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Great schedule, movieman! I am glad you put Death of a Salesman in there. I was about to recommend it to the programmer because TCM should be able to get it since it is Columbia, and I haven't seen it in forever.


I like the title for the evening, "Noir Night." That would make a great regular feature for TCM.


And seeing Somewhere in Time in your time travel evening makes me smile. I love that movie.


Thanks for entering!!!!

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Arg! I wanted to be first! Great schedule, Chris. Love the science theme ( *The Man in the White Suit* sounds intriguing!), and the inclusion of flying movies runs a close second to O'Brien films in getting my vote. *They Directed That*, Jack Lemmon, and Sidney Lumet would be fun too. And I'm hoping that TCM will take notice of *Six Day Bike Rider* ! Now back to my schedule.


And *Ordinary is ordinary...* ??? Not even close!

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*"Arg! I wanted to be first!"* - ydobon


Huh????? Alright, who is this "person" writing? You're definitely not the man I once knew.


A new "nick" and everything changes. It used to be like pulling teeth to motivate you to finish one of these.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Oohh, I bought a goat and his name was Jack. But he got homesick

so I had to give him ba-a-a-ack"


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Hey there, 'movieman1957' -


Nicely done, my friend. You've done yourself proud once again. And your choices of theme titles is getting quite --punny-- funny too. "El Sid" made me smile - as did "Just Deserts"


But your Saturday Afternoon has put me back in the hole by a whole day. I just ripped up this -


_"...But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct"_

(Actors Pulling Director's Duties)

*Charlie Bubbles* - Albert Finney Dir

*The Buccaneer* - Anthony Quinn Dir

*The Happy Road* - Gene Kelly Dir

*A Man Alone* - Ray Milland Dir

*Dr. Faustus* - Richard Burton Dir

*The Alamo* - John Wayne Dir (which you used somewhere else!)


Congratulations on doing such a great job.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Oohh, I bought a goat and his name was Jack. But he got homesick

so I had to give him ba-a-a-ack"


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A really impressive schedule.


I love how you scheduled your Time Travel theme to end with the Private Screenings of Charleston Heston. It's like you're saying, "Ha-ha, I didn't do the obvious and program Planet of the Apes."


Overall, well done.

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Here is my schedule. Sorry for all of the newer movies on there. I originally only intended for two newer movies to be shown and those were the TCM Undergrond suggestions but I couldn't find any older movies that fit with a lot of the themes that I wanted to do on IMDB. For instance, the time travel time slot. When I looked on IMDB, I couldn't find a lot of older movies that have to do with time travel so I just chose the ones that I saw on the list, I haven't even seen Twelve Monkeys before or Bill & Ted. I would be happy to make changes to the schedule if any of you can give me some suggestions for movies that fit the themes that I want to do, like the time travel theme for instance. I am not trying to turn TCM into a channel of contemorary films, where else can I see hard to find films starring Claudette Colbert or see my favorite Preston Sturges films. Anyway, here is the schedule as it is now so feel free to give me some suggestions for films so I can change it.





*Salute to Preston Sturges*


6:00 AM *The Great McGinty* (1940) 82 Min. Paramount Pictures

7:30 AM *The Lady Eve* (1941) 94 Min. Paramount Pictures

9:15 AM *Sullivan's Travel* (1941) 90 Min. Paramount Pictures

11:00 AM. *The Palm Beach Story* (1942) 88 Min. Paramount Pictures

12:30 PM *The Miracle of Morgan's Creek* (1944) 98 Min. Paramount Pictures

2:15 PM *Hail the Conquering Hero* (1944) 101 Min. Paramount Pictures

4:00 PM *The Great Moment* (1944) 83 Min. Paramount Pictures

5:30 PM *Christmas in July* (1940 67 Min. Paramount Pictures

7:00 PM *Private Screenings: Ann Miller* (1997) 48 Min.


*Road Films*


8:00 PM *The Sugarland Express* (1974) 110 Min. Universal Pictures

10:00 PM *Planes, Trains and Automobiles* (1987) (Premire) 93 Min. Paramount Pictures


*TCM Imports: Francois Truffaut*


12: 00 AM *The 400 Blows* (1959) 99 Min.

1:45 AM *Shoot the Piano Player* (Premire) (1960) 92 Min.

3:30 AM *Jules and Jim* (1962) (Premire) 105 MIn.

5:15 AM *Festival of Shorts #26* (2000)






6:00 AM *The Adventures of Robin Hood* (1938) 102 Min. Warner Brothers.

8:00 AM *The Treassure of the Sierra Madre* (1948) 126 Min. Warner Brothers

10:15 AM *The Bridge on the River Kwai* (1957) 161 Min. Columbia Pictures

1:00 PM *North by Northwest* (1959) 136 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

3:30 PM *Gunga Din* (1939) 117 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

5:30 PM *Jaws* (1975) 124 Min. Universal Studios


*Death Penalty*


8:00 PM *Paths of Glory* (1957) 87 Min. United Artists

9:45 PM *Judgment at Nuremberg* (1961) 186 Min. United Artists

1:00 AM *The Fugitive* (Premire) (1993) 130 Min. Warner Brothers

3:30 AM *I Want To Live* (1958) 120 Min. United Artists




*The Directors*


6:00 AM *The Men Who Made the Movies: Howard Hawks* (1973) 55 Min.

7:00 AM *The Men Who Made the Movies: King Vidor* (1973) 55 Min.

8:00 AM *The Men Who Made the Movies: Raoul Walsh* (1973) 55 Min.

9:00 AM *The Men Who Made the Movies: Sam Fuller* (2002) 55 Min.

10:00 AM *The Men Who Made the Movies: William Wellman* (2006) 58 Min.

11:00 AM *The Men Who Made the Movies: Alfred Hitchcock* (1973) 60 Min.

12:15 PM *Spielberg on Spielberg* (2007) 86 Min.

1:45 PM *Woody Allen: A Life in Film* (2002) 88 Min.

3:15 PM *Private Screenings: Sidney Lumet* (2005) 60 Min.

4:30 PM *Private Screenings: Stanley Donen* (2006) 60 Min.

5:45 PM *Private Screeings: Norman Jewison* (2007) 60 Min.

7:00 PM *TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Syndey Pollack* (2008) 28 Min.

7:30 PM *TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Quentin Tarantino* (2008) 28 Min.


*Welcome to Hollywood*


8:00 PM *Sunset Blvd.* (1950) 110 Min. Paramount Pictures

10:00 PM *A Star is Born* (1954) 176 Min. Warner Brothers

1:00 AM *Stardust Memories* (1980) 88 Min. Orion Pictures

2:45 AM *Ed Wood* (1994) 127 Min. Touchstone Pictures

5:00 AM *Private Screenings: Child Stars* (2006) 60 Min.






