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Also, I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my schedule. I really don't post much on these boards anymore and I check them rather sporadically. But I did want to thank *ydobon* (my head blows up every time I try to type that without looking), *movieman1957*, *filmlover* (I'm glad you like Aline as SotM--I try to pick people who are a bit more "out there", I guess), *Kyle* (so I'm guessing that you didn't care for Betsy Palmer either? I feel less alone in this opinion now!), *MattHelm*, and *pancakes_barbara* for their kind words and feedback. I've always felt that the programming challenge threads are the most supportive ones on the board and I'm glad to see they're continuing in that tradition (although really, we don't need to start holding hands and singing Kumbaya.)


Pancakes_barbara (can I tell you how much I LOVE your username? I have no idea what it's from, but it's fun!), I don't update "The Roadshow Version" anymore (lots of reasons, too neurotic to get into here), but I do have a [personal journal/blog|http://argybargy.livejournal.com/] in which I talk about movies as well as other stuff. Thanks a lot for the compliment though. It means a lot.


And finally, I just want to say kudos to filmlover for holding and moderating a terrific challenge. I had a lot of fun with this schedule as well as reading everyone else's. I can't wait to see who wins this one--although I'm getting confused who and who not to vote for. Help a girl out?

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nakano, if the part of the schedule that you're trying to add to your post has any kind of indentation at the beginning of a line, even one space, it will not show up. Make sure there are no spaces, then try again. In my first Challenge, all of my short films disappeared until I realized my error.

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Nakano, the first schedule is always the hardest to post --- I also had lots of trouble the first time. Don't give up, once it clicks it isn't so difficult. Your schedule was fun and creative, welcome! I think all of us get the most fun seeing the way other film buffs group films, creative themes they come up with, and especially obscure/forgotten/underappreciated films we are turned on to.

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TCM Programming Challenge #11

The "Time Travel" Challenge for the week of February 17^th^ to February 23^rd^.


Kyle In Hollywood presents -


A Celebration of the Arts on Film


Sunday 17^th^ February


Sunday Funnies

3:00am Little Orphan Annie (1932) RKO 70m

4:30am Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939) Col. 67m

5:45am Dick Tracy (1945) RKO / ps 61m

7:00am Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947) RKO 65m

8:15am Gasoline Alley (1951) Col. 77m


"Drill, Drill, Drill"

9:45am Boom Town (1940) MGM 117m

11:45pm Black Gold (1963) WB 99m

1:30pm Giant (1956) WB 198m


===Primetime Hours===

Apocalypse Then (and Now?)

5:00pm American Madness (1932) Col. 76m

6:30pm The Grapes Of Wrath (1940) Fox 124m *PREMIERE*

9:00pm Silent Sunday Nights - Greed (1925) MGM 140m


11:00pm TCM Imports - Viridiana (1962) Kingsley Int'l. p/s 90m

1:30 am The Nun's Story (1959) WB 149m


Monday 18^th^ February


Guy Kibbee as "Scattergood Baines"

3:00am Scattergood Baines (1941) RKO 69m

4:15am Scattergood Meets Broadway (1941) RKO 70m

5:30am Scattergood Pulls The Strings (1941) RKO 69m

6:45am Scattergood Rides High (1942) RKO 66m

8:00am Scattergood Survives A Murder (1942) RKO 66m

9:15am Cinderella Swings It (1943) RKO 71m


Adolph Menjou's Birthday

10:30am Forbidden (1932) Col. 87m

12:00pm Golden Boy (1939) Col. 99m

1:45pm Little Miss Marker (1934) Para. p/s 80m

3:15pm The Front Page (1931) UA p/s 100m


===Primetime Hours===

Performing Arts Week - The Stage

5:00pm Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962) Embassy p/s 174m

8:00pm Death Of A Salesman (1952) Col. 115m

10:00pm A Delicate Balance (1973) American Film Theater p/s 134m

12:30am Auntie Mame (1958) WB 143m



Tuesday 19^th^ February


Performing Arts Week - The Stage cont.

3:00am Romeo And Juliet (1968) Para. p/s 138m

5:30am As You Like It (1937) Fox p/s 96m


It Sounds Like Shakespeare

7:15am Merry Wives Of Reno (1934) WB 64m

8:30am A Comedy Of Terrors (1963) AIP p/s 88m


Berlin After The War

10:00am The Big Lift (1950) Fox p/s 119m

12:00pm Berlin Express (1948) RKO 86m

1:30pm The Devil Makes Three (1952) MGM 89m

3:00pm One, Two, Three (1961) UA p/s 108m


===Primetime Hours===

Performing Arts Week - Opera & Operetta

5:00pm The Beggar's Opera (1953) WB/Imperado 94m

6:45pm The Tales Of Hoffmann (1951) British Lion 138m *PREMIERE*

9:15pm La Boheme (1965) WB 107m

11:15pm The Mikado (1939) Univ. p/s 90m

1:00am Carmen Jones (1955) Fox p/s 107m


Wednesday 20^th^ February


Performing Arts Week - Opera & Operetta cont.

