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>Because I just know that everyone is dying to hear what I have to say.




You don't know how much :) Another great schedule. Some terrific themes and great selections. More than anything else it is wonderful to see your name again.





What a terrific job. I don't remember if this is your first schedule or not but you've done very well. You have some very clever themes and it is well crafted. So glad you joined in.

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Sorry that I am a few hours late chiming in on the two new schedules, but I had to work very late last night and when I got home I was so tired fell asleep on the couch in a sitting position...all - night - long. Woke up there about 5 AM. Ouch. Just so anxious to head in again in this morning.


But, first to the schedules...

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ILRM, great schedule.


The tweaking you did with the time travel theme was fun.


The Dean tribute would be good to see, and I enjoyed the Six Degrees idea.


And the family movie day appeals to me, ending with one of my favortites, Bye Bye Birdie.


Wonderful work, so glad to see your schedule.

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sugarpuss, it is so funny but I was thinking for the next time around I mighthave Aline MacMahon as my Star of the Month. I get such a kick out of her in those early WB films. Glad to see you got to her first.


I'd love to see the 1927 "Chicago."


Just when someone thinks there are no more ideas for themes in this world, you come along with an excellent one based on balloons. But, what, no "Around the World in 80 Days"? Gasp!


And the "A Salute to Working Girls" would be a great day of programming on TCM. Heck, it would be a great theme of the month.



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As I wrote in a different thread, I am stunned you chose someone other than Ray Milland as your "SOTM". I was really looking forward to seeing what I expected to be your favorite Milland movies. So your choice of Jean Arthur was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.


You've put together a wonderful week of TCM Programming and included some great films too. Bravo for scheduling *Letter From An Unknown Woman* as your Essentials selection. What an inspired choice. I completely understand your desire for a "new" little brother - who we all had the "pleasure" to meet in here a few weeks ago. Plus, between your "Guest Programmer" selections and the films lying around your living room, I think alot of people would enjoy hanging out at your house and watching a movie with you.


You've done good, ILRM. And that you don't even have TCM on your television makes even more spectacular.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, I had a little pony and his name was Chief.

But now he's on the menu as barbecued beef."

*F. McGee*

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There's nothing that I look forward to more than reading a sugarpuss "Challenge Schedule" - especially when I wasn't expecting to see one. I knew I was in for a treat.


I heartily approve your Television Anthology Night with both *Marty* and *Requiem...* - two films I admire and whose "originals" I've always been curious to see. (But I don't think I'll like Steiger or Palance better than Borgnine or Quinn.)


I'm kicking myself for not thinking of *Time Bandits* for my still-to-be-seen Time Travel evening. What a great selection. Though I am wondering about this dichotomy towards "little people". *Time Bandits* = good. *Under The Rainbow* = bad. (And *Under The Rainbow* is defintely "bad".)


And big cheer for digging out some Henry Morgan films.


He was always the best part of "I've Got A Secret" - and the only guy on the show without a creepy "butch" crew cut. (Childhood trauma of my own.) Plus I think he was completely exhasperated by Betsy Palmer - as was I.


I'd like to have a night of Carl Reiner films on TCM co-hosted with Mr. Reiner. Maybe with him and his son. (Now _there's_ an idea for a TCM series. Carl & Rob Reiner. Garry and Penny Marshall. Gena Rowlands and Nick Cassavettes. So Mr. Brown, if additional "Under The Influence" episodes don't work out...)


Thanks for taking part again. And thanks for coming around again. I've missed Miss O'Shea. I should probably quote Richard "ill" but won't be that sappy.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, I had a little pony and his name was Chief.

But now he's on the menu as barbecued beef."

*F. McGee*

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Hi Kyle:


I saw the Palance version of "Requiem" before I saw Quinn's. I thought he was very good. Ed Wynn I think plays the trainer's part and that was unusual but interesting. Sometimes those things can be which one you saw first. When I saw the one with Quinn it was hard no to make comparisons.



