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6 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

I believe that I've heard this story before.  Is it "Magnificent Obsession" with Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson?

Magnificent Obsession (Universal International, 1954). Folded, | Lot #52246  | Heritage Auctions 

It was fairly early in Rock's career.

You got the right film, actor and actress Miles. Jane did say that scenes had to be done over 30 or 40 times because of Rocks being so nervous while they were making Magnificent Obsession. Years later at a party, he did thank her for being so nice about it and that he loved her for it. Good work Miles, your thread :)


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Thank you, Lavender.  Now, most of us know that Buddy Ebsen was supposed to play the Tin Man in "The Wizard Of Oz", but he was allergic to the silver make-up and had to be hospitalized.  The make-up was changed and Jack Haley replaced Buddy in the role.  Now here is something you may not know.  Buddy was not the producer's first choice to play the Tin Man.  Can you name the actor who they first wanted for the role?

Ray Bolger, Bert Laher, & Buddy Ebsen (the original Tin man) peek out of  rehearsal. | Wizard of oz, Wizard of oz movie, The wonderful wizard of oz 


Here's Buddy without the make-up.

   Was Buddy Ebsen the Original 'Wizard of Oz' Tin Man? 




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7 hours ago, starliteyes said:

James Cagney could not stand Horst Buchholz when they were making One, Two, Three.  One day when he walked on to the lot, he decided that the thrill had gone and it was then that he decided to retire.  

Excellent Star. It was  James Cagney that couldnt stand Horst Buckholz while filming Billy Wilder's One, Two, Three. Very funny film.  Thanks and it's your thread :)


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23 hours ago, starliteyes said:

Continuing with James Cagney, Horst Buchholz wasn't the only actor that James Cagney could not stand.  This actor played supporting roles and usually played someone with a lovable persona.  He only appeared in one film with Cagney. 

Name the actor and the film.

SZ Sakall and the film Yankee Doodle Dandy ??

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