6:00 AM *The Big Sleep* (1946) 114 Min. Warner Brothers

8:00 AM *Touch of Evil* (1958) 112 Min. Universal Pictures

10:00 AM *The Little Foxes* (1941) 115 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

12:00 PM *All About Eve* (1950) 138 Min. 20th Century Fox

2:30 PM *Dial M For Murder* (1954) 105 Min. Warner Brothers

4:30 PM *Out of the Past* (1947) 97 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

6:15 PM *Murder, My Sweet* (1944) 95 Min. RKO Radio Pictures


*Star of the Month: Claudette Colbert*


8:00 PM *Imitation of Life* (1934) 111 Min. Universal Pictures

10:00 PM *Bluebeard's Eighth Wife* (1938) 85 Min. Paramount Pictures

11:30 PM *Midnight* (1939) 94 Min. Paramount Pictures

1:15 AM *Boom Town* (1940) 119 Min. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

3:30 AM *So Poudly We Hail* (1943) 126 Min. Paramount Pictures




*Self Discovery*


6:00 AM *Now, Voager* (1942) 117 Min. Warner Brothers

8:00 AM *You Can't Take it With You* (1938) 126 Min. Columbia Pictures

10:15 AM *Freaky Friday* (1976) 95 Min. Walt Disney Pictures

12:00 PM *My Favorite Year* (1982) 92 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

1:45 PM *A River Runs Throgh It* (1992) 123 Min. Columbia Pictures

4:00 PM *The Goodbye Girl* (1977) 111 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

6:00 PM *Groundhog Day* (1993) 101 Min. Columbia Pictures


*Time Travel in the Movies*


8:00 PM *The Time Machine* (1960) 103 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

10:00 PM *Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure* (Premire) (1989) 90 Min. Orion Pictures

11:45 PM *Tim Bandits* (Premire) (1981) 110 Min. Avco Embassy Pictures

1:45 AM *12 Monkeys* (1995) (Premire) 129 Min. Universal Pictures

4:00 AM *The Terminator* (1984) 108 Min. Orion Pictures






6:00 AM *The Letter* (1941) 95 Min. Warner Brothers

7:45 AM *Shadow of a Doubt* (1943) 108 Min. Universal Pictures

9:45 AM *The Apartment* (1960) 125 Min. United Artists

12:00 PM *The Maltese Falcon* (1941) 101 Min. Warner Brothers

2:00 PM *The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance* (1962) 123 Min. Paramount Pictures

4:15 PM *The Bad and the Beautiful* (1952) 118 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

6:15 PM *The Westrner* (1940) 100 Min. United Artists


*Psychological Drama*


8:00 PM *The Lost Weekend* (1945) 101 Min. Paramount Pictures

10:00 PM *Spellbound* (1945) 111 Min. United Artists

12:00 AM *Psycho* (1960) 109 Min. Paramount Pictures


*TCM Underground: The Slasher Icons*


2:00 AM *Halloween* (Premire) (1978) 92 Min. Coumpss International Pictures

3:45 AM *A Nightmare on Elm Street* (Premire) (1984) 92 Min. New Line Cinema

5:30 AM *Festival of Shorts #26* (2000) 22 Min.




*Public Domain*


6:00 AM *His Girl Friday* (1940) 92 Min. Columbia Pictures

7:45 AM *The Third Man* (1949) 104 Min. British Lion Films

9:45 AM *Charade* (1963) 113 Min. Universal Pictures

11:45 AM *Meet John Doe* (1941) 122 Min. Columbia Pictures

2:00 PM *The Stranger* (1946) 95 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

3:45 PM *Penny Serenade* (1941) 119 Min. Columbia Pictures

6:00 PM *Royal Weeding* (1951) 95 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)




8:00 PM *Empire of the Sun* (Premire) (1987) 154 Min. Warner Brothers

10:45 PM *The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King* (2003) 200 Min. New Line Cinema

2:15 AM *Docter Zhivago* (1965) 197 Min. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)


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Message was edited by: Kubrickbuff


Message was edited by: Kubrickbuff


Message was edited by: Kubrickbuff

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Good schedule.


One slight thing missing and you can just go into your old message and click on edit to add to it (you don't need to reprint it in a new post, just use the old message to make your change in)...on Monday morning, you've missed putting in a movie for 6AM.

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6:00 AM *LISTEN, DARLING* (1938), dir Edwin L. Marin, starring Judy Garland, Freddie Bartholomew, MGM, 75 min

7:15 AM *CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS* (1937) dir Victor Fleming, starring Spencer Tracy, Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney, MGM, 115 min

9:15 AM *SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON* (1960), dir Ken Annakin, starring John Mills, Dorothy Maguire, Disney, 126 min


11:30 AM *SUSPICION* (1941), dir Alfred Hitchcock, starring Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant, RKO, 99 min

1:15 PM *THE WITCHES* (1966), dir Cyril Frankel, starring Joan Fontaine, Hammer/Fox, 90 min PREMIERE


2:45 PM *REVEILLE WITH BEVERLY* (1943), dir Charles Barton, starring Ann Miller, Frank Sinatra, Columbia, 78 min

4:15 PM *EASTER PARADE* (1948), dir Charles Walters, starring Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Ann Miller, MGM, 107 min

6:15 PM *ON THE TOWN* (1949), dir Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, starring Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ann Miller, MGM, 98 min


8 PM *SAINT JOAN* (1957), dir Otto Preminger, starring Jean Seberg Richard Widmark, UA, 110 min

10 PM *JOAN OF ARC* (1948), dir Victor Fleming, starring Ingrid Bergman, RKO, 145 min





12:30 AM *SAINT JOAN* (1927), dir. Widgey R. Newman, starring Sybil Thorndike, Lee DeForest Films, 10 min (Silent)

12:45 AM *JEANNE D'ARC* (1899), dir Georges Melies, starring Jeanne d'Alcy, Star Film, 10 min (Silent)

1 AM *BEN-HUR: A TALE OF THE CHRIST* (1925), dir Fred Niblo, starring Ramon Novarro, MGM, 143 min (Silent)


3:30 AM *DIE SEHNSUCHT DER VERONIKA VOSS* (1982), dir Rainer Werner Fassbinder, starring Rosel Zech, 104 min, Laura Film

5:15 AM *TITANIC* (1943), dir Herbert Selpin, starring Sybille Schmitz, Tobis Filmkunst/DFV, 85 min

7:00 AM *DESTRY RIDES AGAIN* (1939), dir George Marshall, starring Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart, Universal, 94 min, p/s

8:45 AM *GHOST TOWN* (1956), dir Allen H. Miner, starring Kent Taylor, UA, 77 min

10:15 AM *STAGECOACH* (1939), dir John Ford, starring Claire Trevor, John Wayne, UA, 96 min p/s


NOON *BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S* (1961), dir Blake Edwards, starring Audrey Hepburn, Paramount, 115 min, p/s

2:00 PM *ALWAYS* (1989), dir Steven Spielberg, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Audrey Hepburn, UA, 122 min


4:15 PM *CALAMITY JANE* (1953), dir David Butler, starring Doris Day, Howard Keel, WB, 101 min

6 PM *ANNIE GET YOUR GUN* (1950), dir George Sidney, starring Betty Hutton, Howard Keel, MGM, 107 min


8 PM *SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS* (1954), dir Stanley Donen, starring Howard Keel, Jane Powell, MGM, 102 min

10 PM *SINGIN' IN THE RAIN* (1952), dir Stanley Donen, starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, MGM, 103 min

11:45 PM *FUNNY FACE* (1957), dir Stanley Donen, starring Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, MGM, 103 min




