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> {quote:title=molo14 wrote:}{quote}

> I just checked my photos. They are all still there in Hot Topics and Films and Filmmakers but the ones I posted here in General Discussions are broken. It must just be this forum for some reason.



Yep, the ones in this thread aren't showing up either:


Oh, that face, that fabulous face. Whose is it?


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Is it Just Me, or are there Actual Problems with this Thread.

All the Messages are reading all 'Garbled' . . .


And Page (1) One, has the Date Aug 11 '09 and the further I went with the Pages,

the dates became more current, Like Page 16 has the Date Aug 20, 09.


And I Posted a Message on another Thread, & instead of it being the First on the Page,

It came up @ the Bottom of it . . .


Are the TCM Administrators working on Something here ??

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Okay, My post showed up on Page 166 . . . and Now I see

that there is a Problem, Reading the Other, More Recent

Posts . . . I didn't know what was happening.


Sorry Mongo, I hope this Thread will be Cleared up Soon,

as I'm sure it will be. We ALL Really Enjoy your Pics.




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> {quote:title=mongo wrote:}{quote}

> Thank you all for your assistance and support regarding the change on his thread.

> Until the thousands of images I presented are restored I have no desire to continue posting at this time.

> Thanks again.


> Joe aka Mongo



Hey Mongo!


Your photo code works in the Films and Filmmakers forum:




Just start a new thread and re-post them. That will attract other people to them anyway. :)


Come back, Mongo!


Mongo, come back!


Ma wants you, Pa needs you!


We need you!

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