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"Singin' in the Rain" is THE best musical EVER!!

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No. In fact, I think it is far from the best musical ever.


While I find the film entertaining, the music isn't original and the film hits a brick wall with that unnecessary Gotta Dance number. The other numbers are wonderful, and the story is fun; but, for me, the film is good, not great. Then again, I always find Gene Kelly a bit off-putting. He's loaded with talent, for sure, but his ego always shines through in all his films.

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I think I'm going to be a bit on the fence here, but here goes. I agree that Kelly's ego tends to shine through most of his work but I think that to acknowledge that fact doesn't discount Kelly's formidable talents as a great dancer on par with Fred Astaire (stylistically different, but just as universal and proficient!). Kelly is great - period. He is entitled to his ego because he's put his feet - both of them - where his bravado is.


Singin' In The Rain is a great musical. I think we tend to forget that a lot of musicals from the forties in particular and early fifties recycled catalogues of music with revised plots. The recycling works - often quite well. Kelly's other truly great musical from this vintage is undoubtedly An American In Paris. His 50s tenure runs into trouble immediately after these two films. There are sparks of Kelly's brilliance on display in Brigadoon and in It's Always Fair Weather, but the formula falls apart under closer scrutiny in Les Girls.


Kelly's best 40s efforts include Cover Girl, Anchors Aweigh, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, For Me And My Gal and his cameo dance routines in Thousands Cheer and Du Barry Was A Lady.

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Dear Brenda:


You know, you strike me as someone who hates musicals in general and Gene Kelly in particular which begs the question, why are you posting on a musical forum?


While personal tastes certainly differ, Anchors Aweigh was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, as was Kelly for Best Actor. The film has since proven itself a classy classic with a distinct following amongst Kelly fans and musical genre fans in general. For Me And My Gal was so popular as a movie that in the mid-60s it enjoyed a revival as a stage show. Another revival came in the 80s.


I'll concur with you that Du Barry Was A Lady is not a 'great' film. But many of its production numbers including Kelly's Do You Love Me? are stand out performances. Brigadoon is also flawed, though again - Kelly's pas deux with Cyd Charisse, the choreography in general, and certainly the magnificent Lerner & Loewe score elevate this otherwise stoic movie musical.


But An American In Paris is in a class by itself, representing film as pure art - particularly the ballet.


If you don't like Gene Kelly or musicals in general, perhaps this isn't the right thread for you.


Message was edited by: NZ

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NZ, my name is Brendan, not Brenda. And, what are you actually saying? Because I'm not a fan of Gene Kelly's, I shouldn't post here! How preposterious! Besides, who the hell are you to be telling people what they can and cannot do? I love lots of musical films. I'm not a fan of Kelly's, or some of the films you mentioned. So what? Do you love every musical and every person that ever appeared in them? Your post is absurd!

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i honestly can say that singing in the rain is by far one of my favorite musicals. I think Kelly is an absolute genius in that movie. I thought Debbie Reynolds did a great job as well. My favorite part in the whole film is the Good Morning song i absolutely adore that song, i loved the way they danced down the stairs, i want to learn how to do that . I did a dance to the "Singin in Rain" song in my theatre class !

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personally i feel singin' in the rain is one of the most indelibly iconic musicals in existence.


gene kelley, while not my favorite musical star, did one of his best works here. i've never seen him so relaxed and genuine; i think this is where his acting truly was at its best.

debbie reynolds was just simply adorable. perfect for the part, and no one could have done better.

but the real highlights of the fillm are donald o'connor and cyd charisse. o'connor is one of those mildly overlooked performers who is the ultimate broadway vaudvillian transposed on film. his dancing is technically near perfection, crisp, and full of energy and life. he has brilliant comic timing, and always feels comfortable. ....and cyd charisse. a goddess. i know everyone says it... but my god those legs. perfection embodied in movement.


betty comden and adolph green wrote an sharp, witty dialogue that makes me laugh every time i watch the movie (and trust me, it's been many many times), and the freed score is gorgeous.


the movie is funny, gentle, sweeping, beautiful, heartfelt, and wonderfully unrealistic in so many ways....... everything we want and love in old musicals.

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