1:30 AM *ROYAL WEDDING* (1951), dir Stanley Donen, starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, MGM, 93 min

3:15 AM *DAMN YANKEES* (1958), dir George Abbott, Stanley Donen, starring Tab Hunter, Gwen Verdon, WB, 111 min

5:15 AM *THE PAJAMA GAME* (1957), dir George Abbott, Stanley Donen, starring Doris Day, WB, 101 min


7:00 AM *THE TRIAL OF MARY DUGAN* (1929), dir. Bayard Veiller, starring Norma Shearer, MGM, 113 min

9:00 AM *COQUETTE* (1929), dir. Sam Taylor, starring Mary Pickford, 76 min, UA, p/s

10:30 AM *ANNA CHRISTIE* (1930), dir. Clarence Brown, starring Greta Garbo, MGM, 89 min

NOON *UNTAMED* (1929), dir. Jack Conway, starring Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery, MGM, 86 min

1:30 PM *DEVIL-MAY-CARE* (1929), dir. Sidney Franklin, starring Ramon Novarro, MGM, 97 min.

3:15 PM *THE BROADWAY MELODY* (1929), dir. Harry Beaumont, starring Charles King, Anita Page, MGM, 110 min

5:05 PM *THE VAGABOND LOVER* (1929), dir Marshall Neilen, starring Rudy Vallee, Marie Dressler, RKO, 65 min


6:15 PM *CASABLANCA* (1941), dir Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, WB, 102 min

8:00 PM *FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER* (1973), dir Fielder Cook, starring Ingrid Bergman, Madeline Kahn, Cinema 5, 105 min, PREMIERE

10:00 PM *MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS* (1974), dir. Sidney Lumet, starring Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Paramount, 128 min





12:15 AM *A MATTER OF TIME* (1976), dir Vincente Minnelli, starring Liza Minnelli, Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, AIP, 97 min PREMIERE

2:00 AM *ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER* (1970), dir Vincente Minnelli, starring Barbra Streisand, Paramount, 129 min PREMIERE

4:15 AM *THE SANDPIPER* (1965), dir Vincente Minnelli, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, MGM, 117 min

6:15 AM *THE CLOCK* (1945), dir Vincente Minnelli, starring Judy Garland, MGM, 90 min


7:45 AM *SALLY IN OUR ALLEY* (1927), dir Walter Lang, starring Shirley Mason, Columbia, 56 min

8:45 AM *BIG CITY* (1948), dir Norman Tauraog, starring Margaret O'Brien, Columbia, 103 min

10:30 AM *NOBODY'S CHILDREN* (1940), dir Charles Barton, starring Edith Fellows, Columbia, 64 min

11:45 AM *BAD LITTLE ANGEL* (1939), dir Wilhelm Thiele, starring Virginia Weidler, MGM, 72 min

1:00 PM *LITTLE MISS THOROUGHBRED* (1938), dir John Farrow, starring Ann Sheridan, WB, 65 min

2:15 PM *LITTLE BIG SHOT* (1935), dir Michael Curtiz, starring Sybil Jason, Glenda Farrell, WB, 78 min

3:45 PM *ALL MINE TO GIVE* (1957), dir Allen Reisner, starring Glynis Johns, Patty McCormack, RKO, 103 min

5:45 PM *WOMEN IN HIDING* (1940), dir Joseph M. Newman, starring Marsha Hunt, MGM, 22 min

6:15 PM *BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST* (1941), dir Mervyn LeRoy, starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, MGM, 99 min


8 PM *REBECCA* (1940), dir. Alfred Hitchcock, starring Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, UA, 130 min, p/s

10:15 PM *THE HEIRESS* (1949), dir William Wyler, starring Olivia deHavilland, Montgomery Clift, Paramount, 115 min p/s




MIDNIGHT *WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD?* (1932), dir George Cukor, starring Constance Bennett, RKO, 88 min

1:30 AM *LITTLE WOMEN* (1933), dir George Cukor, starring Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, RKO, 117 min

3:30 AM *EASY RIDER* (1969), dir Dennis Hopper, starring Peter Fonda, Columbia, 95 min


5:15 AM *THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY?* (1969), dir Sydney Pollack, starring Jane Fonda, ABC/Palomar, 120 min, p/s

7:15 AM *HARD TO HANDLE* (1933), dir Mervyn LeRoy, starring James Cagney, WB, 78 min

8:45 AM *BLIND DATE* (1934), dir Roy William Neill, starring Ann Sothern, Mickey Rooney, Columbia, 72 min

10:00 AM *CALL ME MADAM* (1953), dir Walter Lang, starring Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, Fox, 114 min PREMIERE


12:15 PM *BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE* (1958), dir Richard Quine, starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, Columbia, 106 min

2:15 PM *JUST A GIGOLO* (1978), dir David Hemmings, starring David Bowie, Kim Novak, Marlene Dietrich, UA, 147 min

4:45 PM *SHANGHAI EXPRESS* (1932), dir Josef von Sternberg, starring Marlene Dietrich, Paramount, 80 min, p/s

6:15 PM *MARLENE* (1984), dir Maximilian Schell, starring Marlene Dietrich, Alive Films, 94 min, PREMIERE


8 PM *IMITATION OF LIFE* (1959), dir. Douglas Sirk, starring Lana Turner, Universal, 79 min, p/s

9:30 PM *PEYTON PLACE* (1957), dir. Mark Robson, starring Lana Turner, Fox, 157 min, p/s




12:15 AM *BY LOVE POSSESSED* (1961), dir. John Sturges, starring Lana Turner, UA, 115 min.

2:15 AM *LOVE HAS MANY FACES* (1965), dir. Alexander Singer, starring Lana Turner, Columbia, 104 min

4:00 AM *STRICTLY G.I.* (1943), starring Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Army Navy Screen Magazine, 13 min, p/s

4:15 AM *EVERY SUNDAY* (1936), dir Felix E. Feist, starring Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin, MGM, 11 min

4:30 AM *LIONPOWER FROM MGM* (1967), distributor advertising reel, 27 min


5:00 AM *WILD IN THE COUNTRY* (1961), dir Philip Dunne, starring Elvis Presley, Hope Lange, Christina Crawford, Fox, 114 min p/s

7:00 AM *GIRL HAPPY* (1965), dir Boris Sagal, starring Elvis Presley, Gary Crosby, MGM, 96 min

8:45 AM *WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?* (1962), dir Robert Aldrich, starring Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, B.D. Hyman, 7 Arts/WB, 134 min

11:15 AM *LITTLE MEN* (1940), dir Norman Z. McLeod, starring Kay Francis, RKO, 84 min

12:45 PM *BECKY SHARP* (1935), dir Rouben Mamoulian, starring Miriam Hopkins, RKO, 84 min


2:15 PM *ANNE OF GREEN GABLES* (1934), dir George Nichols Jr., starring Anne Shirley, RKO, 78 min

3:45 PM *MOTHER CAREY'S CHICKENS* (1938), dir. Rowland V. Lee, starring Anne Shirley, Ruby Keeler, RKO, 82 min

5:15 PM *TOO MANY WIVES* (1937), dir Ben Holmes, starring Anne Shirley, RKO, 61 min

6:30 PM *STELLA DALLAS* (1937), dir King Vidor, starring Barbara Stanwyck, Anne Shirley, Goldwyn, 106 min


8 PM *PLANET OF THE APES* (1968), dir. Franklin J. Schaffner, starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowell, Fox, 112 min, PREMIERE

10 PM *ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES* (1971), dir. Don Taylor, starring Roddy McDowell, Kim Hunter, Fox, 98 min. PREMIERE

11:45 PM *THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES* (1962), dir. Edwards Bernds, starring The Three Stooges, Columbia, 89 min.




