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In response to Edgecliffe's wondering in another thread about foreign Blus worth getting, here is a little list based on my own purchases:


*Region Free from the UK:*


_Worth Buying_

The Professionals (this is available in the U.S. but I got it from the UK because it was cheaper)


Almost Famous

The Ipcress File

Erin Brockovich (not available in the U.S. on Blu)

Mona Lisa Smile

The Seventh Seal (from Tartan Video ? I liked their picture quality, less grain than Criterion?s)

Black Shield of Falworth

Black Narcissus

The Boys from Brazil

Great Expectations


The Italian Job (Caine)



_Not Worth Buying_

Bugsy Malone

Capricorn One

My Best Friend?s Wedding



*B- Region (non-US) locked*


_Worth buying:_

The Red Shoes

Saturday Nigtt and Sunday Morning

Confessions of A Long Distamce Runner


Brief Encounter

The Dam Busters


_Not worth buying_

Henry V

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Edgecliff, there is a strong hint from Eureka they are going to have a sale very soon, including Sunrise, so you may want to wait before ordering from Amazon UK. By dealing directly with Eureka, it will likely be free shipping worldwide. I will let you know when I hear for sure.

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  • 4 months later...

I was finally able to take the Blu-ray plunge several months ago, The Searchers being my first purchase. I just got four more for my birthday so I figure I'll chime in.


Definitely be sure to check out Eureka's Masters of Cinema series. I have Sunrise, City Girl, and Une Femme Mariee and they are nothing less than exemplary of the greatness of the Blu-ray format. Never let anyone tell you that the oldest of films are unworthy of a BD release; Sunrise and City Girl are wonderful. Sunrise features both the familiar U.S. cut as well as the Czech print which is noteworthy for its vastly superior contrast and detail. City Girl, the great un-appreciated Murnau film, has some extraordinarily rich grain and many moments of nice picture depth for a film that is 82 years old. It also features a fantastic commentary track by film scholar David Kalat who speaks in great detail of Hollywood theater practices, the German film industry of the late 1920s, the silent-sound transition, Murnau's situation with William Fox, Murnau's working methods, William Fox's downfall and loss of his studio, and on and on. Kalat literally never stops talking through the duration of the feature. Both films come with the customary liner notes booklets (Sunrise, for reasons unknown to me, is missing fine essays which have been posted online by MOC.)


Une Femme Mariee brilliantly shows off the distinct "fashion rag" imagery that is an important aspect of the film's overall design. A mostly pristine picture with occasional insignificant instances of specks and minor damage. Great grain. The disc features Godard's typically inventive trailer in 1080p but the real treat is the 80-page book that is packaged with it. It's packed to the brim with analysis from critic Bill Krohn, critic/filmmaker Luc Moullet, and MOC's Craig Keller as well as reflections from Godard in the late 1970s.


Most Masters of Cinema Blu-rays are generously region-free (the sole exception thus far being Fritz Lang's M out of respect for Criterion's own release of that film on the Blu-ray format in North America.) Like Criterion, this company does incomparable, extremely important work worth supporting.


And last, but definitely not least, is Criterion's brand new issue of Jean-Luc Godard's Vivre sa Vie, one of my personal favorite films. Like Une Femme Mariee, an outstanding visual presentation. Flawless motion (these films rendered properly at 24 frames are just perfect.) Wonderful supplemental materials including a good Adrian Martin commentary track, a 40+ minute look at the film by scholar Jean Narboni, a vintage Anna Karina interview, a French television expose on prostitution, and details of the book that inspired the concept and visual imagery Godard employs in the film (oh, and a nice high resolution photo gallery.) As usual, an excellent 40 page booklet with Godard's original scenario, interviews with the director, a fine piece on the sonic innovations of this film, and a Michael Atkinson essay round out an essential package.



I must bring up a subject that is often ignored in discussions about Blu-ray: Sound. Although only one of the discs I have features a 5.1 channel score (City Girl), these uncompressed soundtracks are as robust and true as the picture quality is clear, filmic, and dynamic. Blu-ray is the total package.


