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AFI's 100yrs...100 Songs"-(upcoming June special)


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There were a few head scatchers but all in all except for a few I could not justify taking them out of the top 100.


I did notice that there were a lot of songs from post 60's. I liked them all but thought what about all the musicals that were made the 3 decades before?


I figured since the 60's more songs were customized for their particular film. When a film takes several months to a year to complete it gives the composers more time to find that song or mood that will enhance the films soul.

This brings more importance the song had on the public.


Also you had the buying power and emotions of the baby boomers going to the theaters from the 60's on. So the songs they heard with the images on the screen have an impact in the history of song in the movies.


The only song that I can't envision as being timeless in the Eminem song. Who knows, time will tell.


Where was "There's No Business Like Show Business"?




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Like the other AFI lists, I wonder who actually does the picking. As usual many of the selections were ridiculous. They can't stand alongside of the classic songs of the 30's to 50's. They really need to split these things into eras. Eninem, who picked him his song? Personally, I don't call rapping, music. Did SECRET LOVE or HI-LILI-HI LO make the list? I did not watch the whole show.

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Path...I wasn't doing anything to "help" the AFI with their selections, nor with their show last night. I was merely involved with a couple of other people who post here, and another who doesn't post with us, in compiling Lists to compare with the selections that the AFI made for these 100 songs from the movies. It took me hours and even days to settle on what I felt were the most "logical" songs, and it was exhausting work for me, even though it was fun. ;)ML



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Oh, and Path...just so you'll know, I managed to get 7 right out of the Top Ten the AFI picked, and 10 right of the the Top 20 they picked, although only my first two selections were in the correct order between 1 and 20. I hear from a friend who was "in this" with me, that from my personal list of 100-songs, I even managed to get about 45 of the same ones that the AFI selected. This is to demonstrate how many worlds apart the AFI and I were, and that explains my feeling of being "shell shocked" today! :):) ML :):)

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Thanks for the explanation ML. And, btw, with no intention to offend, here are my unabashed opinions on last night's show:


O.K., now that I've had a time to look at AFI's list and my original ballot, I have a little more to say.


First, there were 55 songs on both our lists (I made no attempt to order mine, 1-100, instead opting to list my choices alphabetically). Of the 45 not on both our lists, seven are cases where I chose a different song from the same movie (or there abouts):


AFI voters chose "Cabaret"; I chose "Wilkommen"

AFI voters chose "Summer Nights"; I chose "You're the One That I Want" (from Grease)

AFI voters chose "Beauty and the Beast"; I chose "Be Our Guest"

AFI voters chose "Shall We Dance"; I chose "Getting to Know You" (from The King and I)

AFI voters chose "Goldfinger"; I chose "Live and Let Die" (James Bond films)

AFI voters chose "Don't Rain on my Parade"; I chose "Hello Dolly" (B.S. films;- )

AFI voters chose "All That Jazz" (from Chicago); I chose "On Broadway" (from All That Jazz;- )

... O.K., I'm pushing it know;-)


That leaves 38 of my favorites off AFI's list so I'll list them below (highlighting those I'm SHOCKED were left off):


Animal Crackers in My Soup CURLY TOP (1935)

Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (1950)

The Bare Necessities THE JUNGLE BOOK (1967)

Big Spender SWEET CHARITY (1969)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B BUCK PRIVATES (1941)

Born Free BORN FREE (1966)

Camelot CAMELOT (1967)


Circle of Life THE LION KING (1994)

Coal Miner's Daughter COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER (1980)

Consider Yourself OLIVER! (1968) - nothing from this film!

Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A CINDERELLA (1950)

For Your Eyes Only FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981)

Gigi GIGI (1958)

Give My Regards to Broadway LITTLE JOHNNY JONES (1929)

I Remember it Well GIGI (1958)

If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/The Nerve THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)

If I Were A Rich Man FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (1971)

If My Friends Could See Me Now SWEET CHARITY (1969)

Jeepers Creepers GOING PLACES (1938)

Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' OKLAHOMA! (1955)

Oklahoma! OKLAHOMA! (1955) - nothing from this film!

One A CHORUS LINE (1985)

The Power of Love BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985)

Put On A Happy Face BYE BYE BIRDIE (1963)

Seventy-Six Trombones THE MUSIC MAN (1962)


Somewhere Out There AN AMERICAN TAIL (1986)

Talk to the Animals DOCTOR DOLITTLE (1967)

There's No Business Like Show Business ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (1950)

They Can't Take That Away From Me SHALL WE DANCE (1937)


Tomorrow ANNIE (1982)

Under the Sea THE LITTLE MERMAID (1989)

We're in the Money GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 (1933)

Whatever Lola Wants DAMN YANKEES (1958)

Whistle While You Work SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (1937)

You've Got a Friend in Me TOY STORY (1995)


Regarding the 38 songs on AFI's list which weren't on mine, as I posted originally, I had a difficult time narrowing my list down from 120. So, perhaps I had half of those were in my original 120. Since I didn't keep it, we'll never know. Also, in some cases, AFI voters (or I) went for variety (of films) in lieu of including too many from the same movie on "our" lists.


