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Thanks, Sixes.


Staying with *Roger Rabbit:* The cooperation of several studios was necessary to make this movie in it's final form by using animated characters from many sources -- busines entities that

were usually competitors for the moviegoer's dollar. What group of popular cartoon characters

did not show up in Toon Town because the involved studio stalled and haggled over business arrangements?

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> {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}



Uhh, Lonesome, did you read the question? The film *Who Framed Roger Rabbit* is the subject.

It is a Disney production, with many references to Warner Bros. characters. Consider the piano duet involving Donald (Disney) And Daffy (WB). There are also brief appearences By Betty Boop

(Fleisher Studios) Chillly Willy (Walter Lantz) and Tom & Jerry (MGM). Efforts were made to have

appearences by the likes of Popye, Olive & Bluto, Little Lulu, and others, but negotiations drug out, and work started before they reached settlement. That was the info I was looking for.

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Yo, Lonesome;


There's already a new question up from Barger -- something about a luminous drink. My memory

wants to dredge up something about, maybe Dr. Jekyll, Harry Potter, or Snow White's wicked

queen. But nothing gels. You got anything for him?

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Thanx, Mr.6's...


*Mother's Day* is coming soon...whose mom is this??


When the boy, her only child, was just a tot, she left the country to pursue a singing career in Europe. There she had her marriage to his father annulled. A later husband was a very wealthy man and he gave the boy the name he became known by as a celebrated writer/director.


Mom was unconventional, moving around the continent and to the states and back (with son in tow) in artistic and business pursuits. She was a friend of Isadora Duncan (and even gave Duncan the scarf that ultimately killed her). In fact, mom was in the shawl business and, at one point in 1925, got into fight with a thief who was trying to steal shawls from her. They both fell down a flight of stairs before he escaped. She was in her 50?s at the time?one tough mom!


Mom also had a romance with Aleister Crowley, renowned occultist, and collaborated with him on his major published work. Crowley did not like the woman?s son, though, and called him a ?god-forsaken lout.? When the boy grew up and later wrote his memoirs he got even by describing Crowley in scathing terms. These memoirs were initially to be titled _The Events Leading Up to My Death,_ but the celebrated man died while writing them at the Algonquin Hotel (the memoirs did not appear until many years later under another title).


Another question, think his wild life with his mom might've had an impact on his films?

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...A modern Big Apple romance story, with Old World customs getting folded in. One character

runs a business which uses the slogan, "A joke and a pickle for only a nickle."


What movie?

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some dialogue between two relatives sunning themselves in the park:

Grandmother: "Don't scream."

Granddaughter: "What?"

Grandmother: "Don't scream."

Granddaughter: "What? Why would I scream? What have you done, Bubbie?"

at this point a woman in Mae Swasey's profession walks up, and the scene continues, without

any screaming.

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