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Who are your Top 10 Favorites?

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Just 10 total??? OK, I'll try but it's painful:


*1*. Gary Cooper

*2*. Clark Gable

*3*. Vivien Leigh

*4*. Spencer Tracy

*5*. Carole Lombard

*6*. Marilyn Monroe

*7*. Robert Montgomery

*8*. John Wayne

*9*. Myrna Loy

*10*. Ava Gardner

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Okay, but I can't put them in order!


Here they are in no particular order:


*Ingrid Bergman*




*Audrey Hepburn*




*Gregory Peck*




*William Powell*




*Frank Sinatra*




*Bobby Darin*




*Fred Astaire*




*Bob Hope*




*Grace Kelly*




*Doris Day*





*I apologize if the pics are too big!*


*It was so difficult to determine just ten because I have so many genuine favorites! So don't take this list as the final word!*

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As of this moment...


1. Barbara Stanwyck

2. James Stewart

3. Robert Ryan

4. Humphrey Bogart

5. Robert Mitchum

6. Edward G. Robinson

7. Lee Marvin

8. Renee (Marie) Falconetti

9. Sterling Hayden

10. Timothy Carey aka Timothy William Carey aka Timothy Aoglia Carey aka Timothy Agolia Carey aka Timothy Agoglia Carey

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My list is in heavy rotation because I have so many that I love. These are my top 10 as of this month


Hedy Lamarr

Ginger Rogers

Doris Day

Jimmy Stewart

Clark Gable

Bob Hope

Cary Grant

David Niven

Roz Russell

Marilyn Monroe

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My top 10 is really difficult to come up with, because, with the exception of the top 3, actors tend to move up and down my top 20 on a regular basis, depending upon my mood, what I've seen lately, and what I've been reading.


Nevertheless, here is a shot:


1. Gary Cooper

2. Clark Gable

3. Barbara Stanwyck

4. William Powell

5. Cary Grant

6. Myrna Loy

7. Rudolph Valentino

8. Kay Francis

9. Humphrey Bogart

10 James Cagney


Others who you might see on the list if you asked me again next week:


Spencer Tracy, Tyrone Power, Bette Davis, Ronald Colman, Errol Flynn, Joan Fontaine, Gregory Peck

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I hope this is 10...10 is just to hard! LOL!


Favorite Actors/Actresses (Golden Age of Hollywood):



Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Barbara Stanwyck, Bela Lugosi, Marilyn Monroe, Vincent Price, Bette Davis, Richard Burton, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Stewart, Elsa Lanchester, Norma Shearer, Gene Kelly.

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Here are my top 10, EXCLUDING the major A-List stars that nearly everyone likes:

1. Robert Clarke 2. John Ericson 3. Jack Kelly 4. Jacques Sernas 5. John Drew Barrymore (Jr) 6. Keith Larsen 7. Philip Terry 8. Rory Calhoun 9. Allan Lane 10. Ray Danton

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