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Rosiland Russell

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Tonight I will miss seeing the last night of Roz`s film. Thru the month of July I have watched this multi talanted actress perform equally well in comedies and dramas. When she felt her movie career was slipping, Roz returned to Broadway and and a smash hit with Wonderful Town. Three years later she had her biggest triumph with Auntie Mame, and tonight we will see her recreate her fabulous performance. Roz had many friends including Loretta Young and Frank Sinatra. She was a guest host on Lorett`s show when she became ill in the 1950`s. Frank Sinatra presented Roz with the Jean Hersholdt Humanitarian Award in 1974 for her many charitable activitivites. Tonight I will be enjoying Roz in Auntie Mame, Gypsy, and The Trouble With Angels.

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July was awesome. I absolutely loved watching all the Rosalind Russell movies TCM showed.

I hope you also got to see the other two Rosalind Russell movies that came on after the ones you mentioned:

*Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! (1968)*

*Mrs. Pollifax-Spy (1971)*

They were on in the dead of the night but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Mrs. Pollifax-Spy. It was really good!

I was really touched by the ending of The Trouble With Angels--pulls at the heartstrings. (against my will)

I was thrilled by Auntie Mame!! The energy--wow!

That was the first time I had ever watched these movies. SUPERB ACTRESS.


NOW--On to The-Star-of-the-Day in August Summer Under The Stars! :0)


I am drooling to watch TCM all day and night long this first Saturday--24 hrs of CHARLIE CHAPLIN!!!

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I did see a few of the movies TCM had on Roz, she is also a favorite of mine, hopefully they will air again soon, i did miss quite a few but the ones i did see i really enjoyed,Roz was a superb actress, and the likes of which we will never see again! F.G.

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Hi Forever Garland, I enjoyed watching Rosiland Russell`s films so much, that she is on my favorites list on you tube. Now I can see Roz perform two numbers from the 1958 CBS broadcast of Wonderful Town. It is easy to see why Roz won the Tony award. Before the opening of Wonderful town in 1953, Roz made a guest appearance on the game show What`s My Line. Two musical clips from Gypsy one that was deleted from the final cut are posted. The USA TODAY wrote last Tuesday when Gypsy was shown that the casting of Roz was always controversial. The lady could act, and for many fans that was enough. It was for me.

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Hi FG and CK, Thanks for the lovely pics of Roz. She did not receive many posting when during her SOTM in July. I enjoyed every movie that I saw her in whether comedy or drama including Gypsy. Roz has fans on YouTube, and clips from " The Citadel have been recently added. Scenes from The Women, His Girl Friday, Never Wave At A Wac, Gypsy, and others are also posted. Take a look and enjoy.

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I have loved her as Auntie Mame since I was little! Wouldn't we all love to have an Auntie Mame?

I watched The Women for the first time a couple of days ago and loved it, Ms. Roz was a real scene stealer, as a matter of fact she's in all but a few of my favorite scenes. She was hilarious with loads of class so I'm looking forward to checking out more of her movies.

Oh and also on youtube there is an episode of What's My Line with Ms. Roz as the mystery guest that is laugh-out-loud funny!

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