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What a bunch of shirkers of one's civic responsiblity. If "paid jury duty" is part of one's employee benefits, one has no "real" excuse for "getting out" of jury duty. And definitely no right to criticize the state of the judicial system.


Just sayin' ...


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, I had a Belgian Rabbit and I named him "Little Flair".

He was very introspective. What you'd call an ingrown hare."

*F. McGee*

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I never tried to get out of jury duty, Kyle! Just joking around. I'm currently sweating out a two-year wait on federal jury duty. I just think some people seem to be called a *lot* more than others. Between my brother and I, we have *at least* twenty jury summons. Most people I know have *never* been called.


As for the state of the judicial system, I'm firmly against trial-by-jury. Not joking there. My peers are a bunch of idiots.


Now get to work on your schedule. *The Amazing Race* starts next week!

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I was just kidding Kyle. I actually had a heinous ear infection and bronchitis and really couldn't hear in stereo. But the only reason I would try and get out of it is because when teachers are out, the kids go nuts on the subs and as good as a lot of subs are, you know the kids aren't going to really get anything done. I was out for a workshop the other day and my kids who are very well disciplined with me, became little fiends. I heard lots of complaints about them from all over the school. The sub just let them run amok. I don't even call in when I'm sick because a week's worth of stuff can be undone in just one day.

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Two down, three to go.


We sat through the orientation and roll call, at which point the commissioner of jurors told us to wait ten minutes before the questioning of prospective jurors would begin. Ten minutes turned into about 30, and finally the commissioner of jurors came out and told us that the case had been settled when the two parties realized that the reality of a trial was actually upon them. (I think it's that they saw me and realized they didn't want a jury. ;-) )


I still have to call in to the county courthouse every evening this week to find out if they need jurors the next day, but they didn't need any for today, and there's another half of the juror pool that hasn't had to go in yet. So it's looking a good deal less likely that I'll end up on a jury.


Now to finish my Programming Challenge schedule....

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*Now to finish my Programming Challenge schedule....*


Hurrah! Nearly all of mine have ended the same way. Last year I had to drive through raging floodwaters in my tiny car to municipal court, where more than likely some idiot wanted to argue a speeding ticket. I walked in soaking wet to learn that they settled earlier that morning. Phone call to tell me not to show up? No. Sorry for the inconvenience? No. Compensation? No. The experience? Priceless...

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Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) in "Casablanca": "The politics of the world are not my department. I run a TCM Programming Challenge. Lay off politics or get out."


We were doing great, folks, eight terrific schedules so far, and then we had a page of jury duty. Time to get this back on track to the schedules. Time is going by...tick tick tick. Midnight PST on September 30th is the deadline for getting the schedules posted.


Remember what they sang in "Gypsy": "Your schedules will be swell! They'll be great! Starting here. Starting now. Do it for Mama!"

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> Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) in "Casablanca": "The politics of the world are not my department. I run a TCM Programming Challenge. Lay off politics or get out."


On the bright side, I am not responsible for the missing strawberries. :-)


(My schedule is slowly but surely coming together....)

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I bet you love puppies too. I, on the other hand, have almost the experience I need to win this challenge. The fact that it applies if you take Lynn, Kyle, Fedya, MattHelm and Sugarpuss out of the equation should have no bearing on anyone's vote for me.


You have your shirt but I'm trying to get a "Word Of Mouth" spot between a trailer and a "TravelTalks" short.

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*...now every candidate will want to have an opportunity.*


I only want to take the opportunity to ask that no one vote for me. Really. I just enjoy the Challenge. Leadership isn't my style (how many threads have I started?), so I have little desire to be the moderator. And my amateur status would be sullied by the acceptance of a gift. :-)

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LOL! Well, I hope you win!


I am totally joking about winning! I don't think that I should, being that this is only my first schedule! But I hope SOMEONE votes for me (at least one person!) because otherwise it will look pretty stupid...LOL!


Anyways, I couldn't resist posting the shirt....which by the is actually for sale on Amazon!

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Well, everybody out there...are you going to sit back and just let "Boss Ray" Milland and "Honest Matt" Helm try to steal the election? Submit a schedule. Make them sweat about the outcome.


The September 30th deadline is coming up...Tuesday night at midnight PST. Still time to enter. See the rules in the 1st post of this forum.