1:15 AM *TURN BACK THE CLOCK* (1933), dir. Edgar Selwyn, starring Lee Tracy, The Three Stooges, MGM, 79 min


2:45 AM *THE BIG CUBE* (1969), dir Tito Davison, starring Lana Turner, Warner, 98 min

4:15 AM *THE MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH* (1916), dir Christy Cabanne, John Emerson, starring Douglas Fairbanks, Keystone, 20 min

5:00 AM *THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM* (1955), dir Otto Preminger, starring Frank Sinatra, UA, 119 min

7:00 AM *I'LL CRY TOMORROW* (1955), dir Daniel Mann. starring Susan Hayward, MGM, 117 min


9:00 AM *HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE* (1935), dir Mitchell Leisen, starring Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, Paramount, 80 min, p/s

10:15 AM *CHARLEY AND THE ANGEL* (1973), dir Vincent McEveety, starring Fred MacMurray, Cloris Leachman, Kurt Russell, Disney, 93 min


NOON *THE PARENT TRAP* (1961), dir by David Swift, starring Hayley Mills, Disney, 129 min

2:15 PM *THAT DARN CAT!* (1965), dir by Robert Stevenson, starring Hayley Mills, Disney, 116 min

4:15 PM *THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS* (1966), dir Ida Lupino, starring Hayley Mills, Rosalind Russell, Columbia, 112 min

6:00 PM *THE FAMILY WAY* (1966), dir Ray Boulting, starring Hayley Mills, John Mills, WB, 115 min


8:00 PM *MRS. MINIVER* (1942), dir William Wyler, starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, MGM, 134 min

10:15 PM *THE MINIVER STORY* (1950), dir H.C. Potter, starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, MGM, 104 min




MIDNIGHT *THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES* (1946), dir William Wyler, starring Myrna Loy, Fredric March, Goldwyn, 172 min

3:00 AM *LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF* (2003 Documentary), dir Thom Anderson, 169 min


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I selected the week of April 12-19, 2009.


The week begins with a pair of films starring Freddie Bartholomew, the musical *Listen Darling* and the seagoing adventure *Captain's Courageous,* followed by the shipwreck adventure *Swiss Family Robinson.*


Several times during the week I've paired one of the greatest film roles by a classic star with a rarely seen film from later in the star's career. First up is Joan Fontaine, with her stellar turn in *Suspicion* followed by her rare 1966 Hammer film *The Witches.*


Today is Ann Miller's birthday, so tap-tap-tap your afternoon away with three of her best. Today is also the 100th Anniversary of the canonization of Joan of Arc, and we commemorate it with four very different film biographies, starring Jean Seberg, Ingrid Bergman, Sybil Thorndike, and Jeanne d'Alcy. The last two are shorts that usher in Silent Sunday Night (d'Alcy, the wife of director George Melies, was the first French film actress). The Silent Sunday feature continues along religious themes with Ramon Novarro's *Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.*


For TCM International I've booked a double bill: Fassbinder's *Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss,* the story of a Third Reich era German film actress who is shunned after the war, falls into poverty, and who commits suicide. The movie is loosely based on the life and death of the real actress Sybille Schmitz, so I wrap up TCM International with her best-known film, the 1943 German version of *Titanic.*


A German actress who was on OUR side, Marlene Dietrich, stars in the next film *Destry Rides Again,* the first of three Westerns of the morning. Audrey Hepburn gets the Classic/Later focus, with *Breakfast at Tiffany's* followed by her final film, Spielberg's *Always.*


Howard Keel and director Stanley Donen share a birthday Monday, and we celebrate with the film they did together, *Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,* as well as some of the great musicals they did individually.


I've been researching silent films and the transition to sound lately, and I programmed the first talkies from several silent stars : Norma Shearer, Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, and Ramon Novarro. After that come two early musicals, *The Broadway Melody* (the first musical) and *The Vagabond Lover,* made especially interesting by the presence of Marie Dressler.


Ingrid Bergman is best known for *Casablanca,* the next film, but continued starring in films into the 1970's. Virtually lost is the unjustly-forgotten children's movie *From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,* based on a charming book about children who run away from home and move into New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. No one forgets her Oscar-winning turn in *Murder on the Orient Express,* up next. This look at Ingrid's later period ends with *A Matter of Time,* in which she co-starred with Liza Minnelli. This one is a little sad: the editing is choppy and the movie isn't very good, but it was the last film for Bergman, Charles Boyer, and director Vincente Minnelli, so it deserves to be seen.


After *A Matter of Time,* we move into other later Vincente Minnelli films, *On a Clear Day You Can See Forever* (with Streisand; actually a little similar to *A Matter of Time,* but more successful) and *The Sandpiper* (with Taylor and Burton), followed by one of Minnelli's all-time best, the wartime romance *The Clock* (with Judy Garland).


It's a family day for the rest of the day --- the day is filled with movies about orphans just desperate to find a home, plucky youngsters who will stop at nothing to find love. It kicks off with the largely unremembered *Sally in Our Alley,* about a little girl being raised by three men, followed by Margaret O'Brien in *Big City* (a film that appears to be a remake of *Sally in Our Alley*). Through the day, adorable moppets like Virginia Weidler, Sybil Jason, Edith Fellows, and Patty McCormack try to charm their way into the hearts of prospective parents. The Adoption Theme ends with the 1940 short *Women in Hiding,* about unwed mothers giving up their babies, and the Greer Garson drama *Blossoms in the Dust.*


Throughout the night it's Sibling Revelry, with pairs of films starring some of Hollywood's brother or sister stars: Joan Fontaine/Olivia de Havilland, Constance and Joan Bennett, and Peter and Jane Fonda.


The Jane Fonda film I selected, *They Shoot Horses, Don't They?*, is set in a depression era dance marathon, so I dug up a couple of movies from the 30's that have dance marathons in the plot: *Hard to Handle* (in which James Cagney bilks people with scam marathons) and Blind Date.


Because we had access to so many premieres, I was able to fit one of the movies that you generally only see on the Fox Movie Channel, the wonderful *Call Me Madam* with Ethel Merman. In my book, this is the best of the Fox musicals, and the Irving Berlin score (especially "You're Just in Love") is tops. If you don't have FMC, do yourself a favor and grab the DVD!


You love Kim Novak in *Bell, Book and Candle,* up next, but did you ever see her in 1978's *Just a Gigolo* ? That movie also stars David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich (in her last screen appearance). Afterward, revisit Marlene in *Shanghai Express,* one of her very best, followed by Maximilian Schell's terrific 1984 documentary *Marlene,* in which she is interviewed but would not allow herself to be filmed.


