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Noir blog piece


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Hey there, Dangerously Dark Di -- That was a pretty decent read. I do agree with the author that "film noir" did exist in the world of art before the critics of Cahiers du Cin?ma coined the term.


For me, the term "film noir" came to be because the French critics were surprised to see "black" films from Hollywood. "Black" films had existed before the 40s, but not so much in the States. The vibe of American films really started to change in the 40s. Why? I believe the influx of European emigrants in Hollywood had a lot to do with it, particularly in the visual realm (directors and cinematographers).


I think some people tend to complicate the simplicity of the words "film noir." All it means is "black film." That's it. Where it gets complex is in defining what is "black" in film? I've read on the Internets that some won't deem a film "film noir" if it lacks a femme fatale. A femme fatale is THE defining element of film noir? That's what makes a film "black"? Really? I'm one who subscribes to a broad definition of film noir. If the theme and/or the look is "black" to me, it's film noir.

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