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sorry for the delay...I completely forgot...


How about a little Cary Grant Trivia?


1.  In what film does Grant whistle musical themes from his previous films?  what were they?

2.  Who says he hated his real name?  He named his terrier pooch Archie Leach..and mentioned his actual name in what film?

3. He wore this personal item in five films...even though it didn't always fit the character (hint..in the 40s)

4. In which film does he have no first name?

5. Later in his life, Grant had a personal item encased in Lucite as a keepsake...know what it was?

6. Which of Grant's films had the largest box office (US and Canada)?  This one surprised me...

7. For which studio did Grant make the most films?

8. The always-dapper Cary wore a tuxedo in 31 films...but wore a cummerbund in only one...know it? (not an obscure movie..shown often on TCM) 

9. In which film did Grant first receive top billing?

10. Grant shared 3 different LA homes with what other famous person (not any of his five wives..)?


some are easy...some maybe not...feel free to answer any or all!

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1. starliteyes   :) He whistled both these themes in a couple 'making coffee' scenes

2.  Azure :)   "Listen, the last man that said that to me was Archie Leach just a week before he cut his throat"

3.  Azure :) When he was married to Barbara Hutton, he wore his ring in films, whether the character was married or not

4.  starliteyes :)  His only name is Devlin in the film

5.  .............

6.  starliteyes :) according to the 65th anniversary issue of Weekly Variety, Operation Petticoat was number one...That Touch of Mink was number two (film lover--Father Goose ​was number five)

7.  Azure :(  nope...15 for RKO...another studio was 23...???

8. .............

9. film lover :)  Hot Saturday ​was the 1932 release (he had 8 that year) with top billing

10. film lover :) If you're curious, the 3 properties they shared were at: 1129 N. Sweetzer Ave (LA), 2177 West Live Oak Drive (Los Feliz) and 1018 Ocean Front Rd (Santa Monica)



Great answers!  5, 7 and 8 are still open.....(5 is personal, and a bit obscure...but I have hopes for 7 and 8!)

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No. 8 is, I believe, "Bringing Up Baby"..  Check this clip to see if he's wearing a cummerbund.




Also, there might be another answer for no. 4.  In Paramount's "Alice In Wonderland", Cary and several other stars wore heavy makeup for their roles.  Cary played the Mock Turtle, with apparently no first name.



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7. film lover :) He made 23 films for Paramount, 15 for RKO, 10 for Columbia, 6 for MGM, 5 for Warners, 20th Century Fox and Universal...and some single appearances for other studios...

8.  Miles Archer  :(  He's wearing a white Westcott in Bringing up Baby​..you can see the buttons at the bottom of the vest.

4.  Miles Archer  B) If Mock Turtle is a single name, I stand corrected (but it is two words.. ;) )



still open...5 (personal, late in life), and 8 (that very popular film in which he wears a cummerbund..and it's black)



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5. film lover  :) Yes, it was a baby tooth from daughter Jennifer


8. Azure  :) I got curious about this when reading trivia on this site: http://www.carygrant.net/trivia/crazies.html

so I watched part of That Touch of Mink​, and he does have on a cummerbund ..I couldn't find a good still to show it, but it's most evident in his scenes with the hotel doctor. As far as it never being shown, I know I've seen it numerous times on TCM, because that's the only place I ever watched it before (I watched yesterday on a terrarium tv link, so I could fast forward to the hotel scenes)


thanks to everyone who answered...I think film lover 293 got the most correct (4)...so the thread goes to them...

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As far as it never being shown, I know I've seen it numerous times on TCM, because that's the only place I ever watched it before (I watched yesterday on a terrarium tv link, so I could fast forward to the hotel scenes)

I just checked MovieCollector's TCM movie database and saw that That Touch of Mink has been shown over 30 times on TCM!! Where have I been?? LOL Seriously, I don't remember seeing it on the TCM schedule (at least not for past few years). For the last couple of years, I've only seen it on the Movies! channel or on one of the other classic movie channels. I think that it has been a while since it was last shown on TCM. Anyway, sorry about that.



Congrats, Film Lover!

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