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11/04 is Decision Day


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While I have no problem with your "commentary" equating yesterday's election to the sinking of the Titanic. And "Nearer My God To Thee" is wonderful hymn. (Though I prefer the sentiment as expressed in "Slip, Slidin' Away".)


But did you really have to use the You-Tube upload of a person who displays a swastika in his avatar? I am sure you overlooked that - but it alters your post from being cynical in to something more sinister. And I know that isn't what you intended.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Congratulations to President O Bama.


I did not vote for him and never would but he is now my future President and I hope the best for him and my country.


*BUT*, it will be interesting to see, now that he is in power, whether he will truly go left or toward the center when the realities confront him.


His very liberal supporters may, in the end, become very unhappy with President O Bama's actions.


Time will tell...


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>But did you really have to use the You-Tube upload of a person who displays a swastika in his avatar? I am sure you overlooked that - but it alters your post from being cynical in to something more sinister. And I know that isn't what you intended.


I searched all over YouTube for some other person who had the same clip, but I couldn?t find any, so I hoped everyone would just overlook the poster. :)


I wanted a clip from ?A Night to Remember? because of its tie-in with what FF said about a day to remember. :)


There are other clips on YouTube, but they are from other film versions of the story.


Also, I liked the British guy saying, ?Looks like it?s the end, boys. We?ve done our duty.? That?s probably the way some Gops feel today. Also, I liked the joke about the old ?ship of state? sinking, which was a common phrase I used to hear as a kid after some of the old-time elections. I go back as far as remembering the 1952 election, but I remember adults talking about Truman?s presidency in the late ?40s.


Have you noticed that ever since then, the Dems and Gops have switched out every 4 or 8 years ever since? I think the only exception was Reagan/Reagan/Bush.


As for me, I hope Mr. Obama is as smart as he seems to be, and I wish him well for the next 4 years. I think a lot of people will agree that nothing could be as bad as the past 4 years. :)

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I value your comment, Fxreyman and ditto your sentiments regarding this election.....


I too feel that, moving forward, we all need to band & work together in building up

& maintaining this great country of ours, this country that God has Blessed.


My sentiments also to Popcornanddots and Jackholman.



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It seemed as if the whole country took a sigh of relief (except for the red states) when Obama won the election. It was a historical day and I for one am quite happy. I also was misty eyed watching the TV and seeing tears of joy hope from our nation.

I hope Obama will be able to turn us around in the right direction as these past 8 years were an abomination - just hideous under an incompetent President and office.

I hold cold sweats imagining Palin as VP with her stupidity continuing to show off on every interview she did. I for one am tired of the nasty GOP campaigning the ones that are so far right - to the point that anything Obama does he will be attacked immediately , even if what Obama is doing is a rousing success. These Republicans are so far to the right, extremely right winged, that if they were choking to death, they would rather die than let Obama give them CPR

I sincerely hope the next 4 years will be a step forward to literally turn the page once and for all...

Do you smell what the Barrack is cooking ? :)

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First of all let me say this this in response to your post.


This is foremost and always has been a forum of movies. All about movies and actors, stories, pictures, knowledge and the like.


One of my joys in life is knowing that this website exists for the true movie fan. I look forward coming here everyday to see what people are saying about movies.


I really enjoy the good natured back and forth arguments and discussions that exist here.


I am SO HAPPY that you have been able to make a statement about how you feel about our new president.


However, this is NOT the place or time or forum to show your displeasure with another political party or candidate. If you felt the need to criticize the other VP candidate, then there are plenty of other editorial options available to you. Might I suggest your local newspaper?


Your statement this morning is upsetting to me.


It is just the kind of statement you accuse the Republican party of having been made to Senator Obama during the campaign. You seem to be quite an intelligent person, capable of adding your creative thoughts to this movie forum.


IMHO, you should leave your political thoughts at home and not air them in public for all of us to see.


Especially for those of us who did NOT vote for Senator Obama.


But let me be clear about this:


I support President-elect Obama. I did not vote for him, but he will have my support as the new president. He won, fair and square. He needs to have time to try and get this country moving again. And like Senator McCain said Tuesday night, we are all Americans first and we must ALL support the new president.


We should all know that campaigns are rough and sometimes zealots on BOTH sides prove to show their nastiness. I saw it first hand this year as I have seen it done on many campaigns. That part of the electoral process is over. We move on from here.


It is fine with me that you have your opinion, but please don't feel like this is the place where you can just go and trample on the feelings of those in the minority who did not vote for your candidate. We do have feelings.


We may disagree on issues, on candidates, but please don't use this forum, a forum about movies and turn it into something that it is not. There are plenty of other choices for you to turn to.

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