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*A Hitchcock silent, character actresses, journalism* (probably my favorite movie theme), *heaven on earth,* and a *what were they thinking?* theme (that includes *Star!*, which, even as a big Gertrude Lawrence and Robert Wise fan, I still can not bring myself to watch)- you're schedule is amazing!


And we picked the same week! I've seen that happen in previous challenges, so all us TCM fans must really be on the same brain wave.

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the kudos, I really appreciate it. Before I go off to spend the day with Duke Wayne films at my old alma mater, here are my notes on my schedule.


Notes on my schedule:


For the first time in a long time, I put together a schedule that has nothing to do with the history of film or film preservation.


Filmlover's generous gift of 11 premieres came in very handy.


I wanted to play with the idea of little and big and was surprised to find so many film titles to choose from. On Silent Sunday I went with two early Hitchcock films including *The Lodger*. TCM Imports included films featuring some of the most beautiful women in film.


Where would we be without character actresses? They make the leading woman look good but more often not, they end up stealing the show with just a look or a snappy one-liner. Monday is dedicated to some of the best in the business with a spotlight on the grand dame of them all, Edna May Oliver. I wanted to include *Drums Along the Mohawk* where she is not only sensible and daring but also pretty enough for Ward Bond but looking over her filmography I decided to highlight some of her lesser known movies and roles.


What Were They Thinking? is an homage to films that you watch and you wonder why they got made. No one sets out to make a bad film but they do get made and this is a testament to some of the best or worst depending on where you stand.


Long ago I considered a career in journalism (but my love of film won out). This election season has reminded me of those early dreams. Of course, many of my ideas of what a good reporter was and what they did was shaped by the movies. This is my tribute to them.


The Time Travel evening was fun to program. I have been big fans of *Time Bandits* and *Time After Time* for many, many years. *Bill and Ted* is a major guilty pleasure of mine.


If it's summer, you have to go on a road trip, preferably with a Buddy. Stops along the way include the Grand Canyon (*Modern Musketeer*), a bus trip (*UHON*), Las Vegas, Seattle, Palm Beach, Reno, Honolulu and San Francisco.


Growing up in the shadow of nuclear testing, I love films that feature mutant creatures that either came from the testing grounds or from outer space.


One Tin Soldier is my salute to Billy Jack. *Billy Jack* became a box-office gold mine and should have made a nice little franchise but *The Trial of Billy Jack* shows what goes wrong when you have too much money and not enough talent, despite some good music by Elmer Bernstein.


Saturday is devoted to Film Noir and Westerns.


Saturday evening looks at Heaven on Earth. Films that deal in some way with redemption, heaven and earth. Who better to talk about the possibilities of reincarnation and heaven than Shirley McLaine who has lived a life or two or possibly many more.


*Disclaimer (channeling my best LBJ), I am in this challenge for the fun of doing a schedule and seeing if I am up to the task. I have had the honor of moderating many of the challenges in the past. I would like to recuse my schedule from the voting.*

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Another great schedule from you, which doesn't surprise me because you always turn out such top-notch work.


Having Edna May Oliver for SOTM wins my favor. She is so often the best thing in a movie.


The tribute to Billy Jack would be interesting. I'm just glad you didn't program Billy Jack Goes to Washington.


The Journalists night would be wonderful to see.


Though you have requested that no one vote for you, I would still like to place your schedule in the voting thread when I start that in a few days .I can add a note about not votong if you truly desire no votes

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Very nice, Lynn. Edna May Oliver! Yay! Love "What Were They Thinking?" *Heaven's Gate* , *Can't Stop the Music* (TCM has shown this one?!), and *Star!* all in one place. Excellent. A nice assortment of character actresses. Great buddy films. Somehow from one of your posts I knew you would show *O Brother Where Art Thou* , so I deliberately left it out of my chain gang films.


*...I would like to recuse my schedule from the voting...*


What have I started? :-(

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*Though you have requested that no one vote for you, I would still like to place your schedule in the voting thread when I start that in a few days .I can add a note about not voting if you truly desire no votes*




Thanks for the kind words on my schedule, I really appreciate it. I have no problem with my schedule being in the voting thread as long as you attach the disclaimer or a similar note to it as I am serious about the no votes for me.

