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TCM Underground Imitated

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Well, it looks like TCM Underground must be attracting the right audience because it is being imitated.


WGN ran a full-page ad in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times today advertising its new weekly Friday night series (wait for it), Movie Underground. I guess the idea is to show the same sort of films that TCM Underground does but of a more recent vintage.


Weird thing, it airs at 5:00 PST/8:00 EST so they need to work on their timing because these movies are best shown late on a Friday night.


According to various websites (in an effort to prevent cut and paste posts), Marc Chase, president of Tribune Interactive, will play Smilin' Dick Nixon, the night watchman who's supposedly responsible for protecting the Fortress of Television Innovation from mediocre TV, on "Movie Underground"...

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The Phrase "underground films" goes back at least 50 years; Parker Tyler wrote a book called Underground Film in 1966. Then it more exclusively dealt with abstract art films and experimental filmmakers like Kenneth Anger and Andy Warhol. Now I'm not even sure it has a distinct meaning, as it pulls in all of the "Incredibly Strange" drive in fare of the 60s and 70s and other kinds of semi-pro, independent but commercial fare. There is a huge difference, I think, between Anger's _Inauguration of Pleasure Dome_ and _The Wasp Woman_ though they were made basically in the same era. Both are wonderful films that deserve to be better known, but that's about all they have in common, except that they are considered "underground."



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Why is it that certain genres just seem to fit specific time slots?


Friday nights are for underground movies, Saturday mornings are for westerns, etc.


otoh, others are a disaster -- 'Murder Mondays' springs to mind, but 'Two-Fer Tuesdays' (two movies with the same cast) was also a dud.

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> {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote}

> You left out silents and foreign-language movies Sunday night. ;)


Those don't actually work for me. I'm more in the mood for silents in the late afternoons and foreign language movies on the cusp between evening and night, preferably mid-week.

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Over in the Gremlin thread (under Information, Please!) MissGoddess responded to a post that mentioned "The Midnight Bug" that affects some Panasonic recorders:


"WOW! That sounds, not like a Monty Python, but an Ed Wood sci-fi horror movie! The Midnight

Bug terrorizes young dvd recorder-er and seizes control of her machine...."

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