These are the ones I clearly missed:


The Sound of Music; The Man That Got Away (A Star is Born); Somewhere (West Side Story); Stormy Weather (a film I haven't seen); Theme from New York, New York; That's Entertainment (The Band Wagon - never seen this film either); Good Morning (Singin' in the Rain); 42nd Street


And, these AFI choices are questionable, at best, IMO:


Aquarius (I guess you had to be there); Fight the Power; Luck Be A Lady (like Guys and Dolls though), Streets of Philadelphia; Rainbow Connection (cute, but come on); Springtime for Hitler (a joke, right?); Come What May (please!); Seems Like Old Times (gag!); Lose Yourself (I am about to lose it, so I'll stop).


And though I understand why this was on AFI's list, and I don't dispute its value, I can't stand "Wind Beneath My Wings"!

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Path40a, I agree with you. Most of the contemporary songs the AFI picked were losers. There are so few contemporary songs that belong on the list since they are just not in league with the songs I consider classic and timeless. Just about all contemporary songs from films today are totally forgettable.

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I had 47 match up - I too just went with the alphbetical order.

My others:

Against All Odds

The Bare Necessities

Big Spender

Booggie Woogie Bugle Boy

Born Free

Boys in the Backroom

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Candy Man

Chimm Chim Cher-ee

Consider Yourself

*Cool (West Side Story) *not on list but I like it

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Don't You Forget About Me

Easter Parade

Getting To Know You

Give My Regards to Broadway

Hello Dolly

He's A Tramp

High Hopes

Hopelessly devoted to You

I Don't Know How to Love Him

I Remember It Well

I Say A little Prayer

If I Only Had a Brain

If I Were a Rich Man

If My Friends Could See Me Now

*It Only Takes A Momment (Hello Dolly)


La Bamba

The Lady Is a Tramp

Love Me Tender

The Morning After

My Funny Valentine

My Mammy

Nature Boy

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning


On Broadway

*Pick a Pocket or 2 (Oliver)

*Satisfaction (Apocalypse Now and several others)

Say You, Say Me

*Stand By Me (Stand By Me)

There's No Business Like Show Business

To Sir With Love

Twist and Shout

Whistle While You Work

You Light Up My Life


*were songs that I thought of before I saw the 400 and were surprised to not see them on the list.





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I must say, as the "newbie" on the block--I've only been here a short time now--I am amazed at the knowledge everyone shows with their posting!

As to the AFI show, I thought--basically--it was very good. I objected to the d*** commercials, but hey! That's life...

I agree with the selections on most of the songs they picked, but at my age (65), I STILL think the older songs are the better.

I've loved Judy Garland for years, and was so pleased when "Over The Rainbow" took first place. It's really a wonderful song, and never fails to make me cry! Of course, 95% of that is Judy herself!

I was very pleased with the show--I do wish more of the selected songs had been aired, but I'm sure they were condensed so that the show wouldn't be too long. Three hours was plenty!

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welcome fan! Good to see you on the boards. The three hours felt long only because of the commercials. If they played the original clips we would be saying "wow it's over already" and it would have been a 4 hour show.

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The one good thing about this show was seeing clips from two unavailable (for TV and DVD) films: PORGY AND BESS and SONG OF THE SOUTH. I am amazed that the Gershwin estate allowed clips to be shown from the 1959 PORGY film. Earlier this year the film had a special showing in Hollywood. I am hoping they will weaken and consider releasing PORGY AND BESS on DVD soon.

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we had exactly the same thought. I wish that I could see those films now, but alas the PC culture rules. So sad. Was very glad to get to see those clips, particularly the song (Summertime?) from Porgy and Bess.

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The ONE AND ONLY thing holding the PORGY & BESS release is the Gershwin estate. For some reason they hate this filmed version. Preminger was a bad choice for director of musicals. But, just for the music alone its worth seeing and having this film. I know the Disney people are afraid of offending people and that is what is holding up the release of the classic SONG OF THE SOUTH. This is really a pity!

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I'm another one who feels very strongly that it's a huge mistake to with-hold films like "Song of the South" and "Porgy and Bess" because they may contain elements that are no longer politically correct in today's racial climate. These wonderful films should be taken in their historical context, and issued with a warning that "some content may not be acceptable to some viewers". Now, why can't Disney or others do this much and make everyone happy? ML

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I've been out of town on vacation but I did manage to see this special because it was on 9-12 Atlantic Time (where I was. Boy was that a late night) Anyway, I had picked "As Time Goes By" as Number 1 (I was close--No. 2). I, too, was surprised by the more contemporary choices at the expense of so many other classics. Only song by Sinatra was "New York, New York" with Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin. That was a shame. But as much as like Eminem and Mel Brooks, what in the world was "Lose Yourself" and "Springtime for Hitler" doing on this list? I know they tried to pick an equal amount for each decade but not at the expense of the standards. It was great to see the clip from Porgy and Bess. I remember seeing that on TV as a child in the early 60's.


BTW, I hummed the songs chosen for 2 days after the show. All in all, a pretty good show and kudos to Judy Garland. She could put across a song just about as good as anyone ever.

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