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*I would like to recuse my schedule from the voting...


What have I started? *




Thank you for the kudos on my schedule. I had a chance to read over all the schedules once I posted my own and am really excited about the number of people participating in this challenge and the quality of the challenges.


Don't blame yourself for my disclaimer. I've been doing these challenges since the Path40 began them two years ago. (I think it was two years ago). Filmlover has participated in every one of them while I have participated in many of them.


I also, as stated, have had the honor of moderating/hosting the challenge the most times since the inception and would like to step aside and let others enjoy the moderating as much as I have.


I hope that makes sense. It's been a long day of John Wayne films and I'm a bit tired.

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Another great schedule as usual. Many parts of it, especially your Saturday schedule, would keep me in front of the TV. (Probably much to my family's consternation. Of course, if I could get them there with me....)


Not voting for your schedule? Some of the fun is going up against the best and you are certainly in that group.

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IZ....If your schedule is voted the best...that means all the movie-brainiacs on this thread not only appreciate your choices but your knowledege of movies. I liked all of the progamming examples and again feel dissillusionment with my own movie ignorance. (Thanks guys)


I loved the character actress nod!


Please accept these movie experts acknowledgement of your programming, if you do indeed win. As someone who could maybe come up with 2 days of disjointed, overlapping made-up-names and times for movies....you should relish the fact that an entire country would watch YOUR choices for a week. (hypothetically).


All of the programming and thought that went into this challenge blew me away. You all need to apply for the job at TCM.


IZ...I read that you have won the most times...therefore to not vote for you. What?

Baby...if you got it...you got it!!

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*"Not voting for your schedule? Some of the fun is going up against the best and you are certainly in that group."* - movielover1957


Hey, I'm in with Lynn on this one and will also be advocating members to not vote for my schedule. Between she and myself, our schedules have been named the "favorite" five times out of the ten previous editions of the Programming Challenge. (Three for Lynn and two for me.) And while we are both flattered and honored that members respond to our ideas for a week of programming for TCM, we want to ensure others have the opportunity become moderators and bring their unique talents to leading the Programming Challenge.


We like participating and believe that numerous participants is a positive for this exercise in fun. Yet, we also believe that it is important that the moderator position be awarded to as many different people as possible. We don't feel comfortable with the pattern of a few incumbents always coming out on top.


When most of the regulars (and our talented new-comers) have pulled moderator duties once or twice, then we may reconsider. But for the time being, Lynn and I are choosing to be "Challengers Emeritus" believing that the long-term health of the Programming Challenge is better served with us "out of competition".


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, there was a little polecat whose life was poorly spent.

When his father died he found himself

cut off without a (s)cent."

*F. McGee*

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*"Kyle, I am a little confused. I thought by your post a day ago that you wouldn't be doing a schedule this time around."* - filmlover


I guess my satire on suspended Presidential Campaigns didn't come across as too satirical. Yes, I have un-suspended my Challenge work. I'm attempting to put the puzzle pieces together tonight.

(And your "3:00am rule" is giving me heartburn...and sleepless nights!)


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, there was a little polecat whose life was poorly spent.

When his father died he found himself

cut off without a (s)cent."

*F. McGee*

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*LZ...I read that you have won the most times...therefore to not vote for you. What?

Baby...if you got it...you got it >>*




I thank you for the kind words but I stand with Kyle on this one. I love participating in these challenges because they make you be creative in ways you don't normally think of but we really want to spread the wealth around to other participants for awhile.


Putting these schedules together is not always easy but I've had plenty of laurels in the past for my efforts and I want others to know that feeling as well.