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> {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote}

> You should be excited as it is very good schedule. The fact that it is the first one makes it even more impressive. I think this my seventh one and I wish I'd come up with some things as clever as yours.



Oh, that is very kind! But I LOVED yours! Jack Lemmon was a great choice! And I loved your "Pairs" thing. I was going to do that too until I saw your schedule! And the science one was also great! And I loved the idea of "The Fun Side Of Divorce"!

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Kyle, that would be very interesting to see Carl Reiner host a night of his movies, because he is such a funny, entertaining person to watch. I have seen him on docu/commentaries about *"The Dick Van Dyke Show"* (my absolute favorite show in the universe!) and he is great! Just really fun to watch and listen too.

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We're doing really great. Seven schedules so far and still almost two weeks left. (Of course, I am starting to tap my toe impatiently by now, hlywdkjk and lzcutter, wondering when you are going to get yours in.)


Thanks so far to:









To all who haven't yet submitted a schedule, you still have until midnight PST on Septemeber 30th to do so. Remember, this is open to all members here on the TCM message board. For information on how to do it, see the very first post in this thread.

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I forget to look at the Challenge thread for one day and look at all that happens- goodness!




*Blink And You'll Miss Him*, *Jean Arthur*, *The Women* (my favorite movie), and *Letter From An Unknown Woman* (which I've been wanting to see forever)- what a great schedule, especially for someone who doesn't have access to TCM. I especially love the *Lombard & the Mustaches* theme.




First of all, it's great to see you back- we've never chatted here, but I enjoyed your blog immensely, and still occasionally check it for updates.


Second of all, your schedule is just too, too divine! *Bellissima, The Greeks Had a Word For Them, Aline MacMahon, Manicurists & Automats* (two of my pet favorite movie themes), the *Anthology Drama* theme...A first rate schedule all the way!

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*"I have seen on docu/commentaries about "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (my absolute favorite show in the universe!) and he is great! Just really fun to watch and listen too."* - ILRM


In a Challenge Schedule many editions ago, I had "Robert Petrie, Head Writer of The Alan Brady Show" as a Guest Programmer. I scheduled four films that are referenced on episodes of "The Dick Van Dyke Show".

If you're interested, see "Page 3" here -



Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, I had a little pony and his name was Chief.

But now he's on the menu as barbecued beef."

*F. McGee*

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> {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}

> ILRM -


> As I wrote in a different thread, I am stunned you chose someone other than Ray Milland as your "SOTM". I was really looking forward to seeing what I expected to be your favorite Milland movies...




Just for you Kyle, here is what a night of Milland movies might look like.....



8:00PM *The Lost Weekend* (1945) Ray Milland, Jane Wyman---Paramount 101min p/s

9:45PM *Dial M For Murder* (1954) Ray Milland, Grace Kelly---Warner Bros. 105min

11:45PM *The Big Clock* (1948) Ray Milland, Charles Laughton---Paramount 95min p/s

1:30PM *The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing* (1955) Ray Milland, Farley Granger, Joan Collins---Fox 109min *Premiere*

3:30PM *Easy Living* (1937) Jean Arthur, Ray Milland---Paramount 88min p/s

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> In a Challenge Schedule many editions ago, I had "Robert Petrie, Head Writer of The Alan Brady >Show" as a Guest Programmer. I scheduled four films that are referenced on episodes of "The >Dick Van Dyke Show".



LOL! That's great! When I saw that link the first thing I thought of was "You slept through *The Gun's Of Navarone* ?"

