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2 ? -- Picture Freezes and Analog Cable.


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I waited a long time to get digital television in order to have TCM, and now find that my picture freezes (on all the channels) and then restarts after a second or so.


Does this happen to anyone else? I am now loathe to tape to DVD, since the picture would be ruined.


Also, can anyone here answer what I still don't understand:


WILL those with analog-only cable be unable to watch television after Feb. 2009? I am not referring to those with aerials, who MUST get a converter box in order to have access to programming.


IF I am reading correctly, it appears to depend on the cable company. Cable companies CAN choose to send out an analog signal, but may not choose to, and will force all those with analog cable to make the switch to digital.


Thank you for answers to both queries.

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I'm not sure where your located.( I Now live in Long Island N.Y.) But if you have Cable or Satellite, No Converter is needed. Until HD is the norm you may have freezing problems with HDMI until the change over in February. I resently purchased an HDMI TV and have freezing problems on some channnels (including TCM) Voice and frame skipping also happens. Ahhh Progress!!!





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Thanks vallo. I finally verified with Cablevision (or at least the person who answered) that digital cable will NOT be required after Feb. 2009, that Cablevision will still be transmitting in analog. However, I imagine they will be taking away more and more stations until analog cable is left with 3-1/2.


On the freezing, I don't have nor will I be getting anytime soon an HD television, so that means my picture will always be freezing and I will therefore not be able to copy the movies from TCM that I paid more to get.


Oh well. Such is life.

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The only good thing about cable is TCM. I am presently watching over the air HD broadcasts on my new digital tuner tv and the picture is MIND BLOWING! Crystal clear! Cable does not compare HD or not! Cable companies can a) choose whether or not to broadcast in digital and B) choose how much information to send on a digital broadcast, I hope that one day TCM piggy backs on a PBS station or something and becomes an over the air option independent of the thieving cable companies. If anyone knows of this being a remote possibility please let the world know. TV was meant to be freeeeee!

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