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Soundtrack available on [K-Tel|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-tel] Records


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thank God I'm A Country Boy -- John Denver


0600 *The Purchase Price* (1932, WB, 68 min)

0715 *So Big!* (1932, WB, 81 min)

0845 *Hide-Out* (1934, MGM, 81 min)

1015 *The Farmer's Daughter* (1947, 97 min, p/s)

1200 *Cabin In the Cotton* (1932, WB, 78 min)


Grazing in the Grass Is a Gas -- Friends of Distinction


1330 *The Millionaire* (1931, WB, 80 min)

1500 *A Slight Case of Larceny* (1953, MGM, 71 min)

1615 *The Petrified Forest* (1936, WB, 83 min)

Short: Service With a Smile (1934, WB, 17 min)

1800 *The Postman Always Rings Twice* (1946, MGM, 113 min)


The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia -- Vicki Lawrence


2000 *Ocean's Eleven* (1960, 128 min, p/s)

2215 *Wait Until Dark* (1967, WB, 108 min, p/s)


The Sounds of Silence -- Simon And Garfunkel


0015 *The Holy Mountain* (1926, UFA, 106 min) *PREMIERE*


You Light Up My Life -- Debbie Boone


0215 *The Blue Light* (1932, UFA, 70 min) *PREMIERE*


0330 *Young Tom Edison* (1940, MGM, 86 min)

0500 *Lights of New York* (1928, WB, 56 min)


Monday, March 23


The End -- The Doors


0600 *The Last of Mrs. Cheyney* (1929, MGM, 94 min)

0745 *The Last Flight* (1931, WB/First National, 76 min)

0915 *The Last Days of Pompeii* (1935, RKO, 96 min)

1100 *Safety Last!* (1923, 80 min, p/s)

1230 *The Last Gangster* (1937, MGM, 81 min)

1400 *The Last Voyage* (1960, MGM, 91 min)

Short: The Last Installment (1945, MGM, 19 min)

1600 *The Last Angry Man* (1959, Columbia, 100 min)

1745 *The Last Hurrah* (1958, Columbia, 121 min)


Time Passages -- Al Stewart


2000 *Trouble in Paradise* (1932, Paramount, 82 min, p/s) (pages of opera score flipping fast; clock montage)

2130 *Imitation of Life* (1959, Universal, 125 min, p/s) (years superimposed on screen)

2345 *Goodbye Mr. Chips* (1939, MGM, 114 min) (same child actors used discussing historical events of different decades)

0145 *Zardoz* (1974, Fox, 105 min) (time lapse photography) *PREMIERE*

0345 *I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang* (1932, WB, 93 min) (map of various locations main character travels to)

0530 Cartoon Alley: Prehistoric Porky/Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur/Pre-Hysterical Hare


Tuesday, March 24


One Bad Apple -- The Osmonds


0600 *Eve Knew Her Apples* (1945, Columbia, 64 min)

0715 *Lady For a Day* (1933, Columbia, 96 min)

0900 *Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men* (1933, RKO, 73 min)


Mama Told Me (Not to Come) -- Three Dog Night


1015 *Girls on Probation* (1938, WB, 64 min)

1130 *Teenage Crime Wave* (1955, Columbia, 77 min)

1300 *Suspicion* (1941, RKO, 99 min)

1445 *The Bachelor Party* (1957, Hill/Hecht/Lancaster, 92 min, p/s)

1630 *Homicidal* (1961, William Castle, 87 min, p/s)

1800 *Bridge to the Sun* (1961, Cit?, 113 min, p/s)


You Don't Have To Be a Star (To Be in My Show) -- Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.


2000 *Nanook of the North* (1922, Les Fr?res Revillon, 79 min) *PREMIERE*

2130 *La Terra Trema* (1948, 160 min, p/s)

0015 *Place de la R?publique* (1974, 94 min, p/s)

0200 *Killer of Sheep* (1977, 83 min, p/s)

0330 *The Edge of the World* (1937, Rock, 72 min, p/s)

0445 *Grass* (1925, Paramount, 71 min, p/s)


Wednesday, March 25


Unskinny Bop -- Poison


0600 *The Bank Dick* (1940, Universal, 72 min, p/s)

0715 *The Narrow Margin* (1952, RKO, 72 min)

Short: Reducing (1952, MGM, 10 min)

0845 *Saboteur* (1942, Universal, 108 min, p/s)

1045 *The Hucksters* (1947, MGM, 115 min)

1245 *Island In The Sky* (1953, Batjac, 109 min, p/s)

1445 *Make Mine Mink* (1960, Rank, 100 min, p/s)