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Not the Sunnyside of the Street


6:00AM *Side Street* 1949 Farley Granger, Cathy O?Donnell D: Anthony Mann MGM 84m

8:30AM *Mystery Street* 1950 Ricardo Montalban, Sally Forrest D: John Sturges MGM 94m

10:15 *The Street with No Name* 1948 Richard Widmark, Mark Stevens D: William Keighley 20th Century Fox 91m p/s


Out of the Past: Matt?s Netflix Rental History


12:00PM *The Big Clock* 1948 Ray Milland, Maureen O?Sullivan D: John Farrow Paramount 95m

1:45PM *Decoy* 1946 Jean Gillie, Edward Norris D: Jack Bernhard Monogram 77m

3:00PM *Illegal* 1955 Edward G. Robinson, Nina Foch D: Lewis Allen WB 90m

4:30PM *They Live by Night* 1949 Farley Granger, Cathy O?Donnell D: Nicholas Ray RKO 95m


6:15PM *Whirlpool* 1950 Richard Conte, Gene Tierney D: Otto Preminger 20th Century-Fox 97m


Kung Fu Grip Karloff


8:00PM *Mr. Wong, Detective* 1938 Boris Karloff, Maxine Jennings D: William Nigh Monogram 70m

9:15PM *West of Shanghai* Boris Karloff, Beverly Roberts D: John Farrow WB 65m

10:30PM *The Mask of Fu Manchu* Boris Karloff, Lewis Stone D: Charles Vidor.Brabin MGM 67m

SHORT: *Hong Kong ?The Hub of the Orient?* James A. Fitzpatrick MGM 7m


Silent Sunday Nights


12:00AM *Boston ***** 1923 William Russell, Eva Novak D: Scott R. Dunlap Fox 63m

1:15AM *Crooked Alley* 1923 Thomas Carrigan, Laura La Plante D: Robert F. Hill Universal 64m


TCM Imports


2:30AM *Le Samourai* 1967 Alain Delon, Nathalie Delon D: Jean-Pierre Melville Filmel Cicc 95m

4:15AM *Zatoichi* 1968 Shintaro Katsu, Shiho Fujimura D: Kimiyoshi Yasuda Daiei Motion Picture Co.



Monday, September 24, 2012


The Credited and the Uncredited: Birthday Tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald


6:00AM *Red-Headed Woman* 1932 Jean Harlow, Chester Morris D: Jack Conway MGM 79m

7:30AM *A Yank at Oxford* 1938 Robert Taylor, Maureen O?Sullivan D: Jack Conway MGM 100m

9:30AM *Three Comrades* 1938 Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan D: Frank Borzage MGM 100m

11:30AM *Marie Antoinette* 1938 Norma Shearer, John Barrymore D: W.S. Vandyke Loew?s 160m

2:30PM *The Women* 1939 Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell D: George Cukor MGM 133m

4:45PM *Raffles* 1938 David Niven, Olivia de Havilland D: Sam Wood Howard Prod. 72m

6:00PM *The Last Time I Saw Paris* 1954 Van Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor D: Richard Brooks MGM 116m


The Four Seasons


?It?s up to your knees out there!?



8:00PM *Ten Little Indians* 1966 Hugh O?Brian, Shirley Eaton D: George **** Tenlit Films 92m


?Spring is here! Why doesn?t the breeze delight me??


9:45PM *Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever* 1939 Mickey Rooney, Ann Rutherford D: W.S. Van Dyke II MGM 87m


?The summer wind came blowin? in from across the sea ??


11:15PM *The Devil and Miss Jones* 1941 Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn D: Sam Wood RKO 92m


?The autumn weather turns the leaves to flame ? ?



