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Who watched/recorded what? I watched/recorded Trouble in Paradise and Cynara (had never seen Cynara before). Also recorded Give Me Your Heart and Stolen Holiday (neither which I've seen) for future viewing. I wish I'd recorded Notorious Affair as it looked more interesting than I expected (Kay as a vamp) but could only record so much. The rest I'd either seen before or just didnt have enough time............


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I caught if from *Cynara* to when the tape ran out and I don't know when that was. *Cynara* was a beautiful film - I wished I had more attention to pay to it. However, *A Notorious Affair* was great; that was an ideal role for Basil Rathbone, and the handling of the story was very advanced and adult. Kay looked GREAT in that riding outfit, boy.


You don't see Lloyd Bacon's name kicked about much in reference to being a very artistic director. But there was a lot of "art" in the movie -- this picture must have been seen by Orson Welles, as he recrated elements from the little montage which follows the title that reads something like "Reaping the benefits of fame..." almost exactly in *Citizen Kane,* though spread over into different scenes.



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I have enjoyed the Kay Francis month greatly. Many of these films I have not seen before. Hard to believe that none of them are on DVD?


NOTORIOUS AFFAIR with Billie Dove was really good, and she was great too. Her voice was just fine in talkies, quite lovely in-fact. I was entranced by her voice, and graceful movements, and gestures. I find it hard to believe that sound was her demise in films? Her performance was restrained and totally believable.


Basil Rathbone in one of his early films as the leading man was rather awful. Billie was way better than He was in this picture. Hey, TCM how about giving us allot more of Billie Dove???

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I thought the dialogue in Trouble in Paradise (1932) was crazy!! How characters would start a sentence, but then the sentence would never be finished because another character would start to say something that was not related to the 1st piece of dialogue.


I really did enjoy Trouble in Paradise ...I just didn't like the end. I wish Kay had not gotten duped.


I also liked how there's that dubious morality that Lubitch knew how to use so well: everyone is fooling everyone else, but nobody minds!


Great fun! I'm falling for Kay! :LO) She is a blast to watch!


Also, love when Madame Mariette Colet & Gaston Monescu kept popping open the closed door to have a conversation W./the butler, & the shadow of the couple on the bed!


Pre-Code...damn Hollywood for the code!


Dialogue Like:


Gaston Monescu: Do you remember the man who walked into the Bank of Constantinople, and walked out with the Bank of Constantinople?


Gaston Monescu: It could have been marvelous.

Mariette Colet: Divine.

Gaston Monescu: Wonderful... . But tomorrow morning, if you should wake out of your dreams and hear a knock, and the door opens, and there, instead of a maid with a breakfast tray, stands a policeman with a warrant, then you'll be glad you are alone.


Just a crazy fun movie. It would have interesting see what direction Kay's films would have gone into if there was never a "Code"!

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I totally rocked out!!! I recorded the entire night (minus *THE FEMININE TOUCH* as I had that from Rosalind's month a bit ago) plus into the morning as they really ran into Friday!!!! I wish I was off from work, I groove on these films!!!!

I loved ALL of them!!! *TROUBLE IN PARADISE* rocks!!! And I agree, Billie Dove was fabulous, like many stars who made the transition but didn't stick...you have to scratch your head, cos most were fantastic, and Billie was incredible!

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