1630 *Lord of the Flies* (1963, 92 min, p/s)

Short: How've You Bean? (1933, Vitaphone/WB, 18 min)

1830 *Bop Girl Goes Calypso* (1957, 80 min, p/s)


Shining Star -- Earth, Wind, and Fire: TCM Star of the Month Van Heflin


2000 *Till the Clouds Roll By* (1946, MGM, 132 min)

2215 *Airport* (1970, Universal, 137 min, p/s)

0045 *The Strange Love of Martha Ivers* (1946, Paramount, 116 min, p/s)

0245 *BF's Daughter* (1948, MGM, 108 min)

0445 *Kid Glove Killer* (1942, MGM, 74 min)


Thursday, March 26


Birthday -- The Beatles


Sterling Hayden (March 26, 1916)


0600 *Terror In a Texas Town* (1958, UA, 81 min, p/s)

0730 *Battle Taxi* (1955, UA, 82 min)

0900 *5 Steps to Danger* (1957, UA, 81 min)

1030 *The Killing* (1956, 86 min, p/s)


Tenessee Williams (March 26, 1911)


1200 *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof* (1958, MGM, 108 min)

1400 *The Rose Tattoo* (1955, Paramount, 117 min, p/s)

1600 *The Fugitive Kind* (1959, UA, 119 min)

1800 *Summer And Smoke* (1961, Hal Wallis, 118 min, p/s)


Please Release Me -- Englebert Humperdinck


2000 *Crisis* (1950, MGM, 95 min)

2145 *Trial* (1955, MGM, 109 min)

2345 *Bright Road* (1953, MGM, 68 min)

0100 *Callaway Went Thataway* (1951, MGM, 81 min)

0230 *Above Suspicion* (1943, MGM, 91 min)

0415 *The Devil and Miss Jones* (1941, 92 min, Ross-Krasna/RKO)


Friday, March 27


Invisible Touch -- Genesis


0600 *Angels in the Outfield* (1951, MGM, 99 min)

0745 *Gabriel Over the White House* (1933, 86 min)

0915 *Here Comes Mr. Jordan* (1941, Columbia, 94 min)

1100 *The Uninvited* (1944, Paramount, 99 min, p/s)


Don't Leave Me This Way -- Thelma Houston


1245 *Notorious* (1946, RKO, 101 min)

1430 *A Place In the Sun* (1951, Paramount, 122 min, p/s)


You Dropped a Bomb on Me -- The Gap Band


1645 *Green For Danger* (1946, 91 min, p/s)

Short: Blitz Wolf (1942, MGM, 10 min)

1830 *Waterloo Bridge* (1931, Universal, 81 min, p/s)

2000 *Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo* (1944, MGM, 138 min)

2230 *Heaven's Gate* (1981, 219 min, p/s)

Short: London Can Take It! (1940, WB and p/s, 9 min)


TCM Underground


0230 *Panic In Year Zero!* (1962, American International, 93 min) *PREMIERE*

0415 *Damnation Alley* (1977, Fox, 91 min) *PREMIERE*


Saturday, March 28


Borderline -- Madonna


0600 *Espionage Agent* (1939, WB, 83 min)

0730 *Parachute Jumper* (1933, WB, 65 min)

0845 *The Bride Came COD* (1941, WB, 92 min)

1030 *Escape From East Berlin* (1962, MGM, 89 min)

1200 *The Mortal Storm* (1940, MGM, 100 min)

1345 *49th Parallel* (1941, Ortus, 122 min, p/s)

1600 *Lonely Are the Brave* (1962, Universal, 107 min, p/s)

1800 *Man on a Tightrope* (1953, Fox, 105 min) *PREMIERE*


The Happening -- Diana Ross and the Supremes


2000 *The Incident* (1967, Fox, 107 min) *PREMIERE*

2200 *It Happened at the World's Fair* (1962, MGM, 105 min)

Short: It Could Happen to You (1952, MGM, 9 min)

0000 *It Happened to Jane* (1959, Columbia, 97 min)

0145 *It Should Happen To You* (1954, Columbia, 86 min)

0315 *Accidents Will Happen* (1938, WB, 62 min)

Short: It May Happen to You (1937, MGM, 21 min)

0445 *Something Always Happens* (1934, WB/Teddington, 64 min)

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Notes on a schedule:


I decided to do my schedule using (reasonably) well-known songs, mostly from the 1970s and 1980s, as the themes for the mornings and evenings. A lot of them should be fairly obvious.


