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Cecil B. De Mille's THE GODLESS GIRL was released in 1928, not 1929. The re-edited sound hybrid version was released in 1929. As a Silent film this picture Starring Lina Bassquette, Tom Keene, Marie Prevost, and Noah Beery, was released in August of 1928.


Thankfully, The Photo-play version is very much De Mille's original Silent cut of the film. The later hybrid was completed minus De Mille, and with tacked on dialogue, and a completely altered ending. My thanks to TCM Programmer for snatching up the rights to this fabulous restoration of the original Silent version! Another TCM, and American Broadcast premier.

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*YEEEEEAHH!! More Joan Crawford films in December 2008!!!*


2 Tuesday - 6:30 AM _Our Dancing Daughters_ (1928) - Joan Crawford!!


2 Tuesday - 8:00 AM _Our Modern Maidens_ (1929) - Joan Crawford!!


17 Wednesday - 8:45 AM _Autumn Leaves_ (1956) - Joan Crawford!!


18 Thursday - 6:30 AM _Reunion In France_ (1942) - Joan Crawford!!


29 Monday - 12:00 PM _Gorgeous Hussy, The_ (1936) - Joan Crawford!!






30 Tuesday - 2:45 PM _Don't Make Waves_ (1967) - Sharon Tate!!





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Uh-oh. The Christmas queens are gonna get their panties in a twist just like last year! Looking forward to Anita Page Day (especially GENTLEMAN'S FATE); GREAT EXPECTATIONS; and the return of Warner Baxter's CRIME DOCTOR series (minus two). The real treat is the oft-requested THE CHEATERS starring Joseph Schildkraut. Bravo for that one.

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*"Uh-oh. The Christmas queens are gonna get their panties in a twist just like last year!"* - PrinceSaliano


Why? Because there aren't "enough" Holiday Movies? Or because certain titles are missing? Personally, I found it amusing that TCM is going to "celebrate" Hanukkah this year.


Kyle In Hollywood


"Ooohh, I had a little pony and his name was Chief.

But now he's on the menu as barbecued beef."

*F. McGee*

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I love this schedule. One of my favorite war flicks, *Das Boot* . Really looking forward to the Valerie Hobson night. More *Hardy* 's, and I can get my Christmas fix of *Tenth Avenue Angel* , *Little Women* , and *MMISL* . Oh yeah, and the early Joan Crawford's. I'm determined to get over my fear of that woman. Thanks, TCM!

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> {quote:title=ddalehall wrote:}{quote}

> No LOVE LETTERS on Dec. 9th alongside the other Cotten/Jennifer Jones flicks?

> Does TCM no longer hold the rights to this one?



I love *Love Letters* ; it is my favorite Joseph Cotton and Jennifer Jones flick. In the movie, his late aunt had picture of Joseph (Allan Quinten) as a small child. I believe it _is_ a picture of the Joseph Cotton, because the same photograph appears in another movie as his childhood photo! *But what was the title?*


I hope there's a DVD out there, because I've worn out my copy on VHS tape!

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