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11/04 is Decision Day

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Amen PrinceSalino, had this been a thread on movies, I would gladly give my input depending on the movie, However this is a political thread - so I shared my ever humble opinion. I didnt make this thread but was glad to participate in it. 11/04 Decision Day was a very special day, one of the most historical days in recent history...

And that's all there is to that..

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Clearly you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.


This thread started about the line up on TCM on Tuesday night, which just happened to be election night.


And since TCM is a channel devoted to movies, Film_Fatale started the thread about that evenings' line up of decision movies.


The thread evolved into a political discussion or I should say a discussion that was really more one sided than anything else.


Now, I will be the first to admit that I also became a part of the ongoing political discussion from Film_Fatale, but lets be clear about this:


This is still a movie forum and we should be talking movies here and not political happenings.


As I said in my earlier post, if you have things to say about our political process, there are plenty of other places to go to vent thoughts.

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I agree.


It was a very special day.


But as I said in my reply to PrinceSalino, the thread started as a thread about that night's lineup on TCM.


About decision movies.


It did not start out as a political thread.


And that's all there is to that.....

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please don't feel like this is the place where you can just go and trample on the feelings of those in the minority who did not vote for your candidate. We do have feelings.


Thank you fxreyman for making a point that is long overdue. My tongue is nearly bitten off from withholding my comments on all of this. I told myself I would wait it out and surely things would calm down...but I also decided that if one more conversation got stirred up again, I would not be able to keep quiet...So now, here I am.


There are *SEVERAL* threads on this site going on and on (and on) about how happy everyone is about the outcome of this recent election and *each and EVERY poster* is entitled to their opinion...whether they share the popular sentiment or not. But you wouldn't know that by what is displayed on these threads. I wonder how many of you would have sat back and suffered so silently as I have remained these past several days had a more conservative candidate won this election and had I chose to dedicate even ONE thread to my happiness about it. You know and I know...there would have been so great an outcry that if we were speaking in person instead of online....it could have come to blows.


The last eight years have admittedly been difficult, in different ways for me perhaps than for others. But having said that, the next 4 years....and who knows how many more....will be even more so. And I believe that will be true for all of us, whether any of you will admit it or not.


Not all of the tears that were shed for our country on Tuesday night (and for the last several days) have been for joy. I too cried when the president elect gave his grand speech...but not for the same reason as all of you. Those who are happy about the election...please feel free to jump in whatever handbasket is handy and celebrate all you like. I however will not be among you. And I will say that I would likely have felt this way had EITHER candidate won. I have asked myself repeatedly how we could have gotten to a point where these two men were the only choice offered up to us as the leader of our nation.


While I did vote, as I believe every eligible citizen should do, I had NO ONE to vote for that gave me any peace for our future. To me it wasn't even a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, but rather a matter of choosing who was going to cause the least amount of damage. And that to me is the saddest part of all. I love my country. I respect our Constitution, and I hold nothing but the greatest respect for the office of the President of the United States and our men and women in uniform. I come from a very long line of people who worked and sacrificed to serve this country to insure the freedoms we all enjoy at great cost to their personal lives and families. And I am beginning to feel as though those sacrifices were now in vain.


And my heart breaks at all the "grave dancing" I see going on in our country. The Democrat party is in control of the White House and both houses of Congress....whoopee....let's rub it in the faces of all the conservative voters who disagree. And be sure to call them names like bigot or racist if they even try to take a stand on principle. What arrogance. What disrespct.


Everyone is so excited and people all seem to think this man who is now going to lead our nation is their greatest hope. But what are you REALLY celebrating? A man who says he wants to change things. Well...change IS needed...and long overdue. But WHAT SORT of change is needed is the issue here. And going from bad to worse is definitely one change that I feel we will see and suffer from for years...perhaps decades to come as a result of this election. And again...I would have felt that way, no matter who had won.


