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George Brent...tolerated or under-rated

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Just having seen a movie starring George Brent, I realized that he hasn't appeared on

the forums to my knowledge. So as a fan of his, I decided check out your comments/opinions.


George Brent - (1899-1979)


Two stars on the "walk of fame".

Leading man in the 30s & 40s


Co-starred with:


Bette Davis (13 movies)

Greta Garbo

Jean Arthur

Madeline Carroll

Myrna Loy

Merle Oberon

Ann Sheridan

Joan Fontaine

Barbara Stanwyck (3 movies)

Claudette Colbert

Dorothy McGuire

Hedy Lamaar

Lucille Ball

Yvonne DeCarlo

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I like him. Now, I wouldn't go out of my way to see him in a film, but since I'm a big fan of many of the ladies you've listed below, I often run into Brent. My favorite performance of his, for me, is in "JEZEBEL."


Tall, dark, attractive, urbane...playboyish, charming. I've enjoyed him in "The Rains Came," a couple of Bette Davis fare, he was married to Sheridan so how bad could he be...


George Brent...under-rated.

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Personally, I don't feel he was either tolerated or under-rated.


He was, imnsho, a good actor, but not a great one -- I could believe him in his roles, but I don't think he could make me believe in a character. The difference is subtle, and I don't know how to explain it beyond that.


My favorite movies of his are *The Spiral Staircase* and *The Corpse Came C.O.D.* but, sad to say, neither of those rank in my top 50.

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Hi! I'm a big fan and I agree with Capuchin's take that he was not really either one. Perhaps

now he's "tolerated" by some, but not necessarily back then. He was appreciated well enough to

get steady work in leading roles with most of the great leading ladies (you might want to

include Kay Francis on your list, he was in a few with her), performing a necessary

function you might say by not getting too much in their way. He was charming and

attractive enough not to bore ladies in the audience, either. Occasionally he got to shine a little

brighter in a well written part, like those in Jezebel, The Spiral Staircase and The Rains

Came and if you get to see some of his precodes, he at times exhibits a startling amount

of energy. He's a comfortable presence in a nice, uncomplicated way and I like him

all the better for his casualness. It shows he didn't take himself too seriously and

neither did most of his characters.

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MissG....I could not have said it better myself. I, personally, think he was under-rated.

However, he probably made a good living & played opposite most of the "cream of the crop".


I will always watch, or record, a movie he is in. I may not make it all the way through,

because the script is so bad. Nevertheless, he has brightened many a movie for me!


If anyone could handle Bette Davis, one way or another ;), he probably was the MAN for

the job!!


Thanks, all.

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I like him...I thought he was cooler pre-mustache! It seemed after the 'stache, he was less vibrant and full of fun, for some reason. But in those pre-code and mid-30's flicks, he rocked! I saw him in *LIVING ON VELVET* this past week with the sexy and gorgeous Kay Francis...and my main man, Warren William (now THAT dude rocks!!), and he was very cool...but after the stache...while I still like him, and he did some groovy B's too....I think he seemed to be...sadder or something, I dunno. Earlier films, he's always devil-may-care, cop-a-feel, tongue-in-cheek, kinda dude.

I watch his films, he did a lotta 30's stuff, and I groove to that!

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Here's a sweet side note abt George -


In his elder years he was crazy abt Jane Powell (they co-starred years earlier in Luxury Liner). He was very much her senior but pursued her and proposed marriage many times. Jane recounts their relationship in her autobio, saying that she loved George very much, but not in a romantic way. They had long middle-of-the-night phone calls and were very close until his passing.

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Poinciana....Bette Davis, whom he had an affair with off & on, said she visited him in her

later years after yrs. of estrangement. He was very ill, suffering with empysema. Upon seeing

him, she remembered what a handsome & virile man he was, and was saddened by his



He has certainly left a legacy of delightful performances.

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lidash...I agree!


I like the movie "There's Always Tomorrow". Orson Welles was "okay". What bugged me

about the movie is.....WHY DIDN'T SHE RECOGNIZE HIM?! I know, she thought she did

at one point, but he convinced her she was mistaken. PLEASE!!! Sorry, I got a little

carried away. I guess the audiences are happy she would be have our George.. ;) in her


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You know, George Brent had to grow on me. Sometimes that happens when I first meet up with a star in a role I don't particularly care for. I can't remember which film it was where I first saw George Brent - I think one of the Bette Davis ones. But I wasn't overly impressed and never got into him. In fact, I kind of avoided him for a long time - unfairly so, because I'd seen so few of his films.


But then, way back during Jean Arthur month, I saw him in MORE THAN A SECRETARY (1936) and just loved him. All of a sudden, it just clicked and my initial opinion was changed instantly. Since then, I have made up for lost time and now really look forward to seeing him in films. In fact, the first Kay Francis film I re-watched last week was RAFFLES (because I love Ronald Colman even more), but the second was LIVING ON VELVET, which I watched chiefly because I wanted to spend some time with George Brent.


I think he's a good actor...and he seems so pleasant in most of his roles. Even when he's a bit of a scoundrel, it's in a good-natured way....and when he acts with dominant women characters he doesn't come off looking like a weenie (which I hate about, say, Henry Fonda).


I give George three thumbs up!


And I whole-heartedly agree that he is 'comfortable' and 'uncomplicated'. Which is why I like him so much. You don't have to work at George Brent.

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pk....I am pleased that you have learned to appreciate him for the very reasons to stated.


There is a movie in which he plays a really "bad guy", but I don't know if you have seen it,

so I won't mention the title.


I like him so much, that I was very disappointed that he was such a "psycho" in this

film. ;)

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