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Insanity runs in my family... It practically gallops. - Aresenic and Old Lace


I'm paraphrasing this one, but:

"Do you think I'd want to go back to the same lousy life I led before I married you and started this lousy life?" - Sex and the Single Girl

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I use a lot from Calamity Jane w/ Doris Day, Feel it but don't try it, Just in case anymore actresses roll in from Chicagee and She ain't so good lookin, that ain't all she ain't! A lot of Bob Hope, lean to left aim to the right from The Paleface. This one my whole family knows.... I saw something nasty in the woodshed. Someone always replies... Yeah, but did it see you, Baby!! The Un-Classic film it's from is Cold Comfort Farm! Most people regarded it as a sleeper when it first came out but me and my gang love it!

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Oh, I use a lot of Bob Hope too! some faves are:


"You can't do this! I'm an American citizen...I pay taxes! Well, I'm an American citizen." (Not sure what film...I watch so many of his!)


"After all, all it takes to be a good detective is brains, strength, and a gun...and I have a gun." - *"My Favorite Brunette"*


I love the scene in *"The Ghost Breakers"* where the one guy is being serious explaining about zombies as lifeless creatures with no mind, just walking around dead with no thought...just following others And Hope jumps in and says, "Oh, you mean like democrats?"


He was hilarious!



Strangely enough, I also use quotes from *"Calamity Jane"* ! Usually taken from the songs. When I'm "mad" at someone I start singing "I can do without you!" I do not recommend doing this with people who have never seen the movie...LOL!

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Once many years ago (late '80s, I think), I went to a party and did almost the entire routine (as much as I could remember) between Groucho and Louis Sorin in Animal Crackers. My stooge was a boyfriend of a coworker who was so bewildered by my asking him so many questions with such effrontery (how do you say "And what do you think of at night, you beast" without effrontery?) that he finally turned to someone and said, "Who *is* that?" as I walked away.


I don't do that anymore, but I do use quotes (partial and full) but only in appropriate circumstances. Usually I like to include an archaic word or phrase from the '30s in it. Never obvious quotes, either.

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