And to make that point ever clearer, let me go further with my comments (before even one person on here pulls out the standard "racist" insult) Please know and believe that my comments have NOTHING to do with race. For one thing....how do you even know what race I am??? Have I ever said, "Oh by the way...I'm Caucasian?" or 'Hey, did you know...I'm an African American" or "My ancestors are from China?" No I have not...therefore...you know NOTHING about my race or ethnicity....so only judge my comments by what I AM saying...not by what you think I have implied as I am clearly making NO racial statement here whatsoever.


I want you to know, as I consider some of you friends, I value my own integrity more than what others think of me so I cannot keep silent on this issue any longer.So if I have offended you, I am sorry. But in many ways...you have offended me and I hope you will think more carefully about how you choose to word your posts in the future.


So now I come back to my original point, which is that even though we ALL are entitled to our own opinion....I have very little expectation that most of those celebrating on here have any respect or appreciation for mine. But I can live with that.


On one of these threads, someone posted a clip from "A Night to Remember" showing how the orchestra members stood and played "Nearer My God to Thee" as the Titanic sat sinking in the icy water. That is pretty much how I feel right now. But rather than dwell on that aspect of things....I found my thoughts turning to a different song instead. And I give fair warning to those who just gag at the thought of anyone making mention of their personal faith in God....The song I am going to post expresses MY PERSONAL FAITH IN GOD....so If you don't want to hear it....don't click on the link below...


It has taken me all week to get to the point where I can express the following thought. But I wish to say now...For *anyone* else who feels as I do....please know: God is in Control...and have peace.




PS...I have no interest in any ongoing arguments or debates so I will not post any further comments regarding this subject nor will I respond to any replies made to my post (out of respect for those who may disagree with my opinion) My purpose for posting this was not to debate anyone but rather to inform you that there are others who may have a different point of view. You all have expressed your opinions as you see fit...and now I have done the same.

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Hey all,



Im not a real political person but as everyone else who felt they had to put there input in so do I.

As far as Obama is concerned i will start by saying i did vote for him BUT hes not who i wanted. As far as heis great speeches flash alert ALL politicina s say EVERYTHING that he did when before they are elected then they get in and dont do a thing. That is a fact! Obama got elected for 3 reasons, first the nation wants BUSH and all REPULIICANS out that is ovious not just from he winning the presidency but the senate and congress, DEMS have won it all, also because he is BLACK.....yes i said it, the future is the youth today and they dont care, they like the NEW thin g and thats what Obama is, saying that i MUST say , this BLACK thing with Obana is HOGWASH....he was BORN half balck, thats where his quote unquote Black heritage lies, he NEVER knew his dad, he was RAISED by his WHITE family his WHITE grandmother on his MOTHER side, he didnt even KNOW the "black"part of his heritage. If it wasnt for his white said of his family, his grandmother ect. he probably wouldnt be where he is now. Saying that what **** me off is that NOONE including OBAMA talks about it, all oi hear is how he is BLACK......now a VERY smart move on behalf of Obama it got him elected that and how the gops screwed up the country, but Obama played that card for all it was worth and really he wasnt even raised in a black coulture at all....hes NOW getting his black coulture from his wife...whois like power to the people black......lol......now saying all that, boy i wanted to get that out....lol.......i to hope that he can turn the country around and i WONT dought him for a minute that he cant.....but i am going to be real about him to, people are making him in to a SAINT practiclly, NOW i have been watching politics a pretty long time now and to me he is just a man, a very LUCKY man to be the half race he is and to be as chamring and well spoken at a time when the nation is SCREAMING for change...the right place at the right time....again i wish him the best but i refuse to make him MORE then he is, he is FIRST a politician like they all are, then just a man...


If i offeneded anyone sorry, and i to do agree that this was NOT the palce to bring up election day , just inappropriate here, but scinse it was I put my opinion in to..


Thank you all and God Bless America!