3:00am The Merry Widow (1934) MGM 110m

5:00am The Smiling Lieutenant (1931) Para. p/s 88m

6:30am The Student Prince (1954) MGM 109m


The Universe Must Really Be Infinite

Inexplicable Studio Stardom

Jose Iturbi

8:30am Holiday In Mexico (1946) MGM 127m

Rudy Vallee

10:45am Time Out For Rhythm (1941) Col. 75m

Robert Benchley

12:00pm Snafu (1945) Col. 82m

Kay Kyser

1:30pm Playmates (1941) RKO 96m

Audie Murphy

3:15pm To Hell And Back (1955) Univ. p/s 106m


==Primetime Hours==

Brian Donlevy - Star Of The Month

5:00pm An American Romance (1944) MGM 151m

7:45pm Hangmen Also Die! (1943) UA p/s 131m

10:00pm The Beginning Or The End (1947) MGM 112m

12:00am The Virginian (1946) Para. p/s 87m

1:30am Allegheny Uprising (1939) RKO 81m


Thursday 21^st^ February


RKO's "Radio" Pictures

Amos & Andy

3:00am Check And Double Check (1930) RKO 71m


The Falcon - Tom Conway

4:15am The Falcon Strikes Back (1943) RKO 67m

5:30am The Falcon In Hollywood (1944) RKO 67m


The Saint - George Saunders

6:45am The Saint In Palm Springs (1941) RKO 66m

8:00am The Saint's Double Trouble (1940) RKO 68m


Fibber McGee & Molly

9:15am Here We Go Again (1942) RKO 76m

10:45am Heavenly Days (1944) RKO 72m


The Great Gildersleeve

12:00pm Gildersleeve's Bad Day (1943) RKO 63m

1:15pm Gildersleeve's Ghost (1944) RKO 63m


Lum & Abner

2:30pm The Bashful Bachelor (1942) RKO 77m

3:45pm So This Is Washington (1943) RKO 64m


==Primetime Hours==

Time Travel - It's All In Your Head

5:00pm On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) Para. 130m *PREMIERE*

7:15pm Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) TriStar 105m *PREMIERE*

9:15pm Dead Again (1991) Para. 107m *PREMIERE*

11:15pm Somewhere In Time (1980) Univ. p/s 104m

1:15am A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1949) Para. p/s 107m


Friday 22^nd^ February


The Men Who Made The... Musicals?????

Howard Hawks

3:00am Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Fox p/s 91m


William Wyler

4:45am Funny Girl (1968) Col. p/s 155m


John Huston

7:30am Annie (1982) Col. p/s 128m


Carol Reed

9:45am Oliver! (1968) Col. p/s 153m


George Roy Hill

12:30pm Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) Univ. 138m *PREMIERE*


3:00pm Music For Millions (1945) MGM 117m


===Primetime Hours===

Performing Arts Week - Classical Music

5:00pm Song Of Norway (1970) ABC Pictures 142m *PREMIERE*

7:30pm Young Toscanini (1988) Studio Canal 107m *PREMIERE*

9:30pm Waltzes From Vienna (1934) Gaumont 80m *PREMIERE*

11:15pm TCM Underground Lisztomania (1975) WB 103m

12:45am TCM Underground The Music Lovers (1971) UA 122m


Saturday 23^rd^ February


Performing Arts Week - Classical Music cont.

3:00am Deep In My Heart (1954) MGM 132m

5:15am Song Without End (1960) Col. p/s 145m

7:45am The Great Waltz (1972) MGM 135m

10:00am Song Of Russia (1944) MGM 105m


"Hitchcock In A Box"

Single-Set Hitchcock

11:45am Rope (1948) WB 83m

1:15pm Rear Window (1954) Para. p/s 112m

3:15pm Dial "M" For Murder (1954) WB 105m


===Primetime Hours===

Performing Arts Week - Ballet

5:00pm The EssentialsThe Red Shoes (1948) Rank p/s 134m

7:30pm Maurice Sendak's "The Nutcracker" (1986) Para 89m *PREMIERE*

9:15pm Black Tights (1960/1962) Magna Pictures 120m *PREMIERE*

11:30pm Invitation To The Dance (1956) MGM 93m

1:15am The Unfinished Dance (1947) MGM 100m




Message was edited by: hlywdkjk to fix a release date error.

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Okay Professors Emeritus Lynn and Kyle...I see your point. Spread the joy and therefore the possibility of newbies winning. Heck...I may try next year.


Gotta love you two for the 86ing of the bell curve...where were you in college? Those smarty pants at the top of the perverbial bell curve lowered my self-esteem and grade point average!

