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Lovecraft Films

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Well, AIP was an exploitation company and movies seldom follow the stories or novels they are adapted from. Maybe one day we'll get a film that is more faithful to Lovecraft's originals but until then these films will have to do.

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> {quote:title=joefilmone wrote:}{quote}

> The movies lacked the proper dreadful atmosphere which is a key to Lovecraft's style.


There have been dozens of Lovecraft related films in the last 20 years or so, but you seldom hear about them or see them. When it was new I thought _ReAnimator_ (1985) was really good but the ReAnimator thing seems done to death by now. I had read that a major studio was developing _At the Mountains of Madness_ for 2009 release and I was very happy, as that is one of the most readily cinematic of Lovecraft's works. But I've heard nothing about it in awhile and suspect the project has been shelved.


_Die Monster Die!_ is such a handsomely designed film; so beatifully filmed with terrific set dressing and even good - for the era - visual effects. Karloff is unwell, yet trying his best to project a characterization worthy of his high standards and occasionally getting there. Nick Adams is - well - Nick Adams, but he's doing his best here and I think had he lived he would have matured into a terrific character actor. Suzan Farmer, though, is absolutely hopeless, and that's one key element among a crucial few that helps to drag down this otherwise fine picture.


From a Lovecraftian standpoint, though, Die Monster Die ain't much. In the 1960s, Lovecraft had only yet reached a very small and elite literary audience, and it is a little surprising that this reached the screen so early. It doesn't make sense to us to move _The Colour Out of Space_ out of its midwestern farm setting and into an old dark house with Boris Karloff, but the latter was the more realistic option given the resources that AIP had to fall back on. At least it's a bit closer to its source story that some of the Poe adaptations AIP did, which in some cases were like 1 percent Poe and 99 percent anything else that you could imagine.



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Guillermo del Toro ( who does know how to create the proper creepy atmosphere) is developing some Lovecraft project. " The Colour Out of Space" was the basis of " The Curse"(1987) another schlocky treatment of HP's classic story.


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