Message was edited by: AvaG92260

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*The title of the thread is "11/04 is Decision Day". Clearly, it is political and not about movies.*


As fxrey pointed out, the title of the thread reflects the TCM lineup for the evening of Nov. 4th, which was presumably selected because TCM programmers knew that it was election day. I agree, the forum probably is a friendlier place all around when we discuss movies and nothing but; however this is one occasion where even the theme for the TCM prime time lineup made it almost impossible to avoid commenting on the election results.


Kathy, I totally respect your feelings and opinions, and I wouldn't want you to feel less welcome by others here in the forums because of some people's reactions to the election result. It is unavoidable that there will be differences of opinion in those matters; the important thing is that (save for Canadian TCM viewers) we're all in this together and we all want what's best for America. We won't always agree on the best way to reach those objectives, but we must not forget that those common objectives should bring us together, rather than letting the means to that end drive us apart.

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>rohanaka wrote among other things: *"God is in Control...and have peace."*


I would like to compliment you and praise you for your courage and insight.


Let's face it: Conservatives are not liked on this site. This site seems to be infested with what I would call a radical fringe of American society in many ways.


They are dogmatic, closed-minded and down right mean and sanctimonious in their beliefs.


The irony is they are not the majority of Americans who watch stations like TCM.


It's people like you.


Again, I salute you....


Proud U.S. veteran who served during Viet Nam so all could have freedom of speech.

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Rohanaka, those were powerful words you spoke and I couldn't agree with you and Fxreyman, more.


Your Youtube of Twila Paris, "God is in Control' really hit home....

I've heard this song many times before, but never with the visuals....and just having been part of a massive layoff, God's Word is truly my Solid Ground @ this time. I could Not keep a dry eye as the Bible versus came across with this Song......How true these words are !


God bless you all, and God Bless America.


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Obama's supporters (and there are tens of millions of them) have every reason to be jubilant. The last 8 years have been a nightmare for this country, if not the world. I've never felt the kind of hope I felt on Tuesday night and the days following. The eyes of the world are upon him and, yes, he will make mistakes. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary. And when she didn't get the nomination, I immediately got on board with Barack Obama because both of them are leagues ahead of the opposition. John McCain was willing to keep us in Iraq for another century. And Sarah Palin, well the less said about her, the better. The country couldn't survive another four years of Republican "leadership". Nero did less damage when he fiddled while Rome burned. During the campaign, Senator Obama exhibited intelligence and composure rarely seen in American politics. I'm proud of him and the millions of Americans who voted for him.

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Let's face it: Conservatives are not liked on this site. This site seems to be infested with what I would call a radical fringe of American society in many ways.


Now that is a close-minded statement.


The irony is they are not the majority of Americans who watch stations like TCM.


*And your proof of this fact IS?????*


Proud U.S. veteran who served during Viet Nam so all could have freedom of speech.


*Proud wife of a handicapped Korean Conflict Vet, for the same reason.*


PS I voted for Obama.

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Here's my problem with Conservatives...they talk out of both sides of their mouths. They claim to want smaller government and less government intrusion into our lives. Yet they fight against reproductive choice and same-sex marriage. Isn't that government intrusion? Conservatives also seem to think that America is a religious-based country (with a Protestant Christian bent) and those Americans who don't embrace Bible belt lunacy are unpatriotic or Communist or atheist. I don't believe in teaching creationism (as fact) in public schools and I don't believe in bringing guns and rattlesnakes to church or in poor people sending money to big-haired televangelists for salvation or speaking in tongues, ad nauseum. I do, however, have hope when states like Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana go blue. Maybe we are getting smarter and after some very difficult lessons.

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Here's my problem with Conservatives...they talk out of both sides of their mouths. They claim to want smaller government and less government intrusion into our lives. Yet they fight against reproductive choice and same-sex marriage. Isn't that government intrusion?


Well said, PS. They also claim they want to "defend life" and at the same time are generally strong defenders of the death penalty (which pretty much doesn't exist in any other developed country).

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This is going to be my final post on this thread.


Sour grapes? No, not really.


The fact of the matter is this:


The American people have spoken, and we are going to be heading into a new direction. That is a fact.


