directed by Quinn, so there!) starring


Yul Brynner.


A suggestion: Can a name be used a second time if it is in a different capacity? If someone has been named as a co-star, could that person be mentioned again as a relative? A director, or

a 'directed by'? A siginificant other? In short can a name be re-used if it is in a catagory not used

before? Just asking

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