We start out on Sunday morning with a series of movies set out at least in part on the farm, followed in the afternoon by movies involving service stations, or businesses attached to gas stations.


Before Silent Sunday Nights, we have two movies involving the lights going out, although neither is set in Georgia. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, by a happy coincidence, goes well with the theme for our TCM Import, You Light Up My Life, and the two movies following it. Note that both the silent and the import are Leni Riefenstahl movies.


The End should be obvious. Note that *The Last of Mrs. Cheyney* is the 1929 version starring Norma Shearer, and not the Joan Crawford version.


Monday night sees the "time travel" movies, and I must admit that I warped the space-time continuum a bit for my selections. Rather than using movies that display the typical time travel that we see in, say, *The Time Machine*, I decided to go for a night of movies that show the various cheap plot devices Hollywood has come up with for showing the passage of susbtantial amounts of time (from hours to years) in the space of seconds or about a minute. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember a movie that I knew to use a montage of individual calendar pages from the bank-style calendars (the old ones with a separate page for each day, with the date in extra-large digits) to show the passage of days/weeks/months. Since Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports don't count against the quota of premieres, *Zardoz* counts as Premiere #1. Cartoon Alley is three WB cartoons set in pre-historic times.


For Tuesday morning, One Bad Apple should be obvious; in case anybody doesn't get the inclusion of *Lady for a Day*, May Robson's character is named Apple Annie.


Mama Told Me (Not to Come), the Tuesday afternoon theme, involves people who get involved in things they probably ought not have. The first two movies are movies in which "good" girls get mixed up in crimes involving "bad" girls and their boyfriends. In *Suspicion*, somebody probably ought to have told Joan Fontaine that playboy Cary Grant wasn't the best husband: suspicion_grant.jpg

In fact, he would have killed her if it hadn't been for the studio heads not wanting Grant to be a bad guy. Everybody seems to have regrets about going to *The Bachelor Party*. In *Homicidal*, we learn the lesson that if you're a bellhop and one of the hotel guests offers you a wad of cash to enter into a quickie marriage, it's probably not a good idea. And if you're an American, don't go to Japan in the days after Pearl Harbor, even if your husband is Japanese.


You Don't Have to Be a Star (To Be In My Show) deals with movies in which regular people, and not professional actors, play prominent roles. These range from documentaries like *Grass* and *Place de la R?publique* to neo-realist movies like *La Terra Trema*. The good people of Foula played many of the roles in Michael Powell's *The Edge of the World*. *Nanook of the North* is Premiere #2.


Unskinny Bop has a lot of fat stars, or references to fat characters. We start off with W.C. Fields in *The Bank Dick*. *The Narrow Margin* has the famous quote, "Nobody loves a fat man except his grocer and his tailor", spoken by a particularly fat character blocking Charles McGraw's way. The portly Sidney Greenstreet is one of the stars of *The Hucksters*, which is followed by Andy Devine in a pair of swimming trunks scaring the bejeezus out of all of us in *Island in the Sky*. In *Make Mine Mink*, one of the characters is overweight, and there's a joke about that particular character having crawled through ventilation ducts to free the rest of the cast. *Lord of the Flies* has Piggy, and is followed by one of the talkie shorts Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle did for Warner Brothers. After the Unskinny, we get to the Bop, in the form of the bizarre *Bop Girl Goes Calypso*.


Wednesday night is obvious: Star of the Month Van Heflin.


Thursday, March 26, sees two birthdays celebrated, to the strains of the Beatles' Birthday. (We're not paying Universal for the rights to "Happy Birthday to You", cheap bastards that we are.)


On Thursday night, Please Release Me sees the airing of several movies that seem to be currently unavailable on DVD, but that I think deserve a DVD release.