1:00AM *The Trouble with Harry* 1956 John Forsythe, Shirley MacLaine D: Alfred Hitchcock Paramount 99m


Six More Weeks of Winter


2:45AM *The Road to Utopia* 1946 Bing Crosby, Bob Hope D: Hal Walker Paramount 90m

4:15AM *The Thing* 1951 Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan D: Christian Nyby RKO 89m


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Juliet Prowse?s Birthday


6:00AM *Can-Can* 1960 Frank Sinatra, Juliet Prowse D: Walter Lang 20th Century-Fox 134m


William Faulkner?s Birthday


8:30AM *Today We Live* 1933 Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper D: Howard Hawks MGM 115m

10:30AM *Gunga Din* 1939 Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen D: George Stevens RKO 119m

12:30PM *Drums Along the Mohawk* 1939 Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert D: John Ford 20th Century-Fox 103m

2:15PM *The Big Sleep* 1946 Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall D: Howard Hawks WB 113m

4:15PM *To Have and Have Not* 1945 Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall D: Howard Hawks WB 101m

6:00PM *Mildred Pierce* 1945 Joan Crawford, Jack Carson D: Michael Curtiz WB 113m


If It?s Tuesday, It Must Be Time Travel



8:00PM *Dr. Who and the Daleks* 1966 Peter Cushing, Jennie Linden D: Gordon Flemyng Amicus Prod. 85m


9:30PM *Daleks ? Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.* 1967 Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins D: Gordon Flemyng Amicus Prod. 84m

11:00PM *A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur?s Court* 1949 Bing Crosby, Rhonda Fleming D: Tay Garnett Paramount 107m

1:00AM *Du Barry Was a Lady* 1943 Red Skelton, Lucille Ball D: Roy Del Ruth MGM 96m


Back to the Future


2:45AM *Things to Come* 1936 Raymond Massey, Ralph Richardson D: William Cameron Menzies London Film Prod. 96m


4:30AM: *Army of Darkness* 1992 Bruce Campbell, Patricia Tallman D: Sam Raimi Dino De Laurentis 81m


Wednesday, September, 26, 2012


George Gershwin?s Birthday


6:00AM *The Barkleys of Broadway* 1949 Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers D: Charles Waters MGM 109m

8:00AM *Ziegfeld Follies* 1946 Fred Astaire, Judy Garland D: Vincente Minnelli MGM 110m

10:00AM *Lullaby of Broadway* 1951 Doris Day, Gene Nelson D: David Butler WB 92m

11:45AM *Tea for Two* 1950 Doris Day, Gordon MacRae D: David Butler WB 97m

1:30PM *Funny Face* 1957 Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn D: Stanley Donen Paramount 103m

3:15PM *Rhapsody in Blue* 1945 Robert Alda, Joan Leslie D: Irving Rapper WB 139m

5:45PM *The Glenn Miller Story* 1954 James Stewart, June Allyson D: Anthony Mann Universal 116m


Remakes: Martin & Lewis Style


8:00PM *Scared Stiff* 1953 Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis D: George Marshall Paramount 108m

10:00PM *The Ghost Breakers* 1940 Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard D: George Marshall Paramount 82m

11:30PM *Living It Up* 1954 Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis D: Norman Taurog Paramount 95m

1:15AM *Nothing Sacred* 1937 Carole Lombard, Fredric March D: William Wellman Selznick Int?l 75m

2:30AM *You?re Never Too Young* 1955 Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis D: Norman Taurog Paramount 103m

4:15AM *The Major and the Minor* 1942 Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland D: Billy Wilder Paramount 100m


Thursday, September 27, 2012


Monogrammed Junglewear


6:00AM *Bomba, the Jungle Boy* 1949 Johnny Sheffield, Peggy Ann Garner D: Ford Beebe Monogram Prod. Inc. 71m

7:15AM *Bomba on Panther Island* 1949 Johnny Sheffield. Allene Roberts D: Ford Beebe Monogram 75m

8:30AM *Bomba and the Hidden City* 1950 Johnny Sheffield, Sue England D: Ford Beebe Monogram 71m

9:45AM *The Lost Volcano* 1950 Johnny Sheffield, Marjorie Lord D: Ford Beebe Monogram 76m

11:15AM *The Lion Hunters* 1950 Johnny Sheffield, Ann Todd D: Ford Beebe Monogram 75m