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Great schedule, Kyle! I was hoping you would make in before the deadline.


I especially loved the opera and operetta salute. This just goes to show that movies are not just one thing or another.


Your schedule proved that movies can cover so much more.

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Notes For Programming Challenge #11 - Time Travel

(I am going to write this out as I type so it might be a bt incoherent.)


Got this one up with a few hours to spare. What a novel idea!


First, apologies to anyone who has used some of these ideas in previous schedules of their own. I had already tossed Actors who Directed (Thanks 'movieman') and then I had a "Daydreamer" theme too that I put aside when it suddenly showed up on a schedule this time out. Finally, I just thought, "To heck with it. Just post it and let the chips fall where they may." So, if we have seen "Sunday Funnies" or "Radio Stars" or "Scattergood Baines" before, it wasn't intentional.



Put two "topical" themes into the day. I spent too much time watching the American Politics films on TCM this month. And, as I wrote in a different thread, I would like to see *American Madness* again real soon. Actually, everyone should.




How is it that I have never heard of this series starring Guy Kibbee? My curiosity is definitely piqued. I think Guy Kibbee is the quintessential character actor so to have him in an entire series was a surprise find.

I chose February for my week just so I could honor a February birthday celebrant. They always get neglected because of "31 Days..." And Adolph Menjou seemed a good choice.


I've programmed four nights this week celebrating the Arts on Film. And thought it best to start with "The Stage". I chose four films that are very true to their stage roots. (I assume *Death Of A Salesman* is true to the stageplay) yet are interesting films in their own right. Seeing any of these films should give one the feeling of the having seen the play.



Added some Shakespeare (what "stage" event could be successful without it) and it also allowed me to incorporate the films that riff on titles of Shakespeare plays. Other titles that fit such theme include *Romanov and Juliet*, *A Midsummer's Sex Comedy* and Buster Keaton's *Taming Of The Snood*.

Tuesday night we can all get out our opera hats and opera glasses. All of these films were released into theaters and are not just films of stage shows. This evening grew out of the desire to show Powell & Pressberger's *Tales Of Hoffmann*.


*The Beggar's Opera* is a different version of the story used in Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera" and is directed by Peter Brook. It also stars Hugh Griffith and George Rose.


The *La Boheme* on my schedule is directed by Franco Zefferelli.


I chose operas that were "audience friendly" and would be offerings that someone curious to see an opera might like to see. One film that _didn't_ make the schedule is Joseph Losey's *Don Giovanni*. It sounds amazing. And I am no opera buff. I've never seen one. (Unless *The Pirates Of Penzance* counts. Another title that didn't make the schedule. Too bad too.)



I have been long amused by some "actors" who some how had careers in the studio system. How did Iturbi end up working at MGM? The mind boggles.

But Brian Donlevy I get. After seeing *The Great McGinty* last week, I want to see more Donlevy. So I made him my SOTM. And I am very interested in seeing *The Beginning Or The End* about the creation of the atomic bomb.




RKO's "Radio" Pictures is probably the closest I get to a pun in this schedule. And anyone who has seen any of my posts to these Forums in the past month know where the inspiration came from. But I never knew RKO made so many films from radio programs. I also think it is a nice alternative to the RKO "anniversary salute" TCM has planned for October.

I didn't take the time travel theme too literally. Most of these films deal with "past life" and hypnotism but all include scenes of persons travelling back to a previous existence of some sort. And I thank 'filmlover' for the multiple Premieres for this challenge. I couldn't have pulled off this evening without them.



I found it interesting that some of the directors responsible for so many "guy" pictures also ended up tapping into their inner Minnelli and made a musical. But I don't think I could sit through the entire line-up on this day.

Classical Music night mostly covers composers but I wanted to include *Young Toscanini* which stars C. Thomas Howell and Elizabeth Taylor. I have seen a clip from the film and it looks beautiful. (Naturally. It is also directed by Franco Zefferelli.)


*Song Of Norway* is a '70s musical based on the life of Edvard Grieg starring Florence Henderson! *Waltzes From Vienna* is about the life of Johann Straus II and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock!

Placing "Classical Music Night" on Friday allowed me to include two wild bio-pics by Ken Russell in the TCM Underground slots. I wonder if *The Music Lovers* would get past TCM's "Standards & Practices"?




And did you know MGM made a musical on the life of Johann Straus in the '70s starring Horst Bucholz? Neither did I!


"Hitchcock In A Box" is pretty self-explanatory but I don't think TCM has ever shown them in this context.