Invisible Touch should be obvious, with characters most of the cast can't see. For Don't Leave Me This Way, imagine Claude Rains singing it to Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman as they abandon him to his fate at the end of *Notorious*. And imagine Shelley Winters telling Montgomery Clift not to leave her "this way", or else she'll let everybody know the truth about their relationship.


You Dropped a Bomb on Me should be one of the more obvious titles as well, with the last two movies being part of TCM Underground, which don't count against the quota of premieres.


The movies in Borderline for the most part involve crossing borders, or questions of which side of the border people are on (especially in *The Bride Came COD*, when a key plot point is whether everybody is in Nevada or California). *Parachute Jumper* involves smuggling and being shot down by the border patrol, while Kirk Douglas tries to make it to the border with Mexico in *Lonely Are the Brave*. *Man on a Tightrope*, in which Fredric March leads a circus troupe from communist Czechoslovakia to West Germany, is Premiere #3.


There are a lot of movies happening on Saturday night, with the Essential being Premiere #4, *The Incident*.

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Great schedule, Fedya. Love the unreleased movie segment, gas station flicks, the portly guy movies, Sterling Hayden tribute, and a decidedly different take on time travel. And I'm *so* glad to see you didn't pick *Planet of the Apes* as many of us did!


I'll pass on the K-Tel soundtrack, though. ;-)

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Amazing schedule, fedya. All the hits in one schedule (and for one low price!)! I can see TCM doing promos for certain films you picked with the songs you mentioned. The only trouble is now I can't get the songs out of my head as I imagine seeing the clips from the movies.

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Hi, nakano,


Thanks for entering. If you would like to post that extra day in a new post here by itself, I will try to make one complete listing for it when I do up my voting thread. And, yes, Public Domain movies are allowed.


As this is your first entry, I just wanted to mention a couple of things to be altered slightly, some spots missing and a few things to correct, that I think in your reediting of your post that will make it an entry into the contest (remember, the contest closes tonight at midnight and your editing must be accomplished by them). I am sure you can do it and make it excellent.


1. Dec.14th: Per the rules in the my original post, every film day must begin at 6 AM. This is missing one. Also, you have a movie beginning at noon, Tip on a Dead Jockey, that is 98 minutes. The starting time for the next movie would likely be 1:45 or 2:00 at the latest, but you don't have another film listed until 3:00 pm, a gap of at least an hour. And your movie that starts at 4:45 that is listed at 92 min. wouldn't be able to finish by 6:15 when your next movie starts. You should also be programming a movie for 8 PM. After your midnight movie, you have no films listed for the time up to the start of 6AM for the next day's start.


2. Dec. 15th: This is also missing a 6 AM movie. Also, after your 87 min. documentary at 12:15 PM, you have no programming until 5:30 PM. Plus movies would start on the top of the hour, or 15 minutes past, 30 minutes past, or 45 minutes past (example: 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45), so you should probably make A Christmas Carol begin 1:30 AM or 1:45, not 1:35. After the movie ends, there seems to be a time gap of about 2 hours before the next movie starts. You can probably fill in this easily enough, and you should have Blithe SPirit start around 4:15 AM in order to end before 6AM rolls around for the start of the film day for the 16th.


3. Dec. 16th. This is the day you are haviing trouble getting listed, right? List it in a separate post if it would help.


4. Dec.17th: There should be a movie after your 8 PM movie ends at approx. 9:30 or 9:45. You don't a picture listed until 11:30 PM, so it would mean there is about 2 hours of dead air time.


5. Dec. 18th: Like the previous mention, your movie would begin likely at 11:15 AM. not 11:10 AM.. And there is a gap of about 2 hours after your 4:45 PM movie ends before 8 PM starts. Al slight readjustment of programming time should occur in order to have True Confessions end on time before 6 AM rolls round and your Dec. 19th movie, Devotion. should begin at 6 AM.


6. Dec. 19th: The Lefty Lynton movie should start on the 20th at 6 AM, not back at 5:30 AM.


Hope this will help.