12:30PM *Elephant Stampede* 1951 Johnny Sheffield, Donna Martell D: Ford Beebe Monogram 71m

1:45PM *African Treasure* 1952 Johnny Sheffield, Laurette Luez D: Ford Beebe Monogram 70m

3:00PM *Bomba and the Jungle Girl* 1952 Johnny Sheffield, Karen Sharpe D: Ford Beebe Monogram 70m

4:15PM *Safari Drums* 1953 Johnny Sheffield, Barbara Bestar D: Ford Beebe Monogram 71m

5:30PM *The Golden Idol* 1954 Johnny Sheffield, Anne Kimbell D: Ford Beebe Monogram 71m

6:45PM *Killer Leopard* 1954 Johnny Sheffield, Beverly Garland D: Ford Beebe Monogram 70m


Star of the Month: Robert Mitchum


8:00PM *The Racket* 1951 Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan D: John Cromwell RKO 90m

9:30PM *Where Danger Lives* 1950 Robert Mitchum, Faith Domergue D: John Farrow RKO 84m

11:00PM *The Big Steal* 1949 Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer D: Don Siegel RKO 71m

12:15AM *His Kind of Woman* 1951 Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell D: John Farrow RKO 120m

2:15AM *Pursued* 1947 Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright D: Raoul Walsh WB 101m

4:00AM *One Minute to Zero* 1952 Robert Mitchum, Ann Blyth D: Tay Garnett RKO 105m


Friday, September 28, 2012


Happy Birthday Peter Finch


6:00AM *The Pumpkin Eater* 1964 Peter Finch, Anne Bancroft D: Jack Clayton Romulus Films 110m p/s

8:00AM *The First Men IN the Moon* 1964 Peter Finch, Martha Hyer D: Nathan Juran Columbia 103m p/s

9:45AM *Girl With Green Eyes* 1964 Peter Finch, Rita Tushingham D: Desmond Davis Woodfall Films 91m p/s

11:30AM *In the Cool of the Day* 1963 Peter Finch, Angela Lansbury D: Robert Stevens MGM 91m p/s

1:15PM *Far From the Madding Crowd* 1967 Peter Finch, Julie Christie D: John Schlesinger MGM 169m


Joyeux Anniversaire Brigitte Bardot!


4:15PM *Contempt* 1964 Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance D: Jean-Luc Godard Embassy Pictures 103m p/s


Bon Compleanno Marcello!


6:00PM *La Notte* 1962 Marcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau D: Michelangelo Antonioni Nepi Film 120m p/s


Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: Film Noir Friday



8:00PM *Too Late For Tears* 1949 Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Kennedy D: Byron Haskin United Artists 100m

9:45PM *Tension* 1949 Richard Baseheart, Cyd Charisse D: John Berry MGM 95m

11:30PM *Shadows in the Night* 1944 Warner Baxter, Nina Foch D: Eugene J. Forde Columbia 67m

12:45 *Just Before Dawn* 1946 Warner Baxter, Adelle Roberts D: William Castle Columbia 67m


TCM Underground


2:00AM *Witchfinder General* (1968) Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy D: Michael Reeves American Int?l Prod. p/s 87m

3:30AM *Shatter* (1976) Stuart Whitman, Ti Lung D: Michael Carreras Hammer Films Prod./ Shaw Brothers Ltd 90m


5:00 AM *Little Orphan Annie* 1932 Mitzi Green, Edgar Kennedy D: John Robertson RKO 60m


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Kids Get in Free


6:00AM *The Master of Ballantrae* 1953 Errol Flynn, Beatrice Campbell D: William Keighley WB 89m

8:30AM *Invaders from Mars* 1953 Helena Carter, Arthur Franz D: William Cameron Menzies National Pictures Corp. (public domain) 80m

10:00AM *Affairs of Cappy Ricks* 1937 Walter Brennan, Lyle Talbot D: Ralph Staub Republic Pictures Corp. (public domain) 60m