My Star of the Month is Lana Turner, and I picked an evening of four of her soapier roles from the late50's/early 60's. Lana also pops up in one of the shorts that fill out the night.


The next mini-theme is really fun: it's called You Ungrateful Brat! Each of the the next three films features (in small roles) the child of a legend who wrote a nasty tell-all book about their famous parent. You can glimpse Christina "Mommie Dearest" Crawford in the Elvis movie *Wild in the Country*; Bing's son Gary Crosby ("Going My Own Way") appears with Elvis in *Girl Happy*; and Bette Davis' daughter B.D. Hyman ("My Mother's Keeper") appears as next door neighbor Liza Bates in *What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?*


For the afternoon, I went with three RKO films based on literary classics, all enjoyable and almost never programmed: *Little Men* (with Kay Francis), the terrific *Becky Sharp* (with Miriam Hopkins), and *Anne of Green Gables* (with Anne Shirley). Anne Shirley is the name of the lead character in *Anne of Green Gables,* and the actress playing her (originally acting under the name Dawn O'Day) liked the name so much she adopted it for her career. It's also Anne Shirley's birthday today, so we're following it with three other Shirley films, including the very best one, *Stella Dallas.*


Time for Time Travel! I went for the smart apes and the stupid stooges. Who knew the Three Stooges were involved in time travel TWICE?


For TCM Underground we're dabbling in illicit substances tonight. Check out the bizarre acid drama *The Big Cube* with Lana Turner, followed by one of the strangest movies ever made, *The Mystery of the Leaping Fish.* This 1916 (!) silent film features Douglas Fairbanks, a superstar in his day, as a drug addicted detective named Coke Ennyday. The movie plays his drug addiction for laughs, and it genuinely is unsettling. Enjoy! Then get clean with Frank Sinatra in *The Man with the Golden Arm* and Susan Hayward in *I'll Cry Tomorrow.*


Next to get the career-span look is Fred MacMurray, with the marvelous *Hands Across the Table* (co-starring Carole Lombard) paired with the Disney goof *Charley and the Angel.*


It's happy birthday Hayley Mills, so your afternoon will involve twins who switch places, mischievous cats who solve crime, stern nuns, and finally troubled newlyweds.


We hit the home stretch with The Essentials: *Mrs. Miniver,* tagged by the sequel *The Miniver Story* and *The Best Years of Our Lives.*


And the week ends with *Los Angeles Plays Itself,* a 2003 documentary that is an in-depth and fascinating look at real-life locations of classic Hollywood films, taking you to the real stairs that Laurel and Hardy climbed with the piano in *The Music Box", to the observatory where Sal Mineo is killed in *Rebel without a Cause*, and more. Remember the interesting office building where Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson work in *Double Indemnity*? That's the Bradbury Building --- a building which also starred in *Chinatown, Marlowe, D.O.A., Wolf,* and *Blade Runner!* This is a really beautiful movie, as much a love letter to L.A. as it is a documentary.


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Just checking out the competition ;).


ChipHeartsMovies- *From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler*, *Just a Gigolo*, *The Big Cube*, *The Mystery of the Leaping Fish*...I love your schedule! Kubrickbuff & movieman1957's schedules are looking good too.


All I have left to program is Saturday night- does anyone know if there's a link somewhere to a list of all the films that have been featured in 'The Essentials'??

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I don't think there is a link. Kyle would know for sure. However a few weeks ago in another thread we listed all the SOTM, the SUTS and The Essentials. I hope one of these days to convince TCM to make these stickys so they are easily found and available to all who post here.


In the meantime here is a list of the Films that have appeared on *The Essentials*


*The Essentials with Rose McGowan (2008-2009):*

3/8/2008 *The Apartment*

3/15/2008 *The Music Box/Sons of the Desert*

3/22/2008 *The Bad and the Beautiful*

3/29/2008 *The Great Escape*

4/5/2008 *All About Eve*

4/12/2008 *The Night of the Hunter*

4/19/2008 *The Misfits*

4/26/2008 *Paper Moon*

5/3/2008 *Rebecca*

5/10/2008 *Now, Voyager*

5/17/2008 *Seven Brides for Seven Brothers*

5/24/2008 *Paths of Glory*

5/31/2008 *Psycho*

6/7/2008 *Fanny*

6/14/2008 *A Face in the Crowd*

6/21/2008 *Seven Samurai*

6/28/2008 *The Spiral Staircase*

7/5/2008 *3:10 to Yuma*

7/12/2008 *The Postman Always Rings Twice*

7/19/2008 You Can't Take it With You

7/26/2008 The Bad and the Beautiful

8/2/2008 Modern Times

8/9/08 Swing Time




*The Essentials with Carrie Fisher (2007-2008)*

3/10/2007 Breakfast at Tiffany's


3/17/2007 Hud


3/24/2007 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


3/31/2007 Fear Strikes Out


4/7/2007 That Touch of Mink


4/14/2007 The Great Dictator


4/21/2007 Roman Holiday


4/28/2007 The Adventures of Robin Hood


5/5/2007 The Producers


5/12/2007 My Fair Lady


5/19/2007 Ball of Fire


5/26/2007 The African Queen


6/2/2007 Take the Money and Run


6/9/2007 King Kong


6/16/2007 Harvey


6/23/2007 The Lost Weekend


6/30/2007 Dodsworth


7/7/2007 Topper


7/14/2007 Sorry, Wrong Number


7/21/2007 Pride and Prejudice




*The Essentials with Molly Haskell: (2006-2007)*

3/11/2006 The Hustler


3/18/2006 The Quiet Man


3/25/2006 Brief Encounter


4/1/2006 Duck Soup


4/8/2006 Winchester '73


4/15/2006 Imitation of Life ('59)


4/22/2006 The Four Feathers


4/29/2006 A Place in the Sun


5/6/2006 Gilda


5/13/2006 Ride the High Country


5/20/2006 Top Hat


5/27/2006 From Here to Eternity


6/3/2006 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


6/10/2006 Sunset Boulevard


6/17/2006 The Thin Man


6/24/2006 Black Narcissus


7/1/2006 Gone With the Wind


7/8/2006 Kiss Me Deadly


7/15/2006 Foreign Correspondent


7/22/2006 The Maltese Falcon


7/29/2006 Jezebel


8/5/2006 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


8/12/2006 Written on the Wind


8/19/2006 The Manchurian Candidate


8/26/2006 Gunga Din



*2005/2006 (with Peter Bogdanovich)*

hence all the Cary Grant features and the screwball comedies


(Repeat showings removed)

3/5/2005 The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

3/12/2005 The Lady from Shanghai

3/19/2005 Adam's Rib

3/26/2005 The Band Wagon

4/2/2005 North by Northwest

4/9/2005 His Girl Friday

4/16/2005 Grand Illusion

4/23/2005 Out of the Past

4/30/2005 Swing Time

5/7/2005 To Have and Have Not

5/14/2005 Arsenic and Old Lace

5/21/2005 Gaslight

5/28/2005 They Were Expendable

6/4/2005 The Lady Eve

6/11/2005 The Big Sleep

6/18/2005 Vertigo

6/25/2005 Steamboat Bill, Jr.