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I know you were joking and are kind to wish me winning however, I have a streak to maintain. I am at least a six time loser and would hate to mess it up. (I did win a DVD in an earlier challenge though.)




There is still time and if I, loser that I am, can do a schedule so can everyone. It is great fun and can give you a fine appreciation fot not only what the programmers do but also your fellow posters. There is time for a few more. Keep 'em coming.

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"My Friends..."


These as grave times in the nation. People are concerned about their finances and their futures in this, the most extraordinary country in the world. And I believe now is not the time to play "programmer" when circumstances are so dire and when the stakes are so high.


It is times like these that a bartender is needed most. So, with that in mind, I have decided to suspend my Challenge work until further notice so I can devote all my energies and expertise to ensuring that no banker, broker or billionaire is left suffering when there is such need out there. I feel this is my patriotic duty in such _sobering_ times .


Kyle (In the "pour house") In Hollywood


"Ooohh, there was a little polecat whose life was poorly spent.

When his father died he found himself cut off without a (s)cent."

*F. McGee+

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My fellow Americans,


Kyle in Hollywood's policies promote little more than massive public drunkenness, and will result in the [susan Haywards|http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0039840/] of the world nearly burning their children to death.


Kyle in Hollywood: Wrong for children. Wrong for America.


I'm *Fedya*, and I approve this message

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Sunday, June 7th:


The Little Miss


6:00 A Little Miss Broadway (1947) Jean Porter, Dir. Arthur Dreifuss Col, 76 mins

Premiere #1

7:30 A Little Miss Marker (1934) Adolphe Menjou, Dir. Alexander Hall, Par, 80 mins

8:45 A Little Miss Nobody ( 1939) Jane Withers, Dir.John Blystone, Fox, 65 mins

Premiere #2

10:00 A Little Miss Bug (1946) Beverly Simmons, Dir. Erle C. Kenton, Univ. 60 mins.

Premiere #3

11:00 A Little Miss Thoroughbred (1938) Ann Sheridan Dir. John Farrow , WB, 65mins


The Bigs Have It

12:00 P Big Hand for a Little Lady (1966), Joanne Woodward, Dir. Fiedler Cook, WB, 95 mins.

2:00 P The Big Steal (1949) Robert Mitchum, Dir. Don Siegel, RKO, 71 mins

3:30 P The Big House (1930) Chester Morris, Dir. George W. Hill, MGM, 87 mins

5:00 P The Big Sleep (1946), Humphrey Bogart, Dir. Howard Hawks, WB, 116 mins

7:00 P The Big Heat (1953), Glenn Ford, Dir. Fritz Lang, Columbia, 89 mins.


Silent Sunday Nights

9:00 P The Farmer?s Wife (1928) Jameson Thomas, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, BIP 129 mins

11:15 P The Lodger (1927) Marie Ault, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, Gainsborough, 101 mins


TCM Imports

1:00 A Stromboli (1950) Ingrid Bergman, Dir. Roberto Rossellini Fox 81 mins

2:30 A Attila (1954) Sophia Loren, Dir. Pietro Francisci, Lux Films 100 mins

3:45 A Contempt (1963), Bridget Bardo, Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, Embassy, 123 mins



Monday, June 8th


Character Actresses Extraordinaire

6:00 A Let Us Be Gay (1930) Marie Dressler, Dir. Robert Leonard, MGM 79 mins

7:30 A The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) Jane Darwell, Dir. William Wellman, Fox 75 mins

9:00 A No, No, Nanette (1940) Eve Arden, Dir. Herbert Wilcox, RKO, 96 mins

11:45 A The Mating Season (1951) Thelma Ritter, Dir. Mitchell Leisen, Par, 101 mins

1:30 P Tomorrow the World (1944) Agnes Moorehead, , Dir. Leslie Fenton, UA, 86 mins

3:00 P Tennesse Johnson (1942) Marjorie Main, Dir. William Dieterle, WB, 103 mins

4:45 P In This Our Life (1942) Hattie McDaniel, Dir. John Huston, WB, 97 mins

6:30 P The Actress (1953) Mary Wickes, Dir.Charles Cukor, MGM, 90 mins,


Star of the Month: Edna May Oliver

8:00 P Cimarron (1931) Edna May Oliver, Dir. Wesley Ruggles, RKO, 131 mins

10:15 P Anne Vickers (1933) Edna May Oliver, ,Dir. John Cromwell, RKO, 76 mins

11:30 P Murder on a Honeymoon (1935) Edna May Oliver, Dir. Lloyd Corrigan, RKO, 74 mins