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I've been holding off posting my feedback on everyone's schedules so I could just do it all at once. And I know how much everyone was just waiting to hear from me (eyeroll), so...here I go:


(In order of how they were posted)


*movieman1957* - I know I say this every time, but I love your schedules. And I love your themes as well: Just Deserts (ha ha ha) and El Sid are really clever puns. I like the birthday tributes scattered throughout (Marlon Brando, David Niven and Jean Harlow--who I really wish TCM would show more of lately). Noir night is good as well.


*Kubrickbuff* - Right off the bat, I love the Preston Sturges salute as well as the Truffaut mini-marathon later that night. I also enjoy your Hollywood day--all the director documentaries and the Hollywood themed line up that evening. And I enjoy the movies you chose for Claudette's SotM lineup. Great job.


*ChipHeartsMovies* - as always, another fantastic schedule. I'm totally for the lineup of Donen musicals and for the late in his career Minnelli. I'm also really excited to see "The Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" since that's one I've always wanted to see. And I have to say that the theme, "You Ungrateful Brat!" made me laugh.


*pancakes_barbara* - what an interesting and eclectic schedule you came up with. I don't think I've ever commented on your schedules before (I skipped the last challenge), but I really enjoyed reading it. What really caught my eye was the WAMPAS Baby Stars lineup! Interesting. I also like that you did a Priscilla Lane b-day tribute without "Arsenic and Old Lace" (love the film, but I always like a star's lesser known films on their b-day!) Oh! And the "Scored by Frank Zappa" Underground theme is awesome.


*ydobon* - I too would like to see the 1930's version of "Good News" (frankly, I didn't even know one existed!). I love the idea of Ann Sothern as SotM. Her films always put me in a good mood. I also laughed at the theme of "Tougher Challenges Than Ours", the Rabbit films and the Bumbling Thieves lineup (I love "A Fish Called Wanda" so any lineup with that works with me). But the funniest part is the Underground selections - following up "It Lives Again" with "So You Want to be a Babysitter" LOL. Great stuff!


*ILoveRayMilland* - Yay for the Marge and Gower Champion theme, since I really loved them in "Showboat". And I give you major, major kudos for premiering "Has Anyone Seen My Gal?" That's a really fun movie and yes, I did spot James Dean in it. I also like your "First Four Movies that I Saw", "Lovely Ladies that are no Longer With Us" and "Lombard and the Mustaches" themes! Wonderful! It's a very creative and fun schedule.


*sugarpuss* - WOW. What a talented, fun and spectacular girl this "Sugarpuss" is. The best schedule I have EVER SEEN in my entire life. Give her the Nobel Prize for fake TCM Schedules! I shall say no more, since I may ruin the moment if I do. I'm all verklempt.


*MattHelm* - It's nice to see you jumping back into the challenge pool! Lots of interesting themes involving writers - I really liked the F. Scott Fitzgerald and Faulkners' themes (although I never would have guessed that was the link). A big YES to the Gershwin and Peter FInch b-day tributes, Mitchum as SotM, and Film Noir Friday. I love "Tension" and hey look, an Arthur Kennedy movie! Sold!


*lzcutter* - Lots and lots of good stuff in your schedule: Character Actresses, Edna May Oliver as SotM, and a great line-up of Buddy movies. I'd also love to see Journalism as a Spotlight theme since I always enjoy films about newspapers, correspondents, etc. But I have to say, I really enjoyed seeing the Village People movie in your "What Were They Thinking?" line up. That's the only movie I've ever seen to have a catchy song about actual dairy milkshakes.


*fedya* - Like ydobon, I have to pass on the K-Tel soundtrack, but what a great schedule you've come up with. Maybe it's the influence of the songs, but my favorite themes are "Mama Told Me Not to Come" (although I enjoy the Wilson Pickett version), "You've Dropped a Bomb on Me", "Don't Leave Me This Way" and "Borderline". It's a very cleverly put together schedule--and I always admire someone who goes the musical route! Also, I love Van Heflin as SotM.


Everyone did a great job and I have to say, that if any of these schedules were actually turned into reality, I'd singlehandedly keep the dvd+r factories in business. And everyone picked great Star of the Month's. I'm really interested in seeing how the voting turns out. I think I know who I'm going to choose, but hey, there's still time for more schedules to slip in, right?

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