7/2/2005 White Heat

7/9/2005 It Should Happen to You

7/16/2005 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

7/23/2005 The Magnificent Ambersons

7/30/2005 The Merry Widow

8/6/2005 Fort Apache

8/13/2005 His Girl Friday

8/20/2005 The Shop Around the Corner

9/3/2005 Mogambo


1/7/2006 The Awful Truth

1/14/2006 Some Came Running



*2004/2005 season listings (Sidney Pollack - Season Two)*


4/3/2004 Rear Window (1954)

4/10/2004 High Noon (1952)

4/17/2004 Annie Hall (1977)

4/24/2004 Dr. Strangelove (1963)

5/1/2004 Singin' in the Rain (1952)

5/8/2004 Random Harvest (1942)

5/15/2004 The Day of the Jackal (1973)

5/22/2004 Tootsie (1982)

5/29/2004 The Red Badge of Courage (1951)

6/5/2004 Papillon (1973)

6/12/2004 Spellbound (1945)

6/19/2004 The Quiet Man (1952)

6/26/2004 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

7/3/2004 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

7/10/2004 Doctor Zhivago (1965)

7/17/2004 Some Like It Hot (1959)

7/24/2004 Citizen Kane (1941)

7/31/2004 To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

8/7/2004 The Lion in Winter (1968)

8/14/2004 Casablanca (1942)




*A partial list compiled for the 2003/2004 season -

2003/2004 (with Sydney Pollack - Season One)*


The Wild One (11/2)

The Magnificent Seven (11/9)

Guys and Dolls (11/16)

Touch of Evil (11/23)

2001: A Space Odyssey (11/30)


(December is missing)


1/4/2004 Pillow Talk

1/11/2004 A Star is Born ('54)

1/18/2004 Strangers on a Train

1/25/2003 The Shop Around the Corner

2/1/2004 Lawrence of Arabia

2/8/2004 The Apartment

2/15/2004 An American in Paris

2/22/2004 The Best Years of Our Lives

2/29/2004 The Bridge on the River Kwai

3/7/2004 Rebel Without a Cause

3/14/2004 Bringing Up Baby

3/21/2004 Notorious

3/28/2004 On the Waterfront



*And some titles from early 2003 -

2003 (with Rob Reiner - Season Two)*


I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (January 5)

The Caine Mutiny (January 12)

Mildred Pierce (January 19)

Ninotchka (January 26)

Rocky (February 2)

The Defiant Ones (February 9)

West Side Story (February 16)

Sweet Smell of Success (February 23)



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ChipHeartsMovies, another excellent schedule from you.


The Joan of Arc tribute is great, and something I would definitely watch.


I've heard of Veronika Voss but never seen it, so it would be another definite for me.


"First Talking Appearances by Silent Film Stars" is a brilliant idea, one that I hope TCM picks up on.


And so many other great choices throughout the week (picking Hayley Mills is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, which is probably when I saw most of her films when I was a kid).


Terrific job.

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6:00AM *So This Is Paris* ? Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller (1926, Warner Brothers) 80 min

7:30AM *So This Is College* ? Elliott Nugent, Robert Montgomery (1929, MGM) 98 min

9:15AM *So This Is Africa* ? Wheeler & Woolsey (1933, Columbia) 61 min

10:16AM *(Short) - So This Is Harris!* (1933, RKO) 28 min

10:45AM *So This Is Washington* ? Lum & Abner (1943, RKO) 64 min

11:49AM *(Short) - A Dream Comes True* (1935, Vitaphone) 8 min

12:00PM *So This Is Love* - Kathryn Grayson, Merv Griffin (1953, WB) 101 min


1:45PM *Painting the Clouds with Sunshine* ? Dennis Morgan, Virginia Mayo (1951, WB) 87 min

3:15PM *The Las Vegas Story* ? Jane Russell, Victor Mature (1952, RKO) 88 min

4:45PM *Meet Me in Las Vegas* ? Dan Dailey, Cyd Charisse (1956, MGM) 112 min

6:45PM *Crashing Las Vegas* ? Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall (1956, Allied Artists) 62 min premiere


8:00PM *A Woman's Vengeance* ? Charles Boyer, Ann Blyth (1948, Universal) 96 min premiere

9:45PM *The Birds* ? Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy (1963, Universal) 119 min p/s

11:48PM *(Short) - Searchers for a Special City* (1965, Kaleidoscope Films) 9 min


12:00AM *The Heart of an Outlaw* ? James Kirkwood, Marion Leonard (1909, Biograph)

12:15AM *The Broken Locket* ? Frank Powell, Mary Pickford (1909, Biograph) 11 min

12:30AM *The Hoodlum* - Mary Pickford, Ralph Lewis (1919, Biograph) 78 min

1:51AM *(Short) - The Gibson Goddess* (1909, Biograph) 6 min


2:00AM *Nella citt? l'inferno* ? Anna Magnani, Giulietta Masina (1959, Francinex) 106 min

4:00AM *The Fugitive Kind* ? Anna Magnani, Marlon Brando (1959, UA) 119 min p/s





6:00AM *Steel Against the Sky* ? Lloyd Nolan, Alexis Smith (1941, WB) 67 min

7:45AM *The Constant Nymph* ? Charles Boyer, Joan Fontaine (1943, WB) 112 min

9:45AM *The Doughgirls* ? Ann Sheridan, Alexis Smith (1944, WB) 102 min

11:30AM *Always Together* ? Robert Hutton, Joyce Reynolds (1947, WB) 78 min

12:48PM *(Short) - So You Want to Be in Pictures* (1947, WB) 11 min

1:00PM *Whiplash* ? Dane Clark, Alexis Smith (1948, WB) 91 min

2:31PM *(Short) - Alice in Movieland* (1940,WB) 22 min

3:00PM *One Last Fling* ? Alexis Smith, Zachary Scott (1949, WB) 65 min

4:15PM *Any Number Can Play* ? Clark Gable, Alexis Smith (1949, MGM) 112 min

6:15PM *Split Second* ? Stephen McNally, Alexis Smith (1953, RKO) 85 min

7:40PM *(Short) - Inflation* (1942, MGM) 17 min


8:00PM *Skyscraper Souls* ? Warren William, Maureen O?Sullivan (1932, MGM) 99 min

9:45PM *The Match King* ? Warren William, Lilli Damita (1932, First National) 79 min

11:15PM *Employees' Entrance* ? Warren William, Loretta Young (1933, First National) 75 min

12:33AM *(Short) - A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio* (1935, Vitaphone) 10 min

12:45AM *Under 18* ? Marian Marsh, Anita Page (1931, WB) 80 min

2:15AM *Bedside* ? Warren William, Jean Muir (1934, First National) 66 min

3:21AM *(Short) - The Making of a Great Motion Picture* (1936, WB) 7 min

3:30AM *The Firefly* ? Jeanette MacDonald, Allan Jones (1937, MGM) 131 min

5:31AM *(Short) - How I Play Golf No. 7* (1931, Vitaphone)





6:00AM *Grand Slam* ? Paul Lukas, Loretta Young (1933, First National) 67 min

7:15AM *The Gay Divorcee* ? Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers (1934, RKO) 107 min

