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2 Movie titles??

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They are both Tyrone Power flics, made in the early 50's.

The first is kinda similar to "Lifeboat," but based on fact.

It was the telling of a true story about a ship that struck a mine and a handful of passengers and a couple of the ships crew were all that managed to escape in an overcrowded lifeboat.

Lloyd Nolan was a member of the crew who was seriously injured and told Tyrone, a ships mate, that he would have to make some tough decisions if any of them were going to make it. He then threw himself overboard to releive the overcrowded boat of his dead weight. Power must then decide who should stay and who should drown. He bases his decision on keeping only those strong enough to help row to the nearest landfall in Africa. A very gritty film that posed some tough moral & ethical decision making in the manner of military triage.

I'd like to see this movie again, but can't think of the title. Can anybody help me out?


The second is also a Tyrone Power movie.

This time he's in colonial South Africa with Richard Egan and Susan Hayward. It's kinda/sorta an Africanized western. There is a love triangle between the three that of course ends in tragedy for one of them. Susan Hayward is a pioneer farmer whose husband is killed, but she falls in love with Power, whose a mounted Ranger, and is also loved by Egan. Egan grows bitter after losing his leg in an accident and becomes an outlaw which later has him confronting his one time friend, Power. Susan finds a large diamond on her farm and sells it for a fortune, moves to the city and becomes an influential lady.

I've strained my brain but cannot think of the name of this movie, either.



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Terrific nightwalker! You guys are great!

Thank you so much!!! :):)

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