My advice for anyone wary of embracing the format: if you ever need to buy another DVD player, just get a Blu-ray player instead. They've become affordable now and you can use them on your old TVs. While they won't have the benefits of the higher definition, you will experience little or zero compression artifacts and the sound will be improved (especially if used with a good sound system.) You can build your Blu-ray collection and enjoy them, and when HDTVs are the only type of TV left in the world, you will experience the full benefits of the format and won't have to suffer as many upconverted DVDs (upconverted DVD is no match for Blu-ray, don't believe the detractors.)

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  • 5 months later...

Continuing a conversation with ValentineXavier...


I had misunderstood from reading your posts. You had said the Oppo image on the Blu player made DVDs superior, so I had assumed from that you already had a Blu player and were speaking from experience with the Blu Oppo. I am guessing now you are repeating what you have heard from the AVS Forum. (BTW, the AVS forum is okay in its own way, but it has some of the greatest nitpickers in the world. I have seen some fans deride a release based on having seen nothing but a frame or two from it printed elsewhere.)


The Oppo is thought of well in the main place I go to: blu-ray.com (and that is where you should be reading more if you are looking at getting Blu-ray at some point), but there may be some issues of the new Oppo BDP-93:


*Some details on the OPPO BDP-93*


Until we see a professional review from Home Theater magazine and reviews from other magazines we will not know for sure if the OPPO BDP-93 will be an overall improvement over the BDP-83 (In theory the BDP-93 might be a better player when compared to the BDP-83 but we will have to wait and see to know for sure).


The following is 3 brief questions I asked OPPO Digital regarding the coming soon BDP-93 Universal Blu-ray player. From the email it is my understanding that the BDP-93 will be an overall improvement over the BDP-83 except for a few hardware and software features that may be removed. For one thing dedicated stereo outputs will not be supported on the OPPO BDP-93. *Also I was disappointed to learn that the 24fps DVD feature might not be offered on the OPPO BDP-93 (24fps DVD playback is supported on the OPPO BDP-83).* All 2009- 2010 Panasonic standalone Blu-ray players and all Sony 2010 standalone Blu-ray players upconvert film based DVD?s to 1080P/24 (24 fps DVD feature). The new OPPO BDP-93 might only upconvert film based DVD?s to 1080P/60 with 3:2 pulldown. Of course Blu-ray movies will be outputted at the native 1080p/24 on the OPPO BDP-93. I am surprised that OPPO Digital might drop 24fps DVD playback support. If one places the OPPO Blu-ray players on source direct then some 1080P displays will do a reverse 3:2 pulldown for film based DVD?s and other video sources, but not all 1080P displays offer that feature. *Since there are Panasonic and Sony Blu-ray players for around $100 that offer 24fps DVD playback hopefully OPPO Digital Inc will in the future offer that feature on the new BDP-93 and all future Blu-ray players*.




(the bolding was from the original post)

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Even though your link in another thread didn't work, I found your post. I hadn't been in this forum before, as there are so many, and time is finite. I agree that 24fps is an issue. The 'no dedicated R/L stereo outs' will be an issue for very few people, only those who would want both R/L outs, and multichannel analog outs at the same time, The multichannel outs can be configured to produce only R/L stereo outs.


I have an OPPO DVD player now, and it produces a superior image with its upscaling. Everything I've read about the OPPO BDP 83 says the SD DVD upscaling was significantly better than the SD OPPOs, and pretty much everything else out there. I see that the BDP 93 will use a different upscaling chip, purported to be better. But of course you are correct, we must await release, and reviews, of the BDP 93, before we know if it is as good as the 83.


I'd say that the main thing you missed in my OP on the subject is that I was comparing the OPPO's price to other reference players, not just BD players in general. Just a guess, but I think most of us will have more DVDs than BDs for quite a while, so really good upscaling of DVDs is an important factor. Also, the 83 plays DVD-As, and SACDs. Hopefully, the 93 will as well. Also, there will be an audiophile edition of the 93, as there was of the 83.

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Thanks. It does look interesting. We'll have to see how people like them, once they are out. I just bought a second Pioneer DVDR with HDD, and a three-target DVD duplicator. So, I've shot my wad for a while. After they've been out for a while, maybe I can afford one. The comes the problem of plugging it into my already massive amount of equipment!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Edge, I haven't gotten it yet. I looked up the totle on blu-ray.com and a few people there who have it have no problems.