9:02AM *(Short) - George Hall and His Orchestra* (1936, Vitaphone) 11 min

9:15AM *Born to Dance* ? Eleanor Powell, James Stewart (1936, MGM) 106 min

11:01AM *(Short) - Paree, Paree* ? Dorothy Stone, Bob Hope (1934, Vitaphone) 21 min

11:30AM *Anything Goes* ? Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman (1936, Paramount) 92 min premiere

12:32PM *George Hall and His Orchestra* (1936, Vitaphone) 11 min

12:45PM *Rosalie* - Nelson Eddy, Eleanor Powell (1937, MGM) 123 min

2:48PM *(Short) - Artie Shaw and His Orchestra* (1939, Vitaphone) 10 min

3:00PM *Woman Against Woman* ? Virginia Bruce, Mary Astor (1938, MGM) 61 min

4:15PM *Broadway Melody of 1940* ? Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell (1940, MGM) 102 min

6:00PM *Kiss Me Kate* ? Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson (1953, MGM) 109 min

7:49PM *(Short) - Borrah Minnevitch and His Harmonica School* (1942, WB) 10 min


8:00PM *Sunset Blvd.* ? William Holden, Gloria Swanson (1950, Paramount) 110 min p/s

10:00PM *The Star* ? Bette Davis, Sterling Hayden (1952, Fox) 89 min premiere

11:45PM *What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?* ? Bette Davis, Joan Crawford (1962, WB) 132 min

2:00AM *Sweet Bird of Youth* ? Geraldine Page, Paul Newman (1962, MGM) 120 min

4:15AM *The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone* ? Vivien Leigh, Warren Beatty (1961, WB) 104 min p/s





6:00AM *Little Nellie Kelly* ? Judy Garland, George Murphy (1940, MGM) 98 min

7:38AM *(Short) If I Forget You* (1940, MGM) 8 min

7:45AM *For Me and My Gal* ? Judy Garland, George Murphy (1942, MGM) 104 min

9:30AM *Presenting Lily Mars* ? Judy Garland, Van Heflin (1943, MGM) 104 min

11:15AM *The Clock* ? Judy Garland, Robert Walker (1945, MGM) 90 min


12:45PM *Ziegfeld Follies* ? Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball (1946, MGM) 110 min

2:45PM *The Ice Follies of 1939* ? Joan Crawford, James Stewart (1939, MGM) 82 min

4:15PM *Blondie of the Follies* ? Marion Davies, Robert Montgomery (1932, MGM) 91 min

5:46PM *(Short) - Jitterbug Follies* (1939, MGM) 9 min

6:00PM *The Goldwyn Follies* ? Adolphe Menjou, The Ritz Brothers (1938, Samuel Goldwyn Company, The) 115 min


8:00PM *Sweet Music* ? Rudy Vall?e, Ann Dvorak (1935, Warner Brothers) 100 min

9:45PM *Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood* ? Abbot & Costello (1945, Universal) 83 min p/s

11:15PM *High Society* ? Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra (1956, MGM) 111 min

1:15AM *Kiss Me, Stupid* ? Dean Martin, Kim Novak (1964, MGM) 125 min

3:30AM *Pennies from Heaven* ? Bing Crosby, Madge Evans (1936, Columbia) 81 min

5:00AM *(Short) - That Goes Double* ? Russ Columbo (1933, WB) 20 min

5:30AM *MGM Parade*





6:00AM *The Show of Shows* ? Frank Fay, John Barrymore (1929, WB) 128 min

8:15AM *Eternal Love* ? John Barrymore, Camilla Horn (1929, UA) 71 min premiere

9:30AM *A Royal Romance* ? William Collier Jr., Pauline Stark (1930, Columbia) 66 min

10:45AM *Panama Flo* ? Helen Twelvetrees, Robert Armstrong (1932, RKO Path?) 72 min

12:00PM *Are You Listening?* ? William Haines, Madge Evans (1932, MGM) 73 min

1:45PM *Two Kinds of Women* ? Miriam Hopkins, Phillips Holmes (1932, Paramount) 75 min premiere

3:00PM *The Saddle Buster* ? Tom Keene, Helen Foster (1932, RKO Path?) 59 min

4:00PM *The Past of Mary Holmes* ? Helen MacKellar, Eric Linden (1933, RKO) 70 min

5:10PM *(Short) - Nothing Ever Happens* (1933, Vitaphone) 19 min

5:30PM *Man of Action* ? Tim McCoy, Caryl Lincoln (1933, Columbia) 60 min

6:30PM *Galloping Romeo* ? Bob Steele, Doris Hill (1933, Monogram) 60 min premiere

7:30PM *Festival Of Shorts*


8:00PM *Turn Back the Clock* ? Lee Tracy, Mae Clarke (1933, MGM) 79 min

9:30PM *Brigadoon* ? Gene Kelly, Van Johnson (1954, MGM) 108 min

11:30PM *The Undead* ? Pamela Duncan, Richard Garland (1957, AIP) 71 min premiere

12:45AM *The Three Stooges Meet Hercules* ? The Three Stooges (1962, Columbia) 89 min

2:20AM *(Short) - The Old Grey Hare* (1944, WB) 7 min

2:30AM *The Boy and the Pirates* ? Charles Herbert, Susan Gordon (1960, UA) 82 min

4:00AM *The Time Machine* ? Rod Taylor, Alan Young (1960, MGM) 103 min

5:45AM *(Short) - Can You Imagine* (1936, Vitaphone) 10 min





6:00AM *Varsity Show* ? Dick Powell, Ted Healy (1937, WB) 80 min

7:30AM *Love, Honor and Behave* ? Wayne Morris, Priscilla Lane (1938, WB) 71 min

8:45AM *Brother Rat* - Priscilla Lane, Wayne Morris (1938, WB) 89 min

10:15AM *Yes, My Darling Daughter* ? Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn (1939, WB) 86 min

11:45AM *Dust Be My Destiny* ? John Garfield, Priscilla Lane (1939, WB) 88 min

1:15PM *The Roaring Twenties* ? James Cagney, Priscilla Lane (1939, WB) 104 min

3:00PM *Brother Rat and a Baby* - Priscilla Lane, Wayne Morris (1940, WB) 87 min

4:30PM *Fun on a Weekend* - Eddie Bracken, Priscilla Lane (1947, United Artists) 93 min premiere

6:15PM *Bodyguard* ? Lawrence Tierney, Priscilla Lane (1948, RKO) 75 min

7:30PM *(Short) - Swingtime in the Movies* (1938, Warner Brothers) 20 min


8:00PM *Speedy* ? Harold Lloyd, Ann Christy (1928, Paramount) 86 p/s

9:30PM *Playing Around* ? Alice White, Chester Morris (1930, First National) 66 min

10:45PM *Slightly Dangerous* ? Lana Turner, Robert Young (1943, MGM) 94 min

12:20AM *(Short) - Caught Plastered* (1931, RKO) 7 min

12:30AM *Has Anybody Seen My Gal?* ? Rock Hudson, Piper Laurie (1952, Universal) 88 min premiere


2:00AM *The World's Greatest Sinner* - Timothy Carey, Gil Barreto (1962, Frenzy Productions) 82 min

