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What Do U think were the "Worst"Alfred Hitchcock films..??

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I was sitting around with some friends talking about the life & career of Alfred Hitchcock. All of sudden the conversation turned to his films that we thought were not that great. The films that showed either a lack fo effort or thought into the story or characters or even the plot.


So what do you think were some of the "Worst"Alfred Hitchcock films?


*_Here is my list:_*



_Rebecca_ - I don't care if this won Best Picture! It dosen't make a good film. No matter how many times I tried to watch this film, I end up falling asleep. To dull & very sloooow moving!


_Mr. & Mrs. Smith_ - I love Carole Lombard, but not this picture! Alfred Hitchcock should have stayed away from comedy.


_The Wrong Man_ - Henry Fonda ws miscast.


_Marnie_ - I just find this film so bizarre! Tippi Hedren & Sean Connery have no chemistry.


_Torn Curtain_ - Paul Newman & Julie Andrews as a couple, again wrong casting! Another film I just don't like. I have tried to watch this film several times, but somehow I just give up. The film just doesn't work on so many levels. Parts of it come across a comedy, other parts a spy thriller!


_Topaz_ - Another film that just doesn't work. I love films set in the Cold War era, but this just comes arcoss as boring & to many characters. 1 word: convoluted!




_Under Capricorn_ - I have heard the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about this film. This is the 1 film of Hitchcock's I have always wanted to see but I haven't yet. Thank God for Netflix, it's on it's way! I'm keeping an open-mind!





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Hitchcock faced some problems with Saboteur (1942) . The change in casting decisions weakened the film. Its not Hitchcock's fault. Patricia Martin in Saboteur (1942) was a much more tougher character called Teddie Miller. Hitchcock had Margaret Sullavan or Barbara Stanwyck in mind for the role. Other flaws in casting was the casting of Robert Cummings and Otto Krueger.


Torn Curtain and Topaz were failures, because of the interference of Universal Executives. Many of Hitchcock's decisions were denied by Universal Executives. And Hitchcock didn't get neough creative freedom while working at Universal Studio.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith isn't a Hitchcock picture. Hitchcock had nothing to do with the script. He just directed it, because Carole Lombard wanted to work with Hitchcock.

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I think Hitchcock did The Skin Game and Number Seventeen just to get his career a little more higher. Hitchcock disliked Number 17 project. He had nothing to do with the script.


I found Juno and Paycock very interesting, because it's the first Hitchcock film to use long take technique. I don't think Hitchcock got enough freedom to use more of his creativity in Juno and Paycock. But Long take was interesting. We see long take technique used in his later films like Rope, Under Capricorn, Stage Fright, North by Northwest (lengthy shots), Psycho (lengthy shots), and The Birds (lengthy shots).


Jamaica Inn was reportedly one of Hitchcock's unhappy directing jobs. So I am not surprised with the result. Hitchcock was dissatisfied with the script of Jamaica Inn.

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*_Under Capricorn_ I have heard the good, the bad & the ugly I think this is why I haven't watched it yet in all these years. Also another factor I'm "NOT" a fan of Ingrid Bergman. & the thought of Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotten together doesn't sound like a good combo!*








_Per Wikipedia:_



*The film was Hitchcock's second film in Technicolor and uses ten-minute takes similar to those in Hitchcock's film _Rope_ (1948). It is believed that the audience thought _Under Capricorn_ was going to be a thriller, which it was not -- it was a domestic love triangle with a few thriller elements thrown in -- which apparently led to its box office failure. However, the public reception of the film may not have been helped by the revelation in 1949 of Bergman's illicit relationship with, and subsequent pregnancy by, Italian film director Roberto Rossellini.*



*In Peter Bogdanovich/Alfred Hitchcock Interview, it is mentioned that French Critics considers _Under Capricorn_ as one of Hitchcock's finest films.*

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Hitchcock didn't want Joseph Cotten for the leading male role in Under Capricorn (1949). He wanted Burt Lancaster for the leading role. But Burt Lancaster wanted a high salary for playing the role. So Hitchcock decided to cast Joseph Cotten.


Under Capricorn (1949) is a film with lots of brilliant ideas in it. Like other Hitchcock films, each scene in Under Capricorn has a function. Alfred Hitchcock, James Bridie, and Hume Cronyn handled it brilliantly. I thought Ingrid Bergman's performance was good. But I thought Performances from Michael Wilding, Margaret Leighton, and Cecil Parker were terrific.


Its a drama. Not a thriller. For me, its a wonderful drama.

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I find it interesting that many people don't like *"The Trouble With Harry"* . I think the problem is that everybody doesn't have the same type of humor. I definitely have a very Hitchcocky humor. I found the movie HILARIOUS! But then I love everything Hitchcock does!


I was wondering if it was just me personally that finds it funny or if anyone else would. So, I showed it to my twelve-year-old brother. He also, that it was VERY funny.


I think I like so much because of the total "out thereness" of the plot. It was so simple and it could have easily been a forgetful movie, but it wasn't with Hitchcock and all those brilliant actors.

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I like Harry too. Very, very funny. Very, very dark humor. The casting of Edmund Gwenn as the Captain was genius. His facial expressions alone are worth watching the film for! Jerry Mathers as the little boy was a hoot, trading his dead rabbit for various items all around town (a frog, blueberry muffins, etc) And those socks! To put those socks on a dead guy--classic.


[upon finding the Captain dragging a body along the ground]

Miss Graveley: What seems to be the trouble, Captain?


Jennifer Rogers: I've never been to a home-made funeral before.

Capt. Wiles: I have... it's my third. All in one day...

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Thank God I'm not the only who loved "_The Trouble With Harry_"!! It makes me laugh everytime.

I got to see a really good print of the film on the big screen once. I think I was the only 1 laughing out loud!


My partner thought it was funny that the Jennifer Rogers closet door kept popping open. He was like, is it Mr. Hitchcock's way of saying skeltons in the closet!?



Sam Marlowe: You're not supposed to bury bodies whenever you find them. It makes people suspicious.

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I always thought *The Trouble with Harry* was funny. It really seems to divide a lot of people though. I guess it's all in your sense of humor. It is definitely "out there" and you really have to just let go and enjoy the wackiness. I mentioned on the link below that it has that really dry British wit. I liked it.


We had a brief discussion on this earlier this year.



Message was edited by: molo14 Oops I posted the wrong link. Sorry I corrected it.


Message was edited by: molo14 Oh well forget the link . It wouldn't work too old I guess. You can look it up by searching Hot topics.

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