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"TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection" coming February 3rd

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Every film in this first set is available for .49 cents from the Columbia House DVD Club upon initial membership of buying 7 DVD's which totals for about $2.50. I haven't as yet checked the second set, but am sure these are also available at the same price.

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*I'm just lQQking over the money & the extras..I want more bang for my buck!!* >>


But, again, you're missing the point. The majority of these films are already available either in box sets or two-disc sets that include all the extras.


Creating extra bonus material for discs costs money. It just doesn't fall from the heavens like manna. It has to be searched for in the vaults, documentaries are often created from scratch, material is loaned from archives and/or collectors.


WBros and TCM are just providing people with options. For the more casual viewer that wants an affordable way to own these films and isn't that interested in bonus material, then the Classic Film Collection is the bang for the buck.


For the more rabid fan, like many of us, we should be prepared to spend a few extra dollars for the sets with the bonus material because it costs money to create that material. Nothing in this life is free.


Seems like WBros and TCM are trying very hard to be very inclusive to the wants and needs of all classic movie fans and not just favoring one over the other.


If they stopped making classic movie DVDs with bonus material then we'd have something to complain about but they are trying to appeal to both markets rather than one over the other.

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CK, many of us who are classic fans from way back do have these, yes, but there are plenty of people who might get into classic films more with sets like this. Or introduce them to the network, too. The more people who buy classic films, the more titles new can come out because there will be a market. You have to give up some of "Me first" for now and enjoy the benefits later on.


And I actually get a thrill thinking about someone who has never seen the films and picks up the set containing the mysteries, for example:


The Big Sleep

Dial M For Murder

The Maltese Falcon

The Postman Always Rings Twice


I mean, they go in not knowing anything about them, and come out the other side having seen four of the most dynamic movies ever made!!! Imagine the impression this will have on them! They _will_ want to see more classic movies.

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You only have to buy I believe three more DVDs. With this initial membership you can order an additional DVD for $9.95 that leaves 2 more to buy all with free postage on initial offering. They really want you to join. I was a former member and got quite a few buys but eventually dropped out since I buy most DVD's online. Now, for instance for .49 cents each you can buy three Hepburn-Tracy film: ADAM'S RIB, PAT AND MIKE and WOMAN OF THE YEAR all of which are in the box set for the ridiculous low price of $1.50. They also have several silents including PHANTOM OF THE OPERA that can be included for .49 cents.

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I 100% agree W./U filmlover ......these DVD's would make a great gift for the novice film fan, or the person who like to learn more about classic films.


Still makes me wonder what the person is saying by giving a DVD copy of _Cat on a Hot Tin Roof_ (1958) for Valentines Day!

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I've just seen the first three collections in stores and it looks like some are not barebone films only as some feared.


For example, the "Best Picture Winners" set of Casablanca, Gigi, An American in Paris, and Mrs. Miniver has these extras:



2 commentaries (Roger Ebert and Rudy Behlmer), Intro by Lauren Bacall


Mrs. Miniver:

Greer Garson Academy Award footage

Photo gallery

2 WWII-era shorts: "Mr. Blabbermouth" and "For the Common Defense"



Commentary by Jeanne Basinger with Leslie Caron

Short: The Million Dollar Nickel

CinemaScope csartoon: The Vanishing Duck


An American in Paris:

Comentary hoste by Patricia Ward Kelly and deaturing interviews with Gene Kelly, Vincente Minnelli, Arthur Freed, Alan J. Lerner, Johnny Green, Saul Chaplin, Michael Feinstein, Preston Ames, and Irene Sharaff

New observations by Leslie Caron and Nina Foch

Short: Parks on Parade

Cartoon: Symphony in Slang


There are two DVDs in the package and each side has one film.


I found then for sale at Costco for $14.99.


Message was edited by: filmlover

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Personally, I rather hate the idea of this series because all the titles are already on the market. Just think how many new movies would be on the market had TCM decided instead to use this series to release NEW TO DVD movies in this series!!


This reminds me of all the CDs out there on the market on "classic" singers - they keep repackaging the same 'greatest hits' tracks over and over rather than putting out on CD for the first time other vintage recordings by these artists.


I can see where these might tempt "new" buyers but how about those of us who have already bought many of these titles on DVD?? Don't we deserve something new for our devotion besides getting the same films repackaged?


Another thing, I dislike the idea of grouping together a bunch of films with no real common thread. Wouldn't you be just as tempted NOT to buy the set if there are two titles in it you are not interested in seeing as you would be to buy it for the two you would like to see. And as many have noted many of the movies are quite roughly grouped to fit under a banner - CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE are "romantic" movies???

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You are entitled to your opinion, of course, paramountt, but I disagree with you. There are plenty of other titles already out there of classic films. More than I can afford to buy already. I think by TCM adding their name to these titles from Warner Bros, it tells the public that these are the best of the best, which they are. The trouble with a great number of box sets is that you may have one or two good titles but the rest you don't care about. Here you have four films, each a classic. Sure, these sets are probably more for the newcomer, but what is wrong with that? At about $5 a movie, that's a pretty good deal.


You say there is no connection between the films. The one for Gigi, Casablanca, Mrs, Miniver, and An American in Paris is labeled "Best Picture Winners." That seems to be a pretty good classification right there. And of the one you mentioned, maybe hard dramas would be a better title, but that compilation of Rebel Without A Cause, East of Eden, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and A Streetcar Named Desire do have love stories in them, just all are tough love of a kind.


I salute the series and think it is a great, economical way for people to get the true classic films, four at a time, in one place. I mean, serously, look at these two collections we have just mentioned...is there any title in there that you think doesn't come under the "classic" heading?


And if you are looking for new collections, TCM did issue the 6 Lost & Found films that you can get through the Movies Unlimited site. They have never been available on DVD before. Plus don't forget, TCM works on the Forbidden Hollywood series and several others.


There's enough for those starting out...and for those who have large collections (like us).

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