"Ballet Night" had multiple inspirations. One was to drop the hint of showing a version of "The Nutcracker" on TCM some December. The other was to include *Black Tights* - a film starring Cyd Charisse and was directed by Terrence Young ( *Dr. No* , *Thunderball* , *Wait Until Dark* )



So another one down. It was fun to program multiple nights with one theme. Will TCM ever decide to showcase such "High Brow" fare? I don't know. But virtually all the Arts titles have some bona fide "film" credentials behind them so that even film buffs may have a reason to watch them. I'd certainly find these evenings interesting.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, there was a little polecat whose life was poorly spent.

When his father died he found himself

cut off without a (s)cent."

*F. McGee*

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Another great one, Kyle! Love the whole arts idea, would really like to see TCM try something of that sort. Though the crime/noir folks would complain mightily. "Drill, Drill, Drill". How topical! The radio-to-film idea is a winner, too. "Sounds Like Shakespeare"? :-) I really like the post-war Berlin idea. And I too had the entire Scattergood series in one morning, but chickened out. Great minds... ;-) You should have gone with your daydreamer idea, too, would be interesting to see.


All topped off by a couple of O'Brien films, you might have had my vote. Darn, that's right! You dropped out of the running! ;-)


Great job!

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*"All topped off by a couple of O'Brien films..."* - ydobon


Thanks for noticing. It was fun that they fit into what I had planned. Are they any good?


*"Though the crime/noir folks would complain mightily."*


Boy howdy. Would they ever. But I fear they wouldn't be alone in expressing their anger. And that's too bad.


Thanks for the good words. I appreciate it greatly.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, there was a little polecat whose life was poorly spent.

When his father died he found himself

cut off without a (s)cent."

*F. McGee*

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The TCM Programming Challenge #11 is now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!















I will be starting up the Voting thread in just a bit.

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9 o'clock in the morning is just too early to have You Dropped A Bomb On Me in my head! It sure inspired a great schedule, though, so I guess it's worth it. And although it's embarrassing to admit, I still haven't seen a Leni Riefenstahl film, so those looked especially interesting to me.




Good first try! I think anyone who schedules a morning of John Gilbert talkies has great potentail.




Young Toscanini, Maurice Sendak's "The Nutcracker", The Tales Of Hoffmann (TCM has never shown this?!? I just watched it last week, and it's amazing), La Boheme (Oh, Franco!)...You're entire performing arts theme is amazing! One minor quibble- a post-war Berlin theme without [A Foreign Affair|http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title.jsp?stid=75395]? Wilder is one of my favorite directors, so maybe I'm biased, but that was the first film that came to my mind when I saw the theme.


And you're RKO "radio" theme reminds me- would you be kind enough to recommend me some OTR shows? I'm just starting to listen to them (it started with The Big Show- how I love Tallu!) and all the choices are a little overwhelming...




And I'm not sure if she'll see this, but, *sugarpuss*, my screen name is from The Women, [and, apparently,|http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=129252&start=15&tstart=0]delicous!

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Everyone always does such a great job. Of those I hadn't commented on.....


*MattHelm* - I especially like "The Four Seasons", "Martin & Lewis Remakes" (didn't realize they had done so many) and "Kids Get In Free." I remember at least how Saturday morning movies were geared toward my age when I was growing up. Another good job.


*lzcutter* - Lynn, it seems you and I think a lot alike. The "Buddy Buddy" set is wonderful. I am of the opinion that God made Saturday afternoon for westerns so "Head 'em Up" goes on my calendar.


*fedya* - I love the music theme and I am quite familiar with all the songs except for "Unskinny Bop." Lots of good titles fit very well. Great job.


*kubrickbuff* - Preston Sturges and Claudette Colbert are among my favorites. "Death Penalty" is an interesting topic. Nicely done.


*nakano* - A fine start. You seem as though you'll take to it.

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*Kyle in Hollywood* wrote:


> And did you know MGM made a musical on the life of Johann Straus in the '70s starring Horst Bucholz?


Yes. :-p


(Seriously, I used it in [my schedule for the November 2007 Challenge|http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/click.jspa?searchID=212062&messageID=8017467]. I didn't know about it before then, myself.)

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> {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}

> I have been long amused by some "actors" who some how had careers in the studio system. How did Iturbi end up working at MGM? The mind boggles.


Honestly, Kyle, I do hope you're just being facetious.


Jos? Iturbi was never meant to be an actor when he appeared in MGM musicals. He mostly just played himself (and was billed accordingly). Furthermore, I'm sure you've heard of the "Good Neighbor" policy that was implemented during World War II - it also resulted in Disney features like *Saludos, Amigos* and *The Three Caballeros*.


So I think it's fair to say that Iturbi ended up in Hollywood for much the same reason as Carmen Miranda, although with somewhat different results. B-)

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As my last post is now several down and likely to be missed, Challenge #11 is over (and this thread, too) and _it is time for everyone to go over to the voting thread._ When you vote for the schedule you liked most, you are free to express how much you liked the individual other schedules.

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