12:45 A No More Ladies (1935) Edna May Oliver, Dir. Edward Griffith, MGM, 80 mins

2:15 A Rosalie (1937) Edna May Oliver, Dir. WS Van Dyke, MGM, 123 mins

4:30 A We?re Rich Again (1934) Edna May Oliver, Dir. William Seiter, RKO, 75 mins.



TUESDAY, June 9th


What Were They Thinking?

6:00 A Golden Dawn (1930) Noah Berry, Alice Gentle Dir. Ray Enright, WB, 83 mins m

7:45 A Cleopatra (1963) Elizabeth Taylor. Dir. Joe Mankiewicz, Fox, 243 mins

12:00 P Heaven?s Gate (1980) Kris Kristofferson, Dir. Michael Cimino, UA, 149 mins

2:45 P Can?t Stop the Music (1980) Valerie Perrine, Dir. Nancy Walker, EMI, 120 mins

Premiere #4

5:00 P Star! (1968). Julie Andrews, Richard Crenna, Dir. Robert Wise, Fox, 175 mins.


Stop The Presses: Journalism on Film

8:00 P The Front Page (1931) Pat O?Brien Adolphe Menjou, Dir. Lewis Milestone, UA 101 mins

9:45 P Five Star Final (1931) Edward G. Robinson, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, First National/WBros, 89 mins

11:15 A Foreign Correspondent (1940) Joel McCrea, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, UA, 120 mins

1:15 A All the King?s Men (1949) Broderick Crawford, Dir. Robert Rossen, Columbia 109 mins

3:00 A Call Northside 777 (1948) James Stewart, Dir. Henry Hathaway, Fox 111 mins Premiere #5

4:45 A Charlie Chan on Broadway Warren Oland, Dir. Eugene Ford, 1937, 68 mins


WEDNESDAY, June 10th:


]Summer?s Here: Road Trip!

6:00 A A Modern Musketeer (1917) Douglas Fairbanks, Sr, Dir. Allan Dwan, Kino, 65 mins

7:30 A It Happened One Night (1930) Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Dir. Frank Capra, Col, 105 mins

9:30 A Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956) Dan Dailey, Dir. Roy Rowland, MGM 112 mins

11:30 A It Happened at the World?s Fair (1963) Elvis Presley, Dir. Norman Taurog, MGM, 105 mins

1:15 P The Palm Beach Story (1933) Claudette Colbert Dir. Preston Sturges, Paramount, 90 mins

2:45 P Charlie Chan in Reno (1939) Sidney Toler, Dir. Norman Foster, Fox, 70 mins

Premiere #6

4:15 P Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1939) Sidney Toler, Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone, Fox, 75 mins

6:00 P San Francisco (1936) Clark Gable, Dir WS Van Dyke, MGM, 115 mins


Where the Devil am I? Some Most Excellent Adventures

8:00 P Time Bandits (1981) Sean Connery, Dir. Terry Gilliam, AvcoEmbassy, 116 mins Premiere #7

10:00 P Time After Time (1979), Malcolm McDowell, Dir. Nicholas Meyer, WBros, 112 mins

12:00 A Planet of the Apes (1968) Charlton Heston, Dir. Franklin Schaffner, Fox, 112 mins. Premiere #8

2:00 A Bill and Ted?s Excellent Adventure Keanu Reeves, Dir. Stephen Herek, Orion, 90 mins. Premiere #9



THURSDAY, June 11th


Buddy, Buddy

6:00 A Wild Boys of the Road (1933) Frankie Darro, Dir. William Wellman WB 69 mins

7:30 A The Irish in Us (1935) James Cagney, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WB, 85 mins

9:00 A Rain Man (1988) Tom Cruise Dir. Barry Levinson, UA, 140 mins

11:30 A Sullivan?s Travels (1942) Joel McCrea, Dir. Preston Sturges, Par, 90 mins

1:00 P O Brother Where Art Thou (2000) George Clooney, Dir. Joel Coen,, Uni, 105 mins

