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Yeah, you've handled the Celluloid Kid problem real well, taking God's name in vain.


Seems you didn't have all that much room to criticize.


I said I wouldn't be posting in Classic Film DVD Reviews for the foreseeable future.


You want me to just ignore that and start posting there again without even an apology from you?


I've been man enough to admit when I've been wrong here in the past (or even when I might've been wrong) or made mistakes and have made several apologies since I've been a member here - some of them not even deserved I'd find out later.


I'll have to admit - it was a relief for me to stop worrying about the goings on in Classic Film DVD Reviews so it probably wouldn't make a difference at this point anyhow. Might as well save your breath.


Bottom line, I have a desire to share DVD info, Classic Film DVD Reviews is the place to do it and this thread is my solution to that dilemma.




Message was edited by: Snorky

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No, I would prefer you don't post in this whole DVD Forum (that I got created through TCM''s Web Admin) _at all_. You are a disruptive incfluence. You claim to go after trolls but in doing so you are as troll-like as any we have suffered in the past, if not more so. Look at your behavior in many threads, you even talk to yourself.


And you say, "I have a need for this thread." No, you don't. And we don't. Simply put, you are not welcome here. You are a troublemaker as can be seen in several of the Forums on the TCM board.

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I present this info as a service to the members here.


Glad you appreciate all the work that goes into these lists.




How many are duplicates?


About as many as you listed that you don't like?


Never mind - it's irrelevant.


Someone's mentioned a movie before and I can't include it on my list of the week's new releases?


That's absurd.


I make my own lists independent of what others have posted

and have listed dozens of new releases here.


If you don't like a few of them, who cares?


What makes you the grand arbitrar of what's good taste or classic or not?


Unlike yourself I believe people are capable of making their own decisions and don't need to be told by your type what to like or not.


If you don't approve of what I'm doing here then I don't expect you'll be posting here much,

so bye bye.

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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote}

> That's an exciting lineup you listed for last Tuesday; DEADLY DUO, JIVE TURKEY and GASBAGS. Is anyone really intested in these titles? All the important titles have already been listed so why the need for duplication?


The Shaw Brothers studio is well-regarded for their martial arts films.


One you mention is a British comedy classic from World War II!


The other one's a Blaxploitation film, similar to ones that have aired on TCM Underground.

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