11:00AM *Small Town Boy* 1937 Stuart Erwin, Joyce Compton D: Glenn Tryon Grand National Films, Inc. (public domain) 61m

12:15PM *The Hound of the Baskervilles* 1959 Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee D: Terence Fisher Hammer Films Prod. 84m

1:45PM *Wonder Man* 1945 Danny Kaye, Virgina Mayo D: Bruce Humberstone RKO 98m

3:30PM *A Chump at Oxford* 1937 Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy D: Alf Goulding UA 63m

4:45PM *Toby Tyler* 1960 Kevin Corcoran, Henry Calvin D: Charles Barton Disney 96m

6:30PM *Andy Hardy Meets Debutante* 1940 Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland MGM 89m


Happy Birthday Trevor Howard


The Essentials:

8:00PM *The Third Man* 1949 Joseph Cotton, Orson Welles D: Carol Reed London Film Prod. Ltd 105m

9:45PM *I See a Dark Stranger* 1945 Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard D: Frank Laudner Individual Pictures Ltd. 98m p/s

11:15PM *Green For Danger* 1946 Trevor Howard, Alastair Sim D: Sidney Gilliat Independent Prod. 91m p/s

1:00AM *Run for the Sun* 1956 Richard Widmark, Trevor Howard D: Roy Boulting UA Corp. 99m p/s

2:45AM *Pickup Alley* 1957 Trevor Howard, Anita Ekberg D: John Gilling Columbia 92m

4:30AM *Brief Encounter* 1945 Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard D: David Lean Cineguild 86m p/s

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I liked the time travel idea so much that I scheduled mine a bit into the future. I wanted to do Trevor Howard?s birthday and since it?s the 29th of September, I had to go to 2012 just so it landed in a week that wasn?t half Sept., half October so I could stick to the rules. I couldn?t go any further than that since the Mayans say there is no future after 2012.


Silent Sunday is two Boston **** silents, and two imports featuring samurais with a twist.


My Four Seasons theme cuts into Osborne?s intro scene. As he walks towards the camera to introduce the theme and movie, a sample of those lyrics plays and fades. Preferably, Sinatra singing his versions of those songs. The movies were chosen because of a scene or scenes that exemplify those seasons. I don?t believe this version of Ten Little Indians has ever been shown on TCM. It has a great opening scene with a Currier & Ives-like sleigh ride, but with this snazzy, upbeat jazz track.


Finally, an excuse to watch Cushing?s Dr. Who movies on TCM. Thanks, filmlover.


I always wished that TCM would show these Martin & Lewis movies back-to-back with the originals.


Saturday is my usual kiddie fanfare.


Message was edited by: MattHelm


Message was edited by: MattHelm

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Well done, Matt. Monogrammed Junglewear? Brilliant! Now I can't die until I've seen a Bomba movie. Love the Gershwin and Faulkner days, the Martin and Lewis remakes, Four Seasons, and Saturday morning's nice variety. Your Underground sounds interesting too. Welcome back.

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I ADORE your schedule Matt!!!!!


You have so many of my absolute favorites in it! Ray Milland, Sinatra, Bob Hope, Hitchcock, Gershwin, and Fred and Ginger!!!



I have to say I love the "Seasons" theme! Absolutely brilliant!


Now, if this was a real schedule and I actually had TCM this would be a pretty cool week to watch!



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Glad you felt inspired to do a schedule!


I wasn't aware there were silent Boston Blackies, but I want to see them!!!


The "Kids Get in Free" reminds me of my youth (except we had to pay) and I would very much like to see "Toby Tyler" again.


Some nice days with tributes to authors Faulkner and Fitzgerald, and British actors Finch and Howard.


The only way I could see for you make your schedule any better is to take that one Bardot film and program a whole day of her. (Sigh....)


And you end with one of my favorite films, "Brief Encounter."


Great job!

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