3:30AM *Run Home Slow* ? Mercedes McCambridge, Linda Gaye Scott (1965, Emerson Film Enterprises) 75 min

4:45AM *The Terror of Tiny Town* ? Billy Curtis, Yvonne Moray (1938, Columbia) 62 min

5:47AM *(Short) Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys* (1944, WB) 11 min




*One Hour With You*

6:00AM *Shoulder Arms* ? Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance (1918) 46 min

6:46AM *(Short) The Grand Dame* (1931, Vitaphone) 9 min

7:00AM *Women in Prison* ? Wyn Cahoon, Margaret Armstrong (1938, Columbia) 59 min

8:00AM *The Crash* ? Ruth Chatterton, George Brent (1932, First National) 58 min

9:00AM *Before Dawn* ? Stuart Erwin, Dorothy Wilson (1933, RKO) 60 min

10:00AM *Big Hearted Herbert* ? Aline MacMahon, Guy Kibbee (1934, WB) 59 min

11:00AM *Woman in Distress* ? May Robson, Irene Hervey (1937, Columbia) 58 min


12:00PM *Anna Karenina* ? Greta Garbo, Frederic March (1935, MGM) 95 min

1:45PM *A Tale of Two Cities* ? Ronald Coleman, Elizabeth Allan (1935, MGM) 128 min

4:00PM *Frenchman's Creek* ? Joan Fontaine, Arturo de C?rdova (1944, Paramount) 110 min premiere

6:00PM *The Court Jester* ? Danny Kaye, Glynis Johns (1955, Paramount) 101 min

7:46PM *(Short) - Knighty Knight Bugs* (1958, WB) 6 min


8:00PM *Separate Tables* ? Deborah Kerr, Rita Hayworth (1958, UA) 100 min

10:00PM *Sweet Smell of Success* ? Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis (1957, UA) 96 min

11:45PM *Marty* ? Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair (1955, UA) 91 min

1:30AM *The Devil's Disciple* ? Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas (1959, UA) 83 min

3:00AM *Take a Giant Step* ? Johnny Nash, Estelle Hemsley (1959, UA) 100 min

4:45AM *The Florentine Dagger* ? Donald Woods, Margaret Lindsay (1935, WB) 69 min

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June 7th ? 13th, 2009


Sunday- So this is my schedule! Starting with *Vegas movies*, a *Jessica Tandy 100th birthday tribute* (I wish I could have made it all day, but she didn?t make enough films), and the *100th anniversary of Mary Pickford?s screen debut*. Why don?t I have a time listed for her first short? Here?s the deal- it?s been restored by the Museum of Modern Art, but they are notoriously stingy with their film holdings, and I don?t think it?s ever been publicly screened. Hopefully, for an important milestone like this, they would lease it to TCM. From innocent little Mary, we move to a ?Women In Prison? film with *Anna Magnani & Giulietta Masina* for TCM Imports.


Monday- An all day *Alexis Smith birthday tribute* followed by a night featuring my *Star Of The Month, Warren William*. Was anyone in the Pre-code era a slimier guy (on screen)? I don?t think so.


Tuesday- *Cole Porter* is probably my favorite classic songwriter, so programming his birthday tribute was a real treat. For the past few years TCM has spotlighted minorities in film during the month of June, and I chose a mostly silent minority- *aging actresses*. In my fantasy TCM world (don?t we all have one?), Charles Bush, who I seriously think should be the next Essentials co-host, would co-host the series. The highlight of this night is the premiere if *The Star* with Bette Davis.


Wednesday- Judy, Judy, Judy! A day filled with musical films leads into a night filled with films about musicians.


Thursday- From 1922 to 1934, the [WAMPAS Baby Stars campaign |http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAMPAS_Baby_Stars] served as an important tool to break actresses into the realm of stardom, and though many of them became huge stars, just as many were stuck in B westerns before giving up (and marrying producers ;) ), as is reflected in the varied programming on this day. Now would be a good time for me to thank filmlover for allowing us all those premieres (thanks, filmlover!). Time Travel night is pretty random, but notable for the premiere of the Roger Corman classic *The Undead*.


Friday- *Priscilla Lane?s birthday* facilitates the premiere of the hilarious *Fun On A Weekend*. Primetime highlights films with wild soda shop scenes/wild soda shop employees. The Underground dredges up some rarely seen films scored by *Frank Zappa* (every time I see the title *Run Home Slow*, it cracks me up).


Saturday- I wanted to program 24 films in 24 hours, but it didn?t work out, so you just get 6 in 6 hours. *Basil Rathbone?s birthday* tribute contains the premiere of the colorful *Frenchman?s Creek*, and The Essentials features *Separate Tables* (thanks to lzcutter and ydobon for help with this one) and other Hill-Hecht-Lancaster Productions.

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Filmlover, thanks for the kind words. I missed a couple of Challenges due to a work conflict, I am happy to be back.


Isn't it interesting that the George Melies version of the story of Joan of Arc ( *Jeanne d'Arc* ) PRECEDED her being canonized? I guess I just always thought a Saint was a Saint. Of the four movies I picked, she was "Saint Joan" in the three later ones, but was "Jeanne d'Arc" in the first. That's right --- there were movie bios of her BEFORE she was a saint!


TCM Programming Challenge #11: Entertaining AND Educational!

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pancakes barbara, a superb schedule. "So this is...," Jessica Tandy's 100th birthday, Mary Pickford, the Warren William films (I've always liked him...gad, what does that make me if you think he was a sleaze?), the Wampas Baby Stars of 1929, and so much more. I especially like the way you tied in the "Old Grey Hare" cartoon into your time travel section.


Great job!

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Things are really getting hot and heavy here tonight with all these schedules. (Unfortunately, it's the only "hot and heavy" I am indulging in this Saturday night.)


Keep the schedules coming, everybody. You have until September 30th to get your own in.

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Well, as everyone else gets their schedules in, I've been inspired to create a new theme regarding my lateness.


Kubrickbuff, love Claudette Colbert as SOTM, Preston Sturges, and Francois Truffaut.


pancakes_barbara, I'm thrilled that we didn't use the same film in our time travel segment. Love the Follies, Cole Porter tribute, aging actresses, and baby stars of 1929.


And Chip, not much to say but WOW! I guess you've been saving up your ideas. First talkies by silent stars, Ann Miller, ungrateful brats, underground, and orphans. *Sally in Our Alley* ? You got me there. In my first challenge, I looked for a fourth film to go with *Big City* , *Three Men and a Baby* , and *The Three Godfathers* , but gave up the idea. And bonus points for including *Big City* , too!

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Movieman -- could there be a better title than *Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President?* And I love the David Niven films, he's a star we all often overlook.


Kubrickbuff -- a schedule packed with Preston Sturges AND Claudette Colbert would be a very TCM-packed week for me! (By the way, *Midnight* finally came out on DVD, but with zero extras --- inexpensive though).


Pancakes Barbara -- so many inspired choices! Jessica Tandy, Mary Pickford, Warren William, and especially the Wampas Baby Stars. (And *Terror of Tiny Town* -- I always want to pair that little gem with *Bugsy Malone.*


What fun!

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