2:45 P The Sting (1973) Robert Redford, Dir. George Roy Hill, Univ, 129 mins

5:00 P Midnight Run (1988) Robert DeNiro, Dir. Martin Brest, Uni, 120 mins

7:00 P Block-Heads (1938) Laurel and Hardy, Dir. John G. Blystone, MGM, 57 mins


Stop the Presses: Journalism on Film

8:00 P All the President?s Men (1976) Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Dir. Alan Pakula, WBros, 138 mins

10:30 P Missing (1982) Jack Lemmon, Dir. Costa-Gavras, Univ 122 mins 12:00 A

12:45 A Absence of Malice] (1981) Sally Field, Paul Newman, Dir. Sydney Pollack, Columbia, 116 mins.

2:45 A The Paper (1994) Michael Keaton, Dir. Ron Howard, Univ, 112 mins

4:45 A Meet Nero Wolfe Edward Arnold, Dir. Herbert Biberman (1936) 70 mins



FRIDAY, June 12th


New York, the Empire State


6:00 A King Kong (1933) Fay Wray, Dir. Merian C. Cooper, RKO, 104 mins

7:45 A Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) Cary Grant, Dir. Frank Capra, WB 118 mins

9:45 A Radio Days (1987) Mia Farrow Dir. Woody Allen, MGM, 90 mins

11:15 A My Favorite Year, (1982) Peter O?Toole, Dir. Richard Benjamin, MGM, 92mins

1:00 P On the Town (1949) Gene Kelly, Dir. Stanley Donen, MGM, 98 mins

2:45 P Annie Hall (1977) Diane Keaton, Dir. Woody Allen, UA, 93 mins

4:30 P Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Al Pacino, Dir. Sidney Lumet, WB, 124 mins

6:45 P Mighty Mahattan, New York?s Wonder City Short, 10 mins

6:55 P New York in the 1950s Documentary, Avatar Films, 65 mins

Premiere #10


Friday Night Fright Night: Nuclear Aftermath


8:00 P Watch the Skies (2005) TCM Documentary, Dir. Richard Schickel 56 mins

9:00 P The Thing (1951) Ken Tobey, Dir Christian Nyby, WB,90 mins

10:30 P Them (1954) James Whitmore, Dir. Gordon Douglas, WB 94 mins



One Tin Soldier Rides Away[

12:15 A Billy Jack (1971) Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, Dir. Tom Laughlin, WB, 114 mins

2:30 A The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, Dir. Tom Laughlin, Billy Jack Enterprises, 175 mins


SATURDAY, June 13th


Shadows and Light: Film Noir Saturdays

6:00 A Phantom Lady (1944) Franchot Tone, Dir. Robert Siodmak, Uni, 85 mins

7:30 A Criss Cross (1949) Burt Lancaster, Dir. Robert Siodmak, Univ, 90 mins

9:00 A Deadline at Dawn (1946) Susan Hayward Dir. Harold Churman, RKO, 85 mins


Head 'em Up, Move 'em Out

10:30 A Red River (1948), John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Dir. Howard Hawks, UA, 126 mins

12:45 P The Last Sunset (1961). Rock Hudson, Dir. Robert Aldrich, Univ, 112 mins

2:30 P The Cowboys (1972) John Wayne, Dir. Mark Rydell, WB, 128 mins.

5:00 P The Far Country (1955) James Stewart, Dir. Anthony Mann, Univ, 97 mins

7:00 P Private Screenings: James Garner TCM Original Production 60 mins


Heaven on Earth

8::00 P Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) Robert Montgomery, Dir. Alexander Hall, Col, 93 mins *The Essentials*

10:00 P Heaven Can Wait (1978) Warren Beatty, Dir. Warren Beatty, Para 101 mins

11:45 A A Matter of Life and Death (1946) David Niven, Dir. Michael Powell, Univ, 104 mins

1:45 A Cabin in the Sky (1943) Ethel Waters, Dir. Vincente Minelli, MGM, 98mins

3:30 A The Time of Their Life (1946) Abbott and Costello, Dir. Charles Barton, Uni, 82 mins

5:00 A Private Screening: Shirley McLaine TCM Documentary, 2003, 57 mins


Message was edited by: lzcutter notes to follow in the morning


Message was edited by: lzcutter because I forgot The Essentials (oops!)

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