What Blu player do you have? Possibly, it might need a download upgrade fix, but I haven't heard of anyone having that problem. Could it be the disc?

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My player is Panasonic. Never had any sort of problem with the 50 or so Blu Ray's before. When I put the disc in the machine it says it cannot read. I wonder if it is the disc?


Followup up.info....


Tried playing BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI and this disc would not play either. So nothing is wrong with discs. Apparently, according to my friend the machine needs some sort of update for the hardware. Will need to contact Panasonic for further information.l


Edited by: Edgecliff on Nov 28, 2010 9:02 PM

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filmlover, first time for this disc. My friend thinks I need to update the hardware. My BR is approximately two years old. Need to call Panasonic and find out what I can do. Played WHITE CHRISTMAS and that one was fine. Tested out PSYCHO and that OK too!! Is your Sony player newer? Didn't realize equipment would need to be updated. Very odd.

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Hi, Edge,


Because they continue to add new bells and whistles to Blu-ray discs, there is occasionally an upgrade necessary for Blu players. The one I played Bridge on is about two years old. I have two other Blu players but haven't tried it on them yet. (LOL, at the moment, I have a grand total of three but there is one more coming in a few days, as part of that Disney Movie Rewards redemption. 1. My main one is a Sony player with 7.1 audio channels hooked up to my HDTV. 2. a Sherwood all-region player hooked up to my HDTV. 3. An older Sony, the 300, hooked up to my projector. and 4. the one coming is a Sony 470 Blu player capable of Netflix streaming and 3D (but I have no interest in that part at this time).)


Anyway, getting back to your problem, my first thought is you should check out this message forum and join if you can't find the answer. You can post your own question. They can give helpful advice:




I have also gone to Panasonic's site and here is a link from the Support section listing the different models and what is available for each:




IMPORTANT NOTE: If they offer a Blu update disc by mail, accept that option, rather than downloading the update. I have heard of people doing a download incorrectly (not necessarily Panasonic) and turning their player into a paperweight.


*EDIT: I just tried Bridge on my Sony 300, which is my oldest player and one that was one of their first models, and it plays fine. (Above ALL Blu players, I always recommend people get a Sony model as they are the ones who basically came up with Blu-ray.)*

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filmlover, thanx for all the info. Did call Panasonic and apparently my software needs to be upgraded. Its now at 1.1 and I think upgrades are at 2. something. Customer service will send me an update so I can load it into the machine and be able to play my disc without any problems. If I had a connection with the internet I could have done the update directly on my system.

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filmlover, did you buy a lot of disc over the weekend with all the sales. Was on the restrained side since I did not need that much. Lost out on BACK TO THE FUTURE from Amazon special but may buy from FAMILY VIDEO which is priced at $30.50. I did take advantage of WB with 5 discs and may buy 3 MOD's from DDD and a few books, but that's it for me. As I stated no new films for me at all.

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I still need to put together my list, but this morning I picked up Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 on Blu and I love what I have seen so far. There's a preview of the upcoming Blu version of The Incredibles and they dubeed over some lines of the film's dialogue to reference Blu-ray. It was very well done and I broke up with laughter when they ended with the Edith Head costume designer character saying, "Blu-ray is the new black." Loved that!!!

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I just realized as I was beginning to put together a list that some of the titles I can't mention because the ones they are for frequent these boards.


I am bugged a bit by titles I didn't get. For example, The Barbara Stanwyck Show Vol. 1 was something like $12.99, but now that the sale is over it jumped back up to $35.99. Evening Primrose (a TV special with music by Sondheim) was about $11, but doubled when the sale ended.


Ah, well.


And I decided to pass on the 5 for $50 WB Archive deal. There was only one in the five I chose that I really wanted and that was "-30-". I weighed it very carefully, but felt for about that same $50, I could go to Costco and buy four of the box sets I mentioned the other day - if I were so inclined - and get probably about 20 WB movies that have been carefully remastered and have extras. If it had been 5 films I really wanted from the Archive, that would be different, but paying $50 basically for just one movie...uh uh.

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