It is also a fact that many of you wanted change. So did I. Change is good. But please do me a favor. I won't try and convert you if you don't try to convert me. Fair enough?


We will all just have to agree to disagree as Film_Fatale said.


As far as dancing in the streets is concerned, do what you want. This is all of our country. We are free to do what we want, when we want and how we want. We are all a collection of individuals who have the right to say what we want to say. But could we please just have some respect for one another as we post our thoughts?


If you want to use this movie forum as a political forum, go right ahead. Be my guest. As far as any of the comments that have been posted, I think enough has been written on this subject to last a while, IMHO.


I for one am pleased to have an opportunity to express myself. I will try and express myself with respect to others on these boards from now on.


But that is all I have to say for now.

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*We will all just have to agree to disagree as Film_Fatale said.*


Thank you fx. At the end of the day, the political pendulum tends to swing every so often, and I don't think it's ever going to stop. Some administrations are more likely to be left of center and some are more likely to be right of center. Just because some Americans may prefer one over the other is no reason for Americans to bicker angrily - at the very least we can express polite disagreement and leave it at that.


The election of an African-American, of the son of an African Muslim (Obama obviously is not Muslim, but his father was) would be a remarkable achievement regardless of which party had nominated him. American voters rejected the candidates of one party not only for the presidency and vice-presidency, but also for a lot of seats in Congress. Some day, no doubt, that party is likely to be back in power, but under the very uncertain circumstances that America face right now, I think it makes a lot of sense to support our elected officials and speak out for what we think is best for America.

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>Jennetico wrote: *"Now that is a close-minded statement."*


Not at all. Unlike most liberals I see on this site, as a conservative I believe in the free exchange of ideas. By the way, for some of you liberals, there is a definite difference between the teaching of creatism and intelligent design. Two different disciplines.


>*And your proof of this fact IS?????*


I have been here almost a year and there are many who seem to have a problem with the American culture and what it represents.


The average viewer would be like Rohanaka who believe in God and country. No, I am not going to take the time to research the average viewer of TCM. But I would be willing to bet that he or she would be older and conservative. If it is that important to you, please go ahead and research it yourself.


I honor your status as a wife of a handicapped veteran and may God bless you and him.


P.S. I voted for McCain...bet you already knew that...

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> {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote}


> They are dogmatic, closed-minded and down right mean and sanctimonious in their beliefs.




> I disagree. I don't think all conservatives are like you describe them. B-)



Oh, buuurn! LOL!




Rohanka (sp? sorry, I can never remember how you spell that.. :) ), that was a very well thought out post! It didn't insult others, but neither did it leave a confused point-of-view! I greatly admire you for that! -ILRM

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I am a bit suprised that you said you voted for Hilary Clinton in the primaries because so did I.... lol.......and as you, after she didnt get the nomination,i had to consider Obama.... i never for a second consiidered McCain, saying that i have to add it took me a little longer to just jump on board with Obama then it sounds like for you and honestly i was completly taken back by Obama NOT choosing Hilary for his V.P and i STILL say and so does MANY Hilary supporters and as well some Obama supporters that he SHOULD have picked her!... Even Joe Biden himself said shortly after he was picked that he felt that Hilary would have been the correct pick for V.P....but he didnt for his own egotistacal no dought reasons, so reluctantly i voted for Obama. I am an american first and foremost and i will back him as our future president and only pray that he is NOT all words and then the same actions as most politicians are, when it comes down to it they are there for themselves first and the goverment thats a fact, again i hope he sticks by what he said in his campain, that hes here for the PEOPLE first, but they do ALL say that dont they till there elected........lol......anyway ONLY time will tell that.....and i still say he has been made out to be much more then he is......which is a politician and a VERY lucky man to be where he is in THIS time in history......saying all that i wish him and USA god speed! And i am truly happy that America is on a new track which i am sure can only get better from here!


At any rate interesting to know we voted for the same person, you just never know someone from these chat rooms very deceiveing


thanks again

AVA :-)

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