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Who are your favorite horror stars?

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Yes, Boris was the man..so versatile, so many different roles for over 35 yrs...

monsters,mad doctors (ok some of these were similar) but there arent too many lemons that Boris cranked out, at least to me save for the last few in his career

The Ape was a lemon & maybe Black Friday was a lesser effort. I wasnt into the Mr Wong series - I got to meet his daughter Sara at a local convention a few yrs ago...

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Chaney Sr. was more than just a horror star, in my opinion. So I can't really say that he was my absolute favorite, although what he did in the genre (before it even existed, for that matter) was truly remarkable.


My favorite horror star is, without a doubt, Bela Lugosi. As an actor, he dominated every movie he was in, even over Karloff in some cases. His Count Dracula is likely to never be forgotten, even if it has become the thing of parody. There would be no Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter, etc. if it weren't for Lugosi's brilliant performance as, not only the king of vampires, but the patriarch of movie villians. And for those who feel that all he could ever play was Dracula, they need only to look at Son of Frankenstein, The Black Cat (1934), Murders in the Rue Morgue, Island of Lost Souls and White Zombie to see that, when given the good roles, he could really blaze on the screen.


I'm a huge fan of Karloff, Chaney Jr., Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as well, but Lugosi takes the cake for me.

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The one Horror star who DOESN'T have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! The legendary Lon Chaney Jr. the ONLY actor who played all four of the Universal Monsters. The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy. If you google "Lon Chaney star Hollywood Walk of Fame" you will find a site where a relative of Chaney's is raising money for his MUCH DESERVED star. I'm contributing.

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I place these great actors in two different generations of horror films, perhaps even three, if we make the silent era the 1st generation, the Universal era films the 2nd generation, followed by the 3rd.


Of the 1st, who is there but Lon Chaney Sr?


Of the 2nd, my favorite is Boris Karloff; however, I much prefer films featuring more than just one star.


I recall a horror-comedy with Karloff & Lorre in which the former was a senile scientist while the latter was the town sheriff, judge, dog-catcher, etc, all rolled into 1. Karloff was using volunteer guinea pigs and creating a large pile of corpses in the process. TCM ran this film about 6 months ago, I forgot the title, though.


I will never lose appreciation for Bela Lugosi, though I rank Karloff higher. As stated above, I like the films that have several of these actors the best. *Invisible Ray* ([currently Available for online viewing via Netflix: |http://www.netflix.com/Movie/The_Invisible_Ray_Black_Friday/70037278?trkid=147042]) comes to mind as one of several that featured both Karloff & Lugosi.


I think the voices added much the the creepiness of the characters they portrayed, & Lorre's is the creepiest, but Karloff's comes a close 2nd. Lugosi's eyes are the most memorable, though.


I think that Vincent Price came late in the 2nd and has remained my favorite 3rd generation choice. He starred along side Karloff in the 2nd. and Lee in the 3rd. As much as I like the Hammer films, Price's villains are far more memorable than either Cushing's or Lee's. Dr. Phibes will live forever, but I just cannot recall any Lee characters other than Dracula; Cushing as Baron Frankenstein comes to mind, but both of these characters have been done many times. Phibes is an original.


I also recall John Carridine's roles in a few films, from rather minor roles to the leader of the expidition in *Horror of the Blood Monsters.*


I should put this in another thread, but the two different types of horror film, the scifi-supernatural and the derranged killer types also add a few more complications to the discussion. Karloff in *Bedlam* Vs. Price in *House of Wax* (currently available for online viewing from Netflix: |http://www.netflix.com/Movie/House_of_Wax_The_Mystery_of_the_Wax_Museum/60029263?trkid=147042) are 2 great examples of the latter type, of which it seems this type should be more frightening because these things can really occur. It seems that Price played as many if not more roles in this type than in the latter; the 2 *Dr Phibes* films, the *Theatre of Blood*, *House of Wax*, *The Pit and the Pendulum*, come to mind as examples.


Anyway, Vincent Price is my all-time favorite actor in this genre, even though he entered it in mid-career.

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