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A surprise largest fan club on this planet belongs to Michael Jackson?


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Personally I never disliked MJ, but was by no means a fan of his either.  Though my favorite number he sang most don't really recall "Ben"-(which was up for Best 0riginal Song *Oscar) & he had a couple ice ballads I reckon'

Anyhow, I had for decades now read just about everywhere (Premiere, Films of the Golden Age/Classic Images you name it) that the single largest fan club on the planet belong to no other than Stan Laurel & Olivier Hardy titled> SONS OF THE DESERT  Obviously lifted from their marvelous 1933 comedy-(AN ASIDE: Though I've never seen the dynamic duo better ten in THE MUSIC BOX (l932) & WAY OUT WEST (l937)  

I do remember that back when I first fell in love with our favorite thing THE M.O.V.I.E.S. (l979/80) even Guinness World Records listed SONS... as the largest in terms of total membership

Now I've been in a few fan clubs myself   The 1sat was awfully handled by Moe Howard's nephew Norman Maurer & promply closed too!   Then came the inevetible for me RALPH (Royal Association & Preservation of The Honeymooners) which was better, I even still have my official Racoon Cap! & here we go again, soon as THE GREAT ONE: JACKIE GLEASON-=(l9l6-87) died during the summer of 1987-(there were 2 other heavyweights that went that weekend *Lee Marvin, 63 & *John Huston at 81. So the NY based fan club all of a sudden also shut down?

My3rd & by a mile wide superior to all else, so much so one couldn't even keep up to the tons of stuff they sent-(STILL HAVE IT ALL  & IN HEFTY BAGS) was THE INTERNATIONAL *SINATRA SOCIETY  based down here of all places in Lakeland, FL & then, THEY CLOSED-(don't know the reason though?)

Now they of course still have fan-clubs, but are only internet based/joining & all.  Like MADONNA'S as just 1 example & my #1 all-timer idol *THE GREAT: TRACY obviously doesn't have such a thing & in this era NO WAY.  I love the net but will always prefer the newsletters, mags,etc via snail-mail on this type of things, how about you?


Now I fully expected ELVIS' myriad of clubs to have the most in it, but it is MICHAEL JACKSON?



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25 minutes ago, hamradio said:

A lot of cosmetic surgeons are members of his fan club. :P

I attended  the opening night performance of Michael Jackson's Victory Tour with his brothers.

He was one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century-- a simply amazing performer.

I was shocked to see how many of his fans came from all over the world to be in Hollywood at the time of his memorial service.

Apparently he made a real difference in the lives of millions of people.

No matter how a person chooses to look, it should be something that each individual decides for herself or himself without the fear of being criticized.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



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9 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:


No matter how a person chooses to look, it should be something that each individual decides for herself or himself without the fear of being criticized.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



I've said it many times in many different places and in many different situations......

When it comes to music, how a person LOOKS, or all that pyrotechnic, laser light STAGE EFFECTS  stuff is of no real importance.  I've always attended concerts( rock, jazz, classical, etc.) with this mindset...

ie:  I'm STEVIE WONDER attending a concert.  I can't SEE how the performer looks or the clothes he/she and others on stage are wearing, nor can I see the FLASH PODS and all the other light shows or whatnot.  So....WHAT is going to impress ME about this concert the most?  ;)

Nah, I wasn't a MJ fan in the sense I'd pay to fight the crowd and go to one of his concerts.  His later music did(for me) have some brilliant spots in it, and I did too, always have respect and high regard for him as an entertainer ever since he burst in on the scene as a precocious 10 year old.

I'm not